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Omage vs. Homage — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 18, 2024
"Homage" is a term denoting respect or honor shown publicly. "Omage" is not a recognized English word and is likely a misspelling of "homage." Hence, they differ in that "homage" has a defined meaning, while "omage" does not.
Omage vs. Homage — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Omage or Homage

How to spell Homage?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

"Homage" is a word with roots in Old French, signifying respect or honor paid publicly to someone or something. "Omage", on the other hand, does not hold any recognized meaning in English.
"Homage" often refers to the open declaration of admiration or allegiance towards a particular individual, event, or concept. "Omage" could potentially be a misspelling or a typographical error, considering the proximity of the letters 'o' and 'h' on a standard keyboard.
"Homage" carries significant weight in cultural, artistic, and social contexts, representing a form of tribute that can take many shapes, including literature, art, or public ceremonies. "Omage" might appear in informal contexts or Internet slang. However, it does not hold a defined meaning in English. Contextual interpretation is key, but without context, "omage" remains an undefined term.

How Do You Spell Homage Correctly?

Incorrect: She wanted to pay omage to her grandmother's cooking by learning her recipes.
Correct: She wanted to pay homage to her grandmother's cooking by learning her recipes.
Incorrect: The book is an omage to the city's rich history.
Correct: The book is an homage to the city's rich history.
Incorrect: They created a piece of music as an omage to the genre's pioneers.
Correct: They created a piece of music as an homage to the genre's pioneers.
Incorrect: The museum held an omage exhibition for the artist.
Correct: The museum held an homage exhibition for the artist.
Incorrect: Omage to the classic films of the 20th century.
Correct: Homage to the classic films of the 20th century.

Homage Definitions

Homage signifies the respect or reverence paid to someone.
Special honor or respect shown or expressed publicly.
Homage represents a public acknowledgment of someone's influence or impact.
To pay reverence to by external action.
A demonstration of respect, such as towards an individual after their retirement or death.
(countable) An artistic work imitating another in a flattering style.
Historically, homage referred to a ceremonial pledge of allegiance by a vassal to his feudal lord.
In medieval times, knights would pay homage to their lords, pledging their loyalty and service.
In a broader sense, homage can denote the recognition of another's superiority or dominance.
The team's players bowed their heads in homage to the defending champions, acknowledging their unmatched skills.
Homage can also mean a tribute or dedication to someone, especially in arts and culture.
The artist's exhibition was an homage to his mentor, reflecting the profound influence on his own style.
Formal acknowledgment by a vassal of allegiance to his lord under feudal law.
Something created or done in honor, admiration, or celebration of someone or something.
(historical) In feudalism, the formal oath of a vassal to honor his or her lord's rights.
To cause to pay homage.
A symbolical acknowledgment made by a feudal tenant to, and in the presence of, his lord, on receiving investiture of fee, or coming to it by succession, that he was his man, or vassal; profession of fealty to a sovereign.
Respect or reverential regard; deference; especially, respect paid by external action; obeisance.
All things in heaven and earth do her [Law] homage.
I sought no homage from the race that write.
Reverence directed to the Supreme Being; reverential worship; devout affection.
Go, go with homage yon proud victors meet !Go, lie like dogs beneath your masters' feet!
Respectful deference.

Homage Meaning in a Sentence

The band's latest album is an homage to the blues musicians who influenced them.
Paying homage to traditional crafts, the festival showcased local artisans.
The art exhibit serves as an homage to the cultural heritage of the community.
In her speech, she paid homage to the pioneers of women's rights.
The chef's signature dish is an homage to his grandmother's recipe.
That mural is an homage to the diversity of the neighborhood.
The film was a beautiful homage to silent movie era.
The fashion collection was an homage to the styles of the 1960s.
They raised the flag as an homage to the veterans.
The new park is dedicated as an homage to the city's founders.
He wrote a poem as an homage to his mentor who passed away.
The sculpture was created as an homage to nature's beauty.
This novel is an homage to the classic adventure tales.
The dance performance was an homage to the country's historical events.
The documentary is an homage to the resilience of the human spirit.
The ceremony included a moment of silence in homage to those who had passed away.
Hosting the dinner was their way of paying homage to the guest of honor.
Their project was an homage to the architectural marvels of the ancient world.
Wearing traditional attire was an homage to their cultural roots.
The artist's latest work is an homage to abstract expressionists.
The special edition book was published as an homage to the author's literary career.
The concert was an homage to the jazz legends of the past.
The song was written in homage to the singer's hometown.
The festival is held as an homage to the local traditions and folklore.
The movie is an homage to the genre of romantic comedies.

Homage Idioms & Phrases

Tribute or homage?

