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Preferred vs. Prefered — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 18, 2024
"Preferred" is the correct spelling, meaning liked or desired above all others. "Prefered" is the incorrect spelling of "Preferred."
Preferred vs. Prefered — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Preferred or Prefered

How to spell Preferred?


Correct Spelling


Incorrect Spelling

Key Differences

"Preferred" is the proper past tense and past participle of the verb "prefer." On the other hand, "prefered" is an incorrect spelling in English.
"Preferred" means to like something more than something else. "Prefered" does not exist in the dictionary.
In English, when a verb ends in a consonant-vowel-consonant pattern, like "prefer," the final consonant is usually doubled before adding "-ed" or "-ing." This explains the double "r" in "preferred." Therefore "Prefered" is the wrong word.
"Prefered", with a single 'r', can often be a typo, a mistake in a text, or perhaps a misspelling by someone who is learning the language.
While writing or typing, always ensure to use "preferred" to portray your choice or priority. Misusing it as "prefered" could cause confusion or misconceptions in communication.

How Do You Spell Prefered Correctly?

Incorrect: They always prefered playing outside.
Correct: They always preferred playing outside.
Incorrect: Prefered to have coffee in the morning.
Correct: Preferred to have coffee in the morning.
Incorrect: She always prefered to study at night.
Correct: She always preferred to study at night.
Incorrect: He prefered chocolate over vanilla.
Correct: He preferred chocolate over vanilla.
Incorrect: My mom prefered using fresh ingredients.
Correct: My mom preferred using fresh ingredients.

Preferred Definitions

In legal terms, "preferred" means having a prior or superior claim or right.
Preferred creditors get their debts paid back before unsecured creditors in case of bankruptcy.
To choose or be in the habit of choosing as more desirable or as having more value.
She prefers coffee to tea.
"Preferred" refers to liking something more than something else.
He preferred chocolate ice cream to vanilla.
In the finance world, "preferred" refers to a type of stock that has a higher claim on a company's assets and earnings.
The preferred stockholders received their dividends before the common stockholders.
To present (a case) to a court as ready for consideration.
Prefer the case for trial
"Preferred" might refer to the usual way someone does something.
Email is my preferred method of communication because it allows me to keep track of all correspondence.
To treat someone or something as more important than others.
Injured people were preferred for immediate medical attention during the rescue operation.
In discussions about gender, "preferred" might refer to someone's chosen pronouns.
Her preferred pronouns are 'she' and 'her'."
To give priority or precedence to (a creditor).
Preferred indicates having chosen something over other options because it is more desirable.
She always preferred trains over airplanes for long-distance travel.
To present (a charge) against a defendant before a court.
Prefer an indictment
(Archaic) To recommend for advancement or appointment; promote.
Simple past tense and past participle of prefer.
(finance) Preferred stock.
More desirable than another.
Coffee is preferable to tea.
Danny's preferred name is 'Dan'.
Preferred above all others and treated with partiality.

Preferred Meaning in a Sentence

He preferred reading books to watching television because it was more engaging for him.
My dog preferred going for walks in the park instead of just around the neighborhood.
She preferred to do her homework right after school so she could have the rest of the evening free.
She preferred riding her bike to school instead of taking the bus.
The teacher preferred to give tests in the morning when students were more alert.
They preferred using pencils for drawing because they could erase mistakes easily.
He preferred chocolate ice cream over any other flavor.
The kids preferred playing soccer over basketball in the schoolyard.
I preferred the blue shirt over the red one because it matched my jeans better.
She preferred to keep her room clean and organized.
The artist preferred using watercolors for her paintings.
I always preferred warm weather to cold because I liked to be outside.
She preferred to travel by train because she enjoyed the scenery along the way.
We preferred to celebrate our birthdays with a small group of friends.
I preferred to learn new words by reading books.
They preferred to stay up late on weekends and sleep in the next day.
I preferred drinking water over soda to stay hydrated.
He preferred using a map when hiking to avoid getting lost.
We preferred going to the beach in the early morning to avoid the crowds.
My brother preferred playing video games to doing anything else.
My parents preferred cooking at home rather than eating out.
I preferred listening to music while studying to help me concentrate.
He preferred writing essays to solving math problems.
Our teacher preferred giving us projects instead of regular homework.
She preferred to solve puzzles in her free time.

