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Traunch vs. Tranche — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Fiza Rafique — Updated on March 19, 2024
Traunch is an incorrect spelling of the correct term "Tranche," which refers to a specific portion of financial assets or debt.
Traunch vs. Tranche — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Traunch or Tranche

How to spell Tranche?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

"Traunch" with a 'u' is unnecessary, like extra toppings on a single "slice" or "tranche" of pizza.
Financial terms are often specific; the specific correct term is "Tranche," not "Traunch."
Remember that "Tranche" has a French origin, which often omits the 'u' found in English misspellings.
Think of "Tranche" as a "slice," and slices are clean and precise like the spelling of "Tranche."
"Tranche" is like "branch," and both are correctly spelled with an "r" after the first letter.

How Do You Spell Tranche Correctly?

Incorrect: Investors are interested in the final traunch of the tech startup's equity offering.
Correct: Investors are interested in the final tranche of the tech startup's equity offering.
Incorrect: The government announced a new traunch of bonds for sale.
Correct: The government announced a new tranche of bonds for sale.
Incorrect: Each traunch of the loan will be paid out upon completion of project milestones.
Correct: Each tranche of the loan will be paid out upon completion of project milestones.
Incorrect: The company released the first traunch of investment last quarter.
Correct: The company released the first tranche of investment last quarter.
Incorrect: They are waiting for the next traunch of funding to start construction.
Correct: They are waiting for the next tranche of funding to start construction.

Tranche Definitions

Tranche refers to a segmented portion of a total financial asset.
The first tranche is due next week.
In investing, Tranche signifies a specific part of an investment deal.
The tranche was sold to the highest bidder.
Tranche denotes a portion of a series of related financial instruments.
This tranche has a higher yield.
Tranche can also refer to a specified part of a larger sum, often in budgeting.
This tranche of the budget goes to healthcare.
In structured finance, a Tranche is a slice of risk-reward within a debt obligation.
Investors bought the riskier tranches.
In structured finance, a tranche is one of a number of related securities offered as part of the same transaction. In the financial sense of the word, each bond is a different slice of the deal's risk.
A portion of something, especially money
They released the first tranche of the loan
A portion of a total, especially of a block of assets such as cash or securities
The riskiest tranche of the bond offering.
Money delivered in two tranches.
A cut or slice of meat
A tranche of sirloin.
A slice, section or portion.
(insurance) A distinct subdivision of a single policyholder's benefits, typically relating to separate premium increments.
(pensions) A pension scheme's or scheme member's benefits relating to distinct accrual periods with different rules.
(finance) One of a set of classes or risk maturities that compose a multiple-class security, such as a CMO or REMIC; a class of bonds. Collateralized mortgage obligations are structured with several tranches of bonds that have various maturities.
To divide into tranches.
A portion of something (especially money)

Tranche Meaning in a Sentence

The tranche of stocks was quickly bought by eager investors.
The first tranche of the grant will cover the initial research phase.
The government's tranche of emergency funds helped stabilize the economy.
Investors received a tranche of dividends as a result of increased profits.
The charity announced it would release a tranche of aid to the disaster-stricken area.
A new tranche of mortgage-backed securities was announced by the bank.
The tranche of data released by the company provided valuable insights.
The tranche of shares represents a significant portion of the company's equity.
The latest tranche of documents included critical information for the case.
The tranche of loans to small businesses aimed to boost local economies.
The tranche of capital is earmarked for expanding the company's operations overseas.
The tranche of the investment is expected to accelerate the company's growth.
A tranche of art pieces from the collection will be exhibited next month.
The new tranche of policy measures was introduced to support the agricultural sector.
The next tranche of funding will focus on renewable energy projects.
The funding tranche was delayed due to unforeseen administrative issues.
Each tranche of the structured settlement will be distributed annually.
The tranche of reports highlighted the need for immediate action.
The final tranche of repayments will conclude the loan agreement.

Tranche Idioms & Phrases

A tranche of measures

A set of actions or policies that are introduced or implemented as part of a larger plan.
The government announced a tranche of measures to tackle unemployment.

A tranche of opportunity

A specific portion or segment of opportunities, often related to finance or investment.
The latest tranche of government grants presents a tranche of opportunity for small businesses.

Cutting a tranche

Referring to allocating or distributing a specific portion of funds or resources.
Cutting a tranche of the budget for research and development can boost innovation.

Releasing a tranche

The act of making a portion of funds or resources available.
The foundation is releasing a tranche of funds to support disaster relief efforts.

Securing a tranche

Successfully obtaining a portion of financing or funding.
The startup focused on securing a tranche of investment from venture capitalists.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called Tranche?

It's called Tranche from the French word for "slice," referring to a portion of a larger whole.

Which vowel is used before Tranche?

The vowel 'a' is used before Tranche.

What is the singular form of Tranche?

Tranche is the singular form.

What is the pronunciation of Tranche?

Pronounced as "trahnsh."

What is the root word of Tranche?

The root is the French word "Tranche," meaning "slice."

What is the verb form of Tranche?

There's no standard verb form of Tranche.

What is the plural form of Tranche?

Tranches is the plural form.

Which preposition is used with Tranche?

"Of" is commonly used, as in "Tranche of debt."

Is Tranche a negative or positive word?

It's neutral; it simply describes a portion.

Which conjunction is used with Tranche?

"And" can be used, as in "one tranche and another."

Is Tranche an abstract noun?

No, it refers to a specific portion, making it concrete.

Is Tranche an adverb?

No, it's not an adverb.

Is Tranche a vowel or consonant?

The word contains both vowels and consonants.

How many syllables are in Tranche?

One syllable.

What part of speech is Tranche?

It's a noun.

Which determiner is used with Tranche?

"The" or "a" can be used.

What is a stressed syllable in Tranche?

The whole word is stressed, as it's one syllable.

What is the opposite of Tranche?

Whole or entirety.

Which article is used with Tranche?

"The" or "a" can be used, depending on context.

Is Tranche a noun or adjective?

Tranche is a noun.

Is Tranche a countable noun?

Yes, you can have multiple tranches.

How do we divide Tranche into syllables?

It's a one-syllable word: Tranche.

What is another term for Tranche?

Segment or portion can be synonyms.

How is Tranche used in a sentence?

"The first tranche of the investment will be released next month."

Is Tranche a collective noun?

No, it's not a collective noun.

Is the Tranche term a metaphor?

No, it's a specific financial term.

Is the word Tranche is imperative?

No, it's not imperative.

Is the word Tranche is Gerund?

No, it's not a gerund.

Is the word “Tranche” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

It can be either, depending on sentence structure.

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