Traunch vs. Tranche

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  • Traunch (noun)

    One of a series of allotments (of funds for a certain purpose).

  • Traunch (noun)

    One set or portion of a series.

  • Traunch (verb)

    To divide into parts or portions of a series (especially of allotments of funds).

  • Traunch (adjective)

    Divided into portions or parts of a series (especially of allotments of funds).

  • Tranche (noun)

    A slice, section or portion.

  • Tranche (noun)

    A distinct subdivision of a single policyholder's benefits, typically relating to separate premium increments.

  • Tranche (noun)

    A pension scheme's or scheme member's benefits relating to distinct accrual periods with different rules.

  • Tranche (noun)

    One of a set of classes or risk maturities that compose a multiple-class security, such as a CMO or REMIC; a class of bonds. Collateralized mortgage obligations are structured with several tranches of bonds that have various maturities.

  • Tranche (verb)

    To divide into tranches.

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