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Syncopized vs. Syncopizes — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Munazza Shafiq — Updated on May 3, 2024
Syncopized is the incorrect spelling. Syncopizes correctly refers to altering the rhythm by stressing normally unaccented beats in music.
Syncopized vs. Syncopizes — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Syncopized or Syncopizes

How to spell Syncopizes?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Remember that "syncopizes" contains the root word "syncop-" as in "syncopation," referring to a musical technique.
Focus on the word "syncopation" and remember that "syncopizes" is the verb form that describes what happens when something is syncopated.
Connect the "-ize" in "syncopizes" to other verbs that imply an action being performed, which is consistent with its meaning in music.
Note the similarity to other musical terms that end in "-ize," like "harmonize," which suggests a process or action.
"Syncopizes" ends with "-izes," a common suffix used in verbs to indicate action, such as "realizes" or "summarizes."

How Do You Spell Syncopizes Correctly?

Incorrect: She said that jazz often syncopized, giving it a unique rhythm.
Correct: She said that jazz often syncopizes, giving it a unique rhythm.
Incorrect: This piece syncopized the usual beats.
Correct: This piece syncopizes the usual beats.
Incorrect: The band syncopized the main theme of the song, which wasn't to everyone's taste.
Correct: The band syncopizes the main theme of the song, which isn't to everyone's taste.
Incorrect: The musician has syncopized this track too much for my liking.
Correct: The musician has syncopizes this track too much for my liking.
Incorrect: His style of music usually syncopized traditional songs to create something new.
Correct: His style of music usually syncopizes traditional songs to create something new.

Syncopizes Definitions

Applies syncopation to alter conventional rhythmic patterns.
This arranger often syncopizes old folk tunes to refresh them.
Introduces a syncopated rhythm to create variation in musical pieces.
To make the music danceable, the band syncopizes the rhythms.
Adjusts the rhythm by shifting emphasis to weak beats.
He syncopizes the melody to add a lively feel to the classic tune.
Changes the usual rhythmic flow by emphasizing typically unstressed beats.
The jazz band syncopizes its numbers to surprise the audience.
Makes a piece of music livelier by stressing unexpected parts of the measure.
The composer likes to syncopizes the bridge of his songs.

Syncopizes Meaning in a Sentence

In jazz music, musicians often syncopizes the lines to create a unique sound.
The composer syncopizes the rhythm to keep the audience engaged.
She enjoys how the music syncopizes, bringing a playful twist to the performance.
The ability to syncopizes effectively is essential for any jazz drummer.
When he syncopizes the beat, the whole band feels more energetic.
During the concert, they syncopizes the usual melody to add excitement.
The piano piece syncopizes every other measure, making it challenging yet enjoyable to play.
Most modern pop music subtly syncopizes to maintain a catchy rhythm.
Her favorite part of the music class is learning how to syncopizes rhythms.
They practiced how to syncopizes the standard beats in their new song.
Learning to syncopizes has improved his musical timing and creativity.
The band's unique style comes from how they syncopizes classic hits.
The drummer's skill to syncopizes was evident in his solo performance.
She analyzed how the composer syncopizes the theme throughout the symphony.
Every music director should know how to syncopizes to enhance a piece's appeal.
Their new track creatively syncopizes and blends various musical styles.
In music theory class, they discussed how effectively syncopizes contributes to a song's dynamics.
He taught the students how to syncopizes the tune during their music lesson.
To highlight the climax, the composer syncopizes the rhythm intensively.
Syncopizes can turn a simple song into something extraordinary.
She loves how classical music can be transformed when the orchestra syncopizes certain segments.
His music often syncopizes, which distinguishes it from traditional compositions.
The song's bridge syncopizes rhythmically, adding depth to the simple melody.
The guitar solo impressively syncopizes against the steady drumbeat.
The choir's arrangement syncopizes the verses, adding an unexpected charm.

Syncopizes Idioms & Phrases

Syncopizes the beat

Refers to the action of altering the rhythm to emphasize offbeat notes.
The drummer syncopizes the beat, making the music lively and unpredictable.

Off the syncopizes

A playful variation of "off the cuff," implying spontaneity in musical rhythm changes.
His best performances are off the syncopizes, where he improvises brilliantly.

Syncopizes the mood

Using rhythm changes to affect the overall emotional tone of a piece.
The band syncopizes the mood of the performance to match the festive atmosphere.

Through the syncopizes

Going through the process of adding or understanding syncopation.
Learning through the syncopizes has made him a better percussionist.

Syncopizes into harmony

Describes integrating syncopation smoothly into a harmonic context.
The jazz ensemble syncopizes into harmony, blending their sounds beautifully.

Catch the syncopizes

Encourages understanding and appreciating the rhythmic shifts caused by syncopation.
To fully enjoy jazz, one must catch the syncopizes.

