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Attendance vs. Attendence — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 18, 2024
"Attendance" is the correct spelling for the act of being present, while "Attendence" is generally considered a misspelling.
Attendance vs. Attendence — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Attendance or Attendence

How to spell Attendance?


Correct Spelling


Incorrect Spelling

Key Differences

The term "Attendance" is the correct and universally accepted spelling for the noun that refers to the act of being present at a place or event. This term is often used in various contexts such as school, work, or any gathering where the presence of individuals is counted or monitored.
"Attendence," on the other hand, is generally not recognized as a correct spelling in English language dictionaries. The most probable reason you've seen this variant is due to a common spelling error. It's crucial to note that using incorrect spellings can lead to misunderstandings or come across as unprofessional.
The confusion might arise due to the verb form of the word "Attend," from which "Attendance" is derived. Some may mistakenly think that by simply adding "ence" to "Attend," they form the noun "Attendance." However, in English, the correct conversion uses "ance" as a suffix instead of "ence."

How Do You Spell Attendence Correctly?

Incorrect: The attendence at the concert was over a thousand.
Correct: The attendance at the concert was over a thousand.
Incorrect: She checked the attendence list for the meeting.
Correct: She checked the attendance list for the meeting.
Incorrect: Our teacher records our attendence every day.
Correct: Our teacher records our attendance every day.
Incorrect: Please mark your attendence on the sheet.
Correct: Please mark your attendance on the sheet.
Incorrect: The event's attendence exceeded expectations.
Correct: The event's attendance exceeded expectations.

Attendance Definitions

Attendance is the concept of people, individually or as a group, appearing at a location for a previously scheduled event. Measuring attendance is a significant concern for many organizations, which can use such information to gauge the effectiveness of their efforts and to plan for future efforts.
The persons or number of persons present.
The class sat down so that the teacher could take attendance.
The act of attending.
The act of being present (at a meeting or event etc.)
The action or state of going regularly to or being present at a place or event.
My attendance at church was very patchy.
The persons or number of persons that are present.
The frequency with which one has been present for a regular activity or set of events.
John's attendance for the conventions was not good.
Attention; regard; careful application.
Till I come, give attendance to reading.
The act of attending; state of being in waiting; service; ministry; the fact of being present; presence.
Constant attendance at church three times a day.
Waiting for; expectation.
Languishing attendance and expectation of death.
The persons attending; a retinue; attendants.
If your stray attendance by yet lodged.
The frequency with which a person is present.
The act of attending; the state of being present; presence.
Attendance at the meeting is required.
All those in attendance are to sign this slip.
(obsolete) Attention paid to something; careful regard.

Attendance Meaning in a Sentence

The meeting's attendance included all department heads.
The attendance for the school play was impressive.
I always check the attendance before starting class.
Our attendance has improved since the new policy.
He received an award for perfect attendance.
Make sure to record your attendance in the logbook.
She monitors her team's attendance closely.
A high attendance rate contributes to a better learning environment.
Attendance figures are crucial for planning future events.
They celebrated 100% attendance with a small party.
The conference attendance was more diverse this year.
High attendance is expected for the championship game.
The attendance sheet is passed around at the beginning of the workshop.
The concert's attendance figures surpassed last year's.
Attendance is mandatory for all training sessions.
Attendance at the annual festival broke records this year.
Attendance dropped slightly due to the bad weather.
The seminar's attendance was boosted by the guest speaker.
Our goal is to increase attendance at these meetings.
He was congratulated for achieving full attendance for the year.
Parents are encouraged to ensure their children's regular attendance.
The system automatically updates students' attendance.
Email reminders have positively impacted workshop attendance.
They use a digital system to track attendance.
The new exhibit saw an unprecedented attendance on opening day.

Attendance Idioms & Phrases

Attendance is key

Being present is essential for success.
For this project, attendance is key to ensuring everyone's input is included.

Common Curiosities

What is the meaning of the word attendence?

"Attendence" is generally considered a misspelling of the word "Attendance," which denotes the act of being present at a designated location or event.

What is the difference between absenteeism and attendance?

Attendance refers to the act of being present, while absenteeism refers to the habitual or persistent absence from a place where one is expected to be, such as work or school.

What is record attendance?

Record attendance refers to the highest number of attendees ever present at an event or location.

What is attendance problem?

An attendance problem refers to the consistent failure or struggles to be present at a location or event where one is expected, such as work, school, or meetings.

What is the right spelling attendance?

The correct spelling is "attendance."

How do you spell attendance in British English?

In British English, it is spelled as "attendance."

What type of word is attendance?

"Attendance" is a noun.

What is lecture attendance?

Lecture attendance refers to the act of being present at a lecture.

Is punctuality an attendance?

Punctuality is the habit of being on time, while attendance refers to the act of being present. Both are important aspects of responsibility and professionalism.

What is attendance in a meeting?

Attendance in a meeting refers to being present at a business or organizational gathering.

How do you spell attendance sheet?

The correct spelling is "attendance sheet."

How do you write attendance?

The word is written as "attendance."

What is office attendance?

Office attendance refers to the record or act of employees being present at their place of work.

What is attendance in a sentence?

Attendance in a sentence can be used as: "Her consistent attendance at class contributed to her excellent grades."

What is attendance in American English?

In American English, "attendance" refers to the act or fact of attending (being present at) an event, place, etc.

How do you spell attendance register in English?

The correct spelling is "attendance register."

What is the use of attendance?

Attendance is used to denote the act of being present at a location or event and is often used to track the presence of students at school, employees at work, or attendees at an event.

What is employee attendance called?

Employee attendance, also known as time and attendance, refers to the record of employees being present at their place of work.

What is attendance in call center?

In a call center, attendance refers to the record of employees being present for their scheduled shifts.

What is visual attendance?

Visual attendance refers to being present in a virtual environment, such as a video conference or online class.

How do I work on my attendance?

Improving attendance typically involves committing to be punctual and present at the required times, planning ahead to prevent foreseeable absences, and addressing any personal issues that may be causing absenteeism.

What is student attendance?

Student attendance refers to the record of a student being present at school or class.

What is the plural form of attendance?

The word "attendance" is uncountable and does not have a standard plural form.

What is attendance in short notes?

In short, attendance refers to the act or fact of being present at a place or event.

How do I inform my attendance?

To inform your attendance, you could say something like, "I would like to confirm my attendance at the meeting."

What is the role of time and attendance?

The role of time and attendance systems is to track when employees start and end work and to monitor their presence at work, which aids in payroll and personnel management.

What is the difference between in attendance and present?

"In attendance" and "present" typically have the same meaning, denoting the state of being at a designated place or event.

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