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Chief vs. Cheif — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 18, 2024
"Chief" is the correct spelling, and it means the person with the highest authority in an organization or group. "Cheif" is an incorrect spelling of this word.
Chief vs. Cheif — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Chief or Cheif

How to spell Chief?


Correct Spelling


Incorrect Spelling

Key Differences

"Chief" is a noun and adjective often used to denote the leader or superior of a group or organization. "Cheif," on the other hand, is a common misspelling of "chief."
"Chief" is derived from the Old French word "chief," meaning "leader," "ruler," or "head." "Cheif" is not recognized in English dictionaries and has no meaning in English.
In professional and formal contexts, it's vital to use "chief", as using "cheif" could convey a lack of attention to detail. Correct spelling is crucial for clear communication.
There's no instance where the term "cheif" would be appropriate to use. If you mean to refer to a leader or head, the correct term to use is "chief".
While "chief" has established meanings and uses in various contexts, "cheif" is simply a typographical error and should be avoided in writing and speech.

How Do You Spell Cheif Correctly?

Incorrect: He was appointed as the new fire cheif.
Correct: He was appointed as the new fire chief.
Incorrect: She is the cheif editor of the magazine.
Correct: She is the chief editor of the magazine.
Incorrect: Cheif Executive Officer is the top position in a company.
Correct: Chief Executive Officer is the top position in a company.
Incorrect: The village cheif welcomed us warmly.
Correct: The village chief welcomed us warmly.
Incorrect: The tribal cheif held a meeting with the elders.
Correct: The tribal chief held a meeting with the elders.

Chief Definitions

A leader or head of a group.
The chief of the tribe made the final decision.
A distinguished person in a specified field.
Einstein is considered a chief in the field of physics.
The head or leader of any body of men; a commander, as of an army; a head man, as of a tribe, clan, or family; a person in authority who directs the work of others; the principal actor or agent.
A leader or ruler of a people or clan.
Chief Banawi
The chief of the village
The upper third part of the field. It is supposed to be composed of the dexter, sinister, and middle chiefs.
(Slang) A supervisor; a boss.
The person with the highest rank in an organization.
The chief executive officer manages the company.
The most important or main.
Her chief concern was her children's safety.
(heraldry) The top part of a shield or escutcheon; more specifically, an ordinary consisting of the upper part of the field cut off by a horizontal line, generally occupying the top third.
Principal or most eminent in any quality or action; most distinguished; having most influence; taking the lead; most important; as, the chief topic of conversation; the chief interest of man.
An ordinary consisting of a broad horizontal band across the top of the shield.
Most important.
Chief among her concerns is working alone at night.
One who is highest in rank or authority; a leader.
(Nautical) The chief engineer of a ship.
A leader or head of a group of people, organisation, etc.
All firefighters report to the fire chief.
Very intimate, near, or close.
A whisperer separateth chief friends.
A person who is in charge.
A person who exercises control over workers.
Most important element.
The chief aim of living.
A chief petty officer.
(Heraldry) The upper section of a shield.
Highest in rank, authority, or office.
The chief scientist in the lab.
Most important or influential.
The chief ingredients in the stew.
The principal part or top of anything.
An informal term of address.
An informal term of address for a Native American or First Nations man.
Primary; principal.
Negligence was the chief cause of the disaster.
(Scotland) Intimate, friendly.
To smoke cannabis.
The principal part; the most valuable portion.
The chief of the things which should be utterly destroyed.
Highest in office or rank; principal; head.
A commanding officer in the police or fire department.
The fire chief coordinated the response to the blaze.

Chief Meaning in a Sentence

As team chief, she led them to victory.
He served as chief for over a decade.
The chief concern of the meeting was budget allocation.
The chief reason for the delay was the weather.
The chief ingredients in the recipe are flour and sugar.
The police chief announced a new safety campaign.
The chef and the chief look similar but mean very different things.
He was named chief financial officer last year.
The chief of staff coordinates all the president's meetings.
She consulted with the chief surgeon before proceeding.
The chief of the tribe spoke at the assembly.
His chief achievement was improving the company's efficiency.
The chief problem with the plan is its cost.
As chief executive, she made many important decisions.
The chief goal of the project is sustainability.
The fire chief addressed the concerns about fire safety.
The school's chief priority is the safety of the students.
The project's chief architect will be giving a lecture today.
She is the chief correspondent for the news channel.
The chief lesson learned was to never give up.
The company's chief value is integrity.
Her chief ambition has always been to help others.
The chief objective of the program is to educate.
The chief of police issued a statement on the incident.
His chief rival in the competition was very skilled.