Gives a syncopizes

Suggests adding a rhythmic twist to something to enhance it.
The arranger gives a syncopizes to the classic song to revitalize it.

Full of syncopizes

Describes something rich in rhythmic variations.
His latest musical composition is full of syncopizes and rhythmic experiments.

Syncopizes step

A term used in dance to indicate moving in rhythm with syncopated music.
The dancers syncopizes step perfectly to the complex beats.

Syncopizes across the board

Applies changes broadly or affects various aspects simultaneously.
The new policy syncopizes across the board, impacting all departments.

Falls into syncopizes

Gradually adopting a syncopated rhythm or method.
The band falls into syncopizes as the song progresses.

Hits the syncopizes

Achieving the right balance or effect in rhythm alteration.
When the drummer hits the syncopizes just right, the whole band comes alive.

Plays with syncopizes

Experiments with different rhythmic alterations.
He plays with syncopizes in his electronic tracks, adding an unexpected twist.

Steps out of syncopizes

Moves away from a previously established syncopated pattern.
In the final act, the dancers step out of syncopizes, returning to a traditional rhythm.

Syncopizes the conversation

Bringing a surprising or dynamic shift to a discussion, akin to musical syncopation.
She always syncopizes the conversation with her intriguing anecdotes.

Syncopizes at first sight

Immediately understanding or connecting with the syncopated rhythm.
For her, it was syncopizes at first sight when she first heard jazz.

Syncopizes out of tune

Incorrectly applying syncopation, leading to a disjointed rhythm.
When not done properly, one can syncopizes out of tune, which disrupts the musical harmony.

Wrapped in syncopizes

Completely engaged or enveloped in rhythmic complexity.
The audience was wrapped in syncopizes during the percussion solo.

Syncopizes the flow

Disrupts or changes the regular flow to introduce novelty.
Good poets often syncopizes the flow to emphasize key themes.

Builds a syncopizes

Gradually develops a complex rhythmic structure.
The composer builds a syncopizes throughout the piece, leading to a climactic finale.

Common Curiosities

How many syllables are in syncopizes?

Syncopizes has four syllables.

What is a stressed syllable in syncopizes?

The stressed syllable in "syncopizes" is "co."

Why is it called syncopizes?

"Syncopizes" is called so because it involves "syncopation," a term used in music to describe the alteration of rhythm by emphasizing weak beats.

How do we divide syncopizes into syllables?

Syncopizes is divided into syllables as: syn-co-piz-es.

What is the root word of syncopizes?

The root word of "syncopizes" is "syncopate," derived from "syncopation."

What is another term for syncopizes?

Another term for "syncopizes" could be "emphasizes offbeats" in musical context.

What part of speech is syncopizes?

Syncopizes is a verb.

What is the pronunciation of syncopizes?

Syncopizes is pronounced as /ˈsɪŋkəˌpaɪzɪz/.

How is syncopizes used in a sentence?

e.g., He syncopizes the usual rhythm to create a more engaging performance.

What is the singular form of syncopizes?

The singular form is "syncopizes."

What is the verb form of syncopizes?

Syncopizes is itself a verb form, specifically the third person singular present indicative.

What is the opposite of syncopizes?

The opposite could be "regularizes" or maintains a standard rhythm without alteration.

Is syncopizes an adverb?

No, syncopizes is not an adverb.

Is the syncopizes term a metaphor?

No, "syncopizes" is not used as a metaphor; it describes a specific action in music.

Is the word syncopizes imperative?

Syncopizes can be used in the imperative mood in commands or requests, e.g., "Please syncopizes the next measure."

What is the plural form of syncopizes?

The plural form is "syncopize."

Is syncopizes an abstract noun?

No, syncopizes is a verb, not a noun.

Is syncopizes a vowel or consonant?

The word "syncopizes" starts with a consonant.

Is syncopizes a countable noun?

Syncopizes is not a noun; it is a verb.

Is the word syncopizes Gerund?

No, "syncopizing" would be the gerund form of the verb.

Is the word “syncopizes” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Syncopizes" can be used in sentences where it acts as a verb, thus it doesn't serve as an object.

Which conjunction is used with syncopizes?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used when linking actions, e.g., "He syncopizes and plays melodically."

Which determiner is used with syncopizes?

Being a verb, syncopizes typically does not require a determiner.

Which vowel is used before syncopizes?

Typically, there's no vowel used before "syncopizes" as it is a verb and used differently than nouns in sentences.

Which preposition is used with syncopizes?

Common prepositions used with "syncopizes" can include "in" or "during," depending on the context, e.g., "He syncopizes in every verse."

Which article is used with syncopizes?

As a verb, "syncopizes" does not typically use an article.

Is syncopizes a noun or adjective?

Syncopizes is a verb.

Is syncopizes a negative or positive word?

Syncopizes is neutral; it is neither inherently negative nor positive.

Is syncopizes a collective noun?

No, syncopizes is a verb and does not function as a noun.

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