Emasculate vs. Demasculate

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Main Difference

The main difference between Emasculate and Demasculate is that the Emasculate is a it refers to the removal of the body parts that make a man male, literallly castration and Demasculate is a To take the masculinity from someone.

  • Emasculate (adjective)

    Deprived of unmanned, weak.

  • Emasculate (verb)

    To power; to castrate, to geld. from early 17th c.

  • Emasculate (verb)

    To deprive of spirit; to render effeminate; to vitiate by unmanly softness. from early 17th c.

  • Emasculate (verb)

    Of a flower: to deprive of the anthers.

  • Demasculate (verb)

    To remove the masculinity from (somebody).

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