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Boney vs. Bony — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Updated on March 19, 2024
"Boney" is an incorrect spelling, while "bony" is correct, referring to resembling or consisting of bone.
Boney vs. Bony — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Boney or Bony

How to spell Bony?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Use mnemonic: “An extra 'e' is excess for ‘bony’.”
"Bony" is like "sunny" – keep the “y” and drop the “e”.
Think of "bone" + "y" to form "bony."
Visualize a skeleton and remember it's "bony" without the extra "e."
Associate "bony" with its synonym "skinny" for phonetic similarity.

How Do You Spell Bony Correctly?

Incorrect: The old chair felt boney under him.
Correct: The old chair felt bony under him.
Incorrect: Her hands were cold and boney.
Correct: Her hands were cold and bony.
Incorrect: The sculpture appeared somewhat boney.
Correct: The sculpture appeared somewhat bony.
Incorrect: He described the creature as looking boney.
Correct: He described the creature as looking bony.
Incorrect: Boney fingers tapped on the table.
Correct: Bony fingers tapped on the table.

Bony Definitions

Very thin, especially in a way that is not attractive.
His bony fingers gripped the pen tightly.
Having many bones or bony projections.
This fish is too bony to eat comfortably.
Resembling or consisting of bone.
The fish had a bony structure.
Relating to bone or the bones.
The bony anatomy of the hand is complex.
Of or like bone
The bony plates that protect turtles and tortoises
Of, relating to, resembling, or consisting of bone.
Having an internal skeleton of bones.
Full of bones
A bony fillet of fish.
Having prominent or protruding bones
A bony wrist.
Lean; scrawny.
Resembling, having the appearance or consistence of, or relating to bone; osseous.
With little flesh; skinny, thin
Having prominent bones
Consisting of bone, or of bones; full of bones; pertaining to bones.
Having large or prominent bones.
Very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold;
Emaciated bony hands
A nightmare population of gaunt men and skeletal boys
Eyes were haggard and cavernous
Small pinched faces
Kept life in his wasted frame only by grim concentration
Composed of or containing bone;
Osseous tissue
Having bones especially many or prominent bones;
A bony shad fillet
Her bony wrist
Thin and angular in appearance.
She had a bony face with sharp features.

Bony Meaning in a Sentence

His face was bony and sharp, giving him a distinguished look.
The bony fish have a skeleton that is partially or entirely made of bone.
The bony structure of the bird's wing is fascinating.
Cats are known for their agility, thanks to their bony structure.
Bony landmarks are critical for students of anatomy to understand.
She could feel the bony ridges of the spine through the skin.
The artist's model had a bony frame that was evident in every pose.
The horse's bony structure was visible due to malnutrition.
The bony plates on the dinosaur fossil were well-preserved.
A bony prominence on the elbow can be a sign of injury.
A bony deposit can sometimes form after an injury.
The bony edges of the clam shell were sharp and dangerous.
You can see the bony parts of the coral reef while snorkeling.
The bony tail of the rat serves many functions, including balance.
The bony framework of the chest protects vital organs like the heart and lungs.
Bony growths, or spurs, can cause discomfort in joints.
The veterinarian explained the bony abnormalities in the dog's x-ray.
The bony labyrinth of the inner ear is intricate and delicate.
Bony fingers are often cold due to poor circulation.
Her bony wrist was fragile, so she wore a protective brace.
The bony crest on the skull of the dinosaur was used for display.
Bony fishes differ from cartilaginous fishes in their skeletal structure.
The bony exoskeleton of the insect provided protection against predators.
In some cultures, a bony physique is considered a beauty ideal.
A bony knuckle can become swollen with arthritis.

Common Curiosities

What is the root word of bony?

The root word is "bone."

Which vowel is used before bony?

The vowel "o" is used before the "ny" in "bony."

What is the verb form of bony?

Bony is primarily an adjective; it doesn't have a direct verb form. However, "ossify" is a verb relating to the process of turning into bone.

What is the pronunciation of bony?

Bony is pronounced as /ˈboʊ.ni/.

Why is it called bony?

It's called "bony" as it describes something resembling or made up of bone.

Which preposition is used with bony?

Various prepositions like "of," "with," or "on" can be used with "bony," depending on the context.

Which conjunction is used with bony?

Any standard conjunction such as "and," "but," or "or" can be used with "bony," based on the sentence structure.

What is the plural form of bony?

As an adjective, "bony" doesn't have a plural form. It describes both singular and plural nouns without changing form.

Is bony a noun or adjective?

Bony is an adjective.

Is bony a negative or positive word?

Bony is neutral, but its connotation can be either negative or positive based on context.

Is bony a countable noun?

No, bony is an adjective and not a countable noun.

Which article is used with bony?

Both definite ("the") and indefinite ("a" or "an") articles can be used before nouns described by "bony."

Is the bony term a metaphor?

Not inherently, but like many words, it could be used metaphorically in specific contexts.

Is the word bony imperative?

No, bony is not in the imperative form as it's an adjective.

What is the opposite of bony?

The opposite could be "fleshy" or "plump."

What is the singular form of bony?

Bony is an adjective, so it doesn't have a singular or plural form in the way nouns do. It remains "bony" in singular contexts.

How many syllables are in bony?

Bony has two syllables.

What is a stressed syllable in bony?

The first syllable "bo" is stressed in "bony."

Is bony an adverb?

No, bony is not an adverb.

Is bony a vowel or consonant?

Bony is a word, not a single letter, so it's neither a vowel nor a consonant.

Is bony a collective noun?

No, bony is not a collective noun.

What part of speech is bony?

Bony is an adjective.

Which determiner is used with bony?

Determiners like "this," "that," "a," or "the" can be used with nouns described by "bony."

How do we divide bony into syllables?

Bony is divided as bon-y.

What is another term for bony?

Another term for bony could be "ossified" or "skinny" based on context.

What is the first form of bony?

Bony doesn't have verb forms. As an adjective, its form remains "bony."

Is bony an abstract noun?

No, bony is an adjective and not a noun.

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