Chief vs. Cheif

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Which is correct: Chief or Cheif

How to spell Chief?

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Main Difference

The main difference between Chief and Cheif is that the Chief is a a leader or ruler of a people or clan and Cheif has no English definition. It is generally be misspelled.

  • Chief (noun)

    A leader or head of a group of people, organisation, etc. from 13th c.

    "All firefighters report to the fire chief."

  • Chief (noun)

    The top part of a shield or escutcheon. from 15th c.

  • Chief (noun)

    An informal address to an equal.

    "Hey, chief."

  • Chief (adjective)

    Primary; principal.

    "Negligence was the chief cause of the disaster."

  • Chief (verb)

    To smoke cannabis.

  • Cheif (noun)

    Obsolete spelling of chief.

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