Chief Idioms & Phrases

Chief among equals

The most prominent or important among those considered equal.
In the group of talented artists, she was considered the chief among equals.

Chief cook and bottle washer

Someone who performs a wide range of duties.
Running a small business means being the chief cook and bottle washer.

Chief concern

The most important issue or worry.
Our chief concern is the safety of our employees.

Chief advantage

The most significant or beneficial factor.
The chief advantage of this method is its speed.

Chief complaint

The primary symptom or problem reported by a patient.
The patient's chief complaint was chest pain.

Chief among them

The most important or notable in a group.
Many factors contributed to the success, chief among them the team's dedication.

Chief aim

The main goal or objective.
The chief aim of the study is to find a cure.

Take it up with the chief

A suggestion to bring a problem to the highest authority.
If you're not happy with the decision, take it up with the chief.

In chief

Primarily or mainly.
His interest lies in chief in the field of renewable energy.

Chief rival

The main competitor or adversary.
The athlete's chief rival was from another country.

Chief beneficiary

The primary person or entity that benefits.
The chief beneficiary of the will was her charity.

Chief obstacle

The main barrier or difficulty to overcome.
The chief obstacle in the project was lack of funding.

Chief of the watch

The person in charge of a watch or shift, especially on a ship.
The chief of the watch is responsible for overseeing all operations during their shift.

Chief priority

The most important consideration or task.
The chief priority for the council is improving public transport.

Common Curiosities

What is the difference between Cheif and Chief?

"Chief" is the correct English word referring to the leader or most important individual in a group, while "Cheif" is a misspelling and doesn't have a meaning.

Is chief a verb or noun?

"Chief" is a noun and an adjective, not a verb. It denotes the leader or the most important person or thing.

What is a chief Oxford dictionary?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a "chief" is a leader or ruler of a people or clan or the person with the highest rank in an organization.

What does the phrase in chief mean?

The phrase "in chief" is used to denote the person with the highest rank or the most important position in an organization or activity. For example, "editor-in-chief" refers to the highest-ranking editor.

What is the meaning of Chief City?

A chief city is usually the most important city, often the capital or the largest city, in a country, state, or region.

Is it okay to call someone chief?

The term "chief" can be used casually to address someone, typically a man, but it can also be seen as patronizing or disrespectful in certain contexts. It's best to use this term with caution and consider the situation and cultural context.

What language is chief?

The term "chief" is an English word, but it originates from the Old French "chief."

What is the feminine of chief?

"Chief" is gender-neutral and can be used to refer to both men and women. There isn't a specific feminine form.

What is the correct spelling for Chief?

The correct spelling for the word is "Chief."

Is Chief a singular noun?

Yes, "chief" is a singular noun. The plural form is "chiefs."

What is the synonym of chief?

Synonyms for "chief" include "leader," "head," "principal," "director," and "boss."

What is a synonym for chief work?

A synonym for "chief work" could be "primary work," "main task," or "principal duty."

Can a girl be a chief?

Yes, a girl or woman can be a chief. The term is gender-neutral.

Who is a chief state?

A Chief State can refer to the Chief of State, who is the highest-ranking official in a sovereign state, typically a president or monarch.

What is the meaning of Master Chief?

Master Chief is a rank in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard, and it's the highest enlisted rank. It's also a character in the "Halo" video game series.

Is a chief a cook?

No, a chief is not a cook. A chief refers to a leader or head of a group, organization, or project, while a cook, or chef, prepares food.

What is a chief in slang?

In slang, "chief" can be a friendly or sometimes patronizing term used to address someone, typically a man.

What is a sentence for chief?

"The chief of the fire department coordinated the emergency response."

What is a Navy Chief?

A Navy Chief is a non-commissioned officer rank in the U.S. Navy, above Petty Officer First Class and below Senior Chief Petty Officer.

What does chief mean in London?

In London or U.K. slang, "chief" could be used in a friendly manner to address someone, but it can also be seen as mildly derogatory or patronizing.

Do you call a master chief sir?

In the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, enlisted personnel like a Master Chief are not addressed as "sir." You would simply call them "Master Chief."

What does talking chief mean?