Common Curiosities

Which is correct preferred or prefered?

The correct spelling is "preferred". "Prefered" is a common misspelling.

Is most preferred correct?

Yes, "most preferred" is grammatically correct and indicates the top choice among several options.

Is least preferred correct?

Yes, you can use "least preferred" to denote the option you like the least.

What is a synonym for low preferred?

A synonym for "low preferred" could be "least favored" or "least desired".

What is preferred CV or resume?

The preference between a CV or resume can depend on the job and the country. A CV is usually more detailed and used for academic positions, while a resume is concise and used for most other job applications.

How do you use prefer and preferred?

You use "prefer" when talking about a current choice or habit. For example, "I prefer coffee to tea." "Preferred" is used when talking about a past choice. For example, "I preferred coffee when I was in college."

Why does preferred have a double R?

In English, when a verb ends in a consonant-vowel-consonant pattern, the final consonant is usually doubled before adding "-ed" or "-ing". Therefore, "prefer" becomes "preferred".

What is meant by preferred stock?

Preferred stock is a type of stock that has a higher claim on the earnings and assets of a corporation than common stock.

Is preferred an adjective?

Yes, "preferred" can act as an adjective, as in "my preferred option."

Which preposition is used with preferred?

The preposition "to" is most commonly used with "preferred". For example, "I preferred the cake to the pie."

What is preferred location in CV?

In a CV, a preferred location is the place where a job applicant would most like to work.

What means by preferred?

"Preferred" means to favor, choose, or desire one thing over another.

Why is it called preferred shares?

They are called preferred shares because holders of these shares are granted certain privileges over holders of common shares, such as priority in receiving dividends.

Which word means the same as the word preferred?

The word "favored" is a synonym for "preferred".

What is the meaning of preferred course?

A preferred course refers to a study program that an individual favors or desires over other options.

What is preferred date?

A preferred date refers to a specific date that is more favorable or desirable to an individual than other dates.

What is the root word of preferred?

The root word of "preferred" is "prefer".

What is preferred location?

A preferred location is a place that an individual finds more desirable or favorable than others.

Is preferred a transitive verb?

Yes, "preferred" is a transitive verb as it requires an object to express a complete thought.

What's the pronunciation of preferred?

Preferred is pronounced as pruh-furd.

What is preferred in job?

In a job context, preferred usually refers to the qualities, qualifications, or skills that an employer would like a candidate to have but that are not strictly necessary.

What is a preferred skill?

A preferred skill is a skill that an employer would like a candidate to have for a certain job but that is not absolutely necessary.

What is a preferred candidate?

A preferred candidate is the job applicant that an employer most wants to hire based on their qualifications, experience, and skills.

How do you use preferred in a sentence?

Here's an example: "I preferred the blue dress over the red one."

Is preferred a verb or noun?

"Preferred" is primarily used as a verb. It is the past tense of the verb "prefer".

Is preferred an action verb?

Yes, "preferred" is an action verb as it shows the action of liking or favoring something more than something else.

What is the opposite of preferred?

The opposite of preferred would be "disfavored" or "undesired".

Is it preferred or preferable option?

Both are correct but have slightly different meanings. "Preferred" means it's already chosen, while "preferable" suggests it's more desirable but not necessarily chosen yet.

Is it preferred stock or preferred shares?

Both terms are used interchangeably and refer to the same financial instrument that gives the holder certain advantages over common stockholders.

What is preferred routes?

Preferred routes refer to the pathways or directions that are more desirable or favorable than others.

What is preferred repayment date?

A preferred repayment date is the date that a borrower finds most convenient for repaying a loan or debt.

Does preferred mean necessary?

No, preferred does not mean necessary. It indicates a choice or favorability, but it does not imply obligation.

How do you write preferred?

The correct spelling is "preferred", with two 'r's.

What is the adjective of preferred?

"Preferred" itself can function as an adjective, as in "my preferred choice."

What type of noun is preferred?

"Preferred" is not typically used as a noun. It is primarily used as a verb or an adjective.

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