Togather vs. Together - What's the difference?

Main Difference

The main difference between Togather and Together is that the Togather is a misspelling of together and Together is at the same time, in the same place; in close association or proximity.


  • Together (adverb)

    At the same time, in the same place; in close association or proximity.

    "We went to school together."

  • Together (adverb)

    Into one place; into a single thing; combined.

    "He put all the parts together."

  • Together (adverb)

    In a relationship or partnership, for example a business relationship or a romantic partnership.

    "Bob and Andy went into business together."

    "Jenny and Mark have been together since they went on holiday to Mexico."

  • Together (adverb)

    Without intermission or interruption; continuously; uninterruptedly.

  • Together (adjective)

    Coherent; well organized.

    "He's really together."

Webster Dictionary

  • Together (adverb)

    In company or association with respect to place or time; as, to live together in one house; to live together in the same age; they walked together to the town.

  • Together (adverb)

    In or into union; into junction; as, to sew, knit, or fasten two things together; to mix things together.

  • Together (adverb)

    In concert; with mutual coöperation; as, the allies made war upon France together.

Princeton's WordNet

  • Together (adjective)

    mentally and emotionally stable;

    "she's really together"

  • Together (adverb)

    in conjunction with; combined;

    "Our salaries put together couldn't pay for the damage"

    "we couldn`t pay for the damages with all out salaries put together"

  • Together (adverb)

    in contact with each other;

    "the leaves stuck together"

  • Together (adverb)

    assembled in one place;

    "we were gathered together"

  • Together (adverb)

    in each other's company;

    "we went to the movies together"

    "the family that prays together stays together"

  • Together (adverb)

    at the same time;

    "we graduated together"

  • Together (adverb)

    with cooperation and interchange;

    "we worked together on the project"

  • Together (adverb)

    with a common plan;

    "act in concert"

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