A discussion on the nuances of showing respect or honor, where "tribute" often involves tangible expressions, while "homage" can be more about acknowledgment or influence.
The concert was more a tribute than an homage, featuring covers of the musician's songs.

In homage to

As a way of showing respect and honor towards someone or something.
The museum exhibition was created in homage to the artist's influence on modern art.

A living homage

Someone or something that serves as a continuous tribute.
The community garden is a living homage to the environmental activist's work.

Homage of the heart

A deeply personal and emotional expression of respect.
His volunteer work is his homage of the heart to his grandmother's legacy.

To do homage

To formally or ceremonially show respect or allegiance.
The knights did homage to their king, swearing loyalty.

A token of homage

A small gesture or item given in respect or honor.
The portrait presented to the retiring teacher was a token of homage from the students.

Pay homage to

To show respect or honor to someone or something.
The ceremony was designed to pay homage to the soldiers who fought in the war.

Homage through imitation

Mimicking someone's style or work as a form of respect.
The young painter's style is an homage through imitation of the great masters.

An act of homage

A specific action taken to show respect or honor.
Planting trees in the park was an act of homage to the environmentalist's efforts.

A fitting homage

A tribute that is appropriately and particularly suited to the person or thing it honors.
The annual jazz festival is a fitting homage to the city's musical heritage.

Bear homage

To carry or show signs of respect and honor.
The newly unveiled statue bears homage to the community leaders of the past.

Owe homage

To have a duty or obligation to show respect or honor.
The filmmaker felt he owed homage to the silent film era that inspired him.

Common Curiosities

Is it pronounced omage or homage?

It's pronounced "homage." The initial "h" can be silent or pronounced, depending on regional accents.

What is the difference between homage and hommage?

"Homage" is an English word meaning to show respect or honor towards someone or something. "Hommage" is the French version of the same word with identical meaning.

How do you spell the word omage?

The correct spelling is "homage."

What is similar to homage?

Words similar to homage include tribute, honor, respect, deference, and accolade.

What is called homage?

Homage is a special honor or respect shown publicly. It can take the form of various gestures, actions, or creative works meant to acknowledge or honor an individual or concept.

How do you use homage?

"Homage" can be used in a sentence like this: "The artist's latest work is an homage to her mentor."

Is homage a tribute?

Yes, homage is a form of tribute. It is an act, statement, or gift that is intended to show respect or admiration.

What is an alternative to homage?

An alternative to homage could be the words tribute, respect, honor, or accolade.

What is homage in English Oxford?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines homage as "something that is said or done to show respect for someone."

Can you pay homage to someone alive?

Yes, it is perfectly appropriate to pay homage to someone who is alive. Homage is a show of respect or honor and does not require the subject to be deceased.

What is the root word of homage?

The root word of "homage" is the Old French word "hommage," meaning a pledge of allegiance.

What is homage to Picasso?

An homage to Picasso would be a work of art that pays tribute to Picasso's style or specific pieces, incorporating similar elements while adding unique aspects.

What country is homage from?

The word "homage" originates from Old French and is used in many English-speaking countries.

What language is homage?

The word "homage" comes from the Old French "hommage."

Is homage a literary device?

Yes, homage can be a literary device when an author pays tribute to another author, literary work, or genre, often by incorporating elements of the original into their own work.

How do you write homage?

The word "homage" is written as it sounds: h-o-m-a-g-e.

What is the opposite of paying homage?

The opposite of paying homage could be dishonoring, disrespecting, or denigrating.

Can homage be used for a living person?

Yes, homage can be paid to both the living and the dead.

What is the difference between homage and copying?

Paying homage acknowledges and respects the source of inspiration while adding unique elements while copying imitates or replicates without necessarily acknowledging the source or adding originality.

How is homage used?

Homage is used to show honor or respect, often in public or through some form of creative or ceremonial expression. It is often used in the phrase "pay homage to."

What is the difference between pay homage and honor?

To pay homage is to show public respect or honor to something. Honor can be more general, referring to any form of respect or esteem shown to another, not necessarily in public.

How do you use pay homage in a sentence?

In a sentence, you could use "pay homage" like this: "In her speech, the author paid homage to her high school English teacher for inspiring her love of writing."

What is an homage in poetry?

An homage in poetry is a poem that pays tribute to another poem, poet, or style of poetry, often incorporating elements of the original while adding unique aspects.

Is it a homage or an homage British English?

In British English, it can be either "a homage" or "an homage." Both are acceptable, though "a homage" is more common.

What is the plural form of homage?

The plural form of "homage" is "homages."

Is paid homage correct?

Yes, "paid homage" is a correct phrase. It means to show respect or honor to someone or something.

