Genius vs. Genious

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Which is correct: Genius or Genious

How to spell Genius?

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Main Difference

The main difference between Genius and Genious is that the Genius is a someone who has exceptional intellectual ability and originality and Genious is a misspelling of genius.

  • Genius (noun)

    Someone possessing extraordinary intelligence or skill; especially somebody who has demonstrated this by a creative or original work in science, music, art etc.

  • Genius (noun)

    Extraordinary mental capacity.

  • Genius (noun)

    Inspiration, a mental leap, an extraordinary creative process.

    "a work of genius."

  • Genius (noun)

    The tutelary deity or spirit of a place or person.

  • Genius (adjective)

    ingenious, very clever, or original.

    "What a genius idea!"

  • Genious (adjective)

    misspelling of genius

  • Genious (noun)

    misspelling of genius

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