Finally vs. Finaly - What's the difference?

Main Difference

The main difference between Finally and Finaly is that the Finally is at the end or conclusion; ultimately and Finaly is a misspelling of finally.


  • Finally (adverb)

    At the end or conclusion ; ultimately.

    "The contest was long, but the Romans finally conquered."

  • Finally (adverb)

    To finish (with); lastly (in the present).

    "Finally, I washed my dog."

  • Finally (adverb)

    Definitively, comprehensively.

    "The question of his long-term success has now been finally settled."

Webster Dictionary

  • Finally (adverb)

    At the end or conclusion; ultimately; lastly; as, the contest was long, but the Romans finally conquered.

  • Finally (adverb)

    Completely; beyond recovery.

Princeton's WordNet

  • Finally (adverb)

    after a long period of time or an especially long delay;

    "at length they arrived"

  • Finally (adverb)

    the item at the end;

    "last, I'll discuss family values"

  • Finally (adverb)

    as the end result of a succession or process;

    "ultimately he had to give in"

    "at long last the winter was over"

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