What does homage and tribute mean?

Homage and tribute both refer to acts, gestures, or works that show respect, admiration, or deference towards someone or something.

What does respectful homage mean?

Respectful homage refers to a public show of respect and honor that is sincere and heartfelt.

What part of speech is homage?

Homage is a noun.

Is an homage grammatically correct?

Yes, "an homage" is grammatically correct. Whether one uses "a" or "an" often depends on their pronunciation of "homage."

Why is the H in homage silent?

The "h" in "homage" is sometimes silent, particularly in American English, because the word is derived from French, where the "h" is silent.

What is homage in film?

In film, an homage is a reference, nod, or tribute to another film, director, or cinematic style. It's a way to acknowledge the influence or inspiration drawn from these sources.

What is a homage in literature?

In literature, an homage is a work that pays respect or tribute to another work, author, or literary style.

What is homage in history?

In historical context, homage refers to a formal public acknowledgment of allegiance to a lord or sovereign, particularly in feudal systems.

What is homage watch?

A homage watch is a timepiece that pays tribute to a classic or iconic watch design, replicating its style or features while typically being more affordable.

What is a homage design?

A homage design is a creation that pays tribute to a classic or influential design. It replicates its style or features while adding its unique twist.

Is homage in the Bible?

While the specific term "homage" may not be in all translations of the Bible, the concept of showing deep respect and honor, akin to paying homage, is present in many Biblical passages.

Is homage legal?

Yes, homage is legal. However, in creative works, if an homage closely copies another work without adding distinct elements or without permission, it could potentially infringe copyright.

What is the noun of homage?

The noun of homage is "homage" itself. It is a noun that refers to the act of publicly showing respect or honor.

What is homage in photography?

In photography, an homage is a photo or series of photos that pay tribute to another photographer, photograph, or style of photography, often replicating certain elements while incorporating unique aspects.

Can we pay homage to a living person?

Yes, homage can be paid to both the living and the deceased.

Is an homage a reference?

Yes, an homage can be a reference or tribute to a person, work, or idea, particularly in artistic or creative contexts.

What is the closest meaning for homage Mcq?

The closest meaning for homage in a multiple choice question (MCQ) context would be respect, honor, or tribute.

What is the difference between paying homage and copying?

Paying homage involves acknowledging the source of inspiration and adding unique elements, while copying involves imitating or replicating something without acknowledging the source or adding originality.

How do Americans pronounce homage?

In American English, homage is often pronounced with a silent "h" as in "omage", though the version with a pronounced "h" is also used.

What is homage to surrealism?

An homage to surrealism would be a work of art or literature that pays tribute to the surrealism movement, often incorporating elements of surrealism while adding unique aspects.

What is homage to Jackson Pollock?

An homage to Jackson Pollock would be a work of art that pays tribute to Pollock's style, perhaps incorporating his famous drip painting technique while also adding unique elements.

Why do you pay homage?

People pay homage to show respect or honor towards a person, concept, or work that has had a significant influence or impact.

Is homage paying tribute?

Yes, to pay homage is to pay tribute. It means to show respect or honor in a public way.

Is homage used only for the dead?

No, homage can be used for both living and deceased individuals.

What is a homage poem?

A homage poem is a poem that pays tribute to another poet, poem, or style of poetry, often mimicking the style of the object of homage while adding unique elements.

How to read homage?

The word "homage" is pronounced either as "hom-ij" (with a silent 'h') or "haw-mij," depending on regional accents.

How do you pronounce pay homage?

"Pay homage" can be pronounced with the "h" either silent, sounding like "pay omage", or with a voiced "h," sounding like "pay 'h'omage".

What is the difference between homage and fealty?

Homage typically refers to a public show of respect or honor, while fealty is a sworn loyalty to a lord or sovereign, often in a feudal context.

What is the homage to the king?

"Homage to the king" would typically refer to a public show of respect or deference to a king. In a historical context, it could also refer to a feudal act of swearing allegiance to a king.

What is the synonym of in homage?

Synonyms for "in homage" include respect, honor, tribute, and deference.

What are two synonyms for homage?

Two synonyms for homage are tribute and honor.

Does homage mean copy?

No, homage doesn't mean copying exactly. While it involves drawing from another work, person, or idea, it also involves adding unique elements and acknowledging the source of inspiration.

What is homage in art?

In art, homage is a work that pays tribute to another work, artist, or style. It often involves incorporating elements of the original while also adding unique aspects.

What is homage and investiture?

Homage and investiture were key parts of the feudal system. Homage was the act of a vassal acknowledging their loyalty to a lord, and investiture was the act of the lord giving the vassal a fief or land rights.

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