A talking chief is a term from Samoan culture referring to a chiefly titleholder whose role includes ceremonial oratory duties.

How do you spell chief of police?

The correct spelling is "Chief of Police."

Is chef and chief the same?

No, "chef" and "chief" are not the same. A "chef" is a professional cook, often the head of a kitchen, and a "chief" is the leader or most important person in a group or organization.

When was chief first used?

The term "chief" has been in use since the 14th century, originating from the Old French word "chief."

Does Chief mean first?

Chief can mean "first" or "primary" when used as an adjective, as in "chief concern" or "chief reason."

What is the adjective of chief?

When used as an adjective, "chief" means most important or principal.

What do you call a chief of staff?

A "chief of staff" is a position held in the government, military, or businesses, and it is typically the highest-ranking staff member who directly supports the leader of the organization.

What is a chief friend?

There isn't a standard term "chief friend." However, in casual speech, one might refer to their "chief friend" as their best or closest friend.

Who is a high chief?

A high chief is a title of nobility or high-ranking leadership, often used in Polynesian cultures.

Does Chief mean king?

While "chief" and "king" can both denote leaders, they are not synonymous. A king typically rules a kingdom and holds a hereditary position, while a chief often leads a tribe or clan, and the position may not be hereditary.

Why are people called chief?

People are often called "chief" as a respectful title because it refers to a leader or person of high rank. However, in casual language, "chief" can be used informally to address someone.

How do you spell Chief Cook?

"Chief Cook" is spelled as just that - C-h-i-e-f C-o-o-k.

What is a chief wife called?

The wife of a chief could simply be referred to as the chief's wife. There is no specific term for her in English.

Can I call my boss chief?

While "chief" can be used as a term of address, it would be wise to gauge the workplace culture and your relationship with your boss before using it.

What rank is senior chief?

In the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, Senior Chief Petty Officer is an enlisted rank, above Chief Petty Officer and below Master Chief Petty Officer.

What does Hello chief mean?

"Hello, chief" is simply a greeting. Depending on the context, the word "chief" could be a term of respect, a casual term of address, or a nickname.

Who is the chief of a village?

The chief of a village is the leader or head of the village, responsible for governance and decision-making.

Why is it called Chief?

"Chief" comes from the Old French "chief," which means "leader" or "head."

What is full form of chef?

There is no full form for "chef." "Chef" is a complete word itself, meaning a professional cook, typically the main cook in a restaurant or hotel.

What is chief British?

In British English, "chief" retains the same meaning as in American English, denoting the leader or head of a group or organization.

Who is a chief chef?

A chief chef, often referred to as an executive chef, is the individual in charge of all activities related to the kitchen, which usually includes menu creation, management of kitchen staff, ordering and purchasing of inventory, and plating design.

What is plural for chief?

The plural form of "chief" is "chiefs."

Is Master Chief a chief?

Master Chief is a rank in the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Coast Guard. It is the highest enlisted rank, indicating a highly experienced and respected senior enlisted advisor.

What is the opposite of chief?

The opposite of "chief" could be "subordinate," "follower," or "inferior," depending on the context.

Can you call a lady chief?

Yes, the term "chief" is gender-neutral and can be used to refer to both men and women.

Who is Indian female chief?

Indian tribes have had many female chiefs over the years. The title and role depend on the specific tribe and their customs.

What is a chief priest in English?

A chief priest is the highest-ranking priest in a religion or a religious institution.

What does chief mean Indian?

In the context of Native American cultures, a "chief" is the leader of a tribe or a clan.

What is the difference between Chief Cook and chef?

A chef is a professional cook, typically the head of the kitchen in a restaurant or hotel. "Chief Cook" is more commonly used on ships to denote the head cook.

Is Chief a noun or adjective?

"Chief" can be both a noun and an adjective. As a noun, it denotes the leader or head of a group. As an adjective, it means the most important.

Is chief of staff a rank?

Chief of Staff is not a rank but a role. It is a title for the highest-ranking staff member in an organization, and it serves as the key advisor and assistant to the leader of that organization.

Is a chief of staff a manager?

A Chief of Staff often functions like a manager, but their role goes beyond typical managerial duties as they serve as a key advisor and confidant to the leader of an organization.

Is Chief a proper noun?

"Chief" can be a proper noun if it's used as a title in a name, such as in "Chief Justice" or "Chief John". Otherwise, it is a common noun.

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