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Amoung vs. Among — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 18, 2024
"Amoung" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "Among," which means being included or involved with others.
Amoung vs. Among — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Amoung or Among

How to spell Among?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Remember "Among" shares its base with "mingle," and both have the "mong/ming" sound.
Visualize a group and recall "Among" them, without any "u."
"Among" is like "a song" but with an "m" instead of an "s."
Consider "Amoung" as having an unnecessary "u."
Think of "Among" as "a mong" (even though "mong" isn't a word, it's a mnemonic).

How Do You Spell Among Correctly?

Incorrect: She distributed the candies amoung the children.
Correct: She distributed the candies among the children.
Incorrect: The debate continued amoung the committee members.
Correct: The debate continued among the committee members.
Incorrect: There was a spy amoung them.
Correct: There was a spy among them.
Incorrect: He felt comfortable amoung his friends.
Correct: He felt comfortable among his friends.
Incorrect: The secret was kept amoung the three of them.
Correct: The secret was kept among the three of them.

Among Definitions

Among denotes being in the company of or surrounded by others.
He felt comfortable among friends.
Among conveys the idea of being included in a particular group.
That secret is only known among the elders.
Among means being a member or part of a larger group.
She was among the few chosen for the task.
Among signifies being shared by or involved with more than one.
The responsibilities were divided among the team members.
Among references being part of a group without specifying exact position or location.
A traitor was among us.
Situated more or less centrally in relation to (several other things)
You're among friends
Flowers hidden among the roots of the trees
Being a member or members of (a larger set)
Snakes are among the animals most feared by man
A British woman was among the 54 victims of the disaster
Occurring in or shared by (some members of a group or community)
Members of the government bickered among themselves
A drop in tooth decay among children
Indicating a division, choice, or differentiation involving three or more participants
The State Council would elect a temporary president from among its members
The old king called the three princesses to divide his kingdom among them
In the midst of; surrounded by
A pine tree among cedars.
In the group, number, or class of
She is among the wealthy.
In the company of; in association with
Traveling among a group of tourists.
By many or the entire number of; with many
A custom popular among the Greeks.
By the joint action of
Among us, we will finish the job.
With portions to each of
Distribute this among you.
With or against one another
Don't fight among yourselves. See Usage Note at between.
Denotes a mingling or intermixing with distinct or separable objects. (See Usage Note at amidst.)
How can you speak with authority about their customs when you have never lived among them?
Denotes a belonging of a person or a thing to a group.
He is among the few who completely understand the subject.
Denotes a sharing of a common feature in a group.
Lactose intolerance is common among people of Asian heritage.
Mixed or mingled; surrounded by.
They heard,And from his presence hid themselves amongThe thickest trees.
Conjoined, or associated with, or making part of the number of; in the number or class of.
Blessed art thou among women.
Expressing a relation of dispersion, distribution, etc.; also, a relation of reciprocal action.
What news among the merchants?
Human sacrifices were practiced among them.
Divide that gold amongst you.
Whether they quarreled among themselves, or with their neighbors.

Among Meaning in a Sentence

The discussion among the team members was very productive.
He was among the first to arrive at the conference.
They divided the inheritance equally among the four siblings.
The secret was only known among a select few.
The competition among the players was fierce.
The award was given for excellence among new businesses.
There was a feeling of excitement among the crowd.
She found her lost ring among the flowers in the garden.
The teacher wanted to promote a sense of unity among the students.
She shared her snacks among her friends during the movie.
The rumor spread quickly among the townspeople.
The bird flew away and disappeared among the trees.
Trust is important among members of a team.
She felt a sense of belonging among her peers.
The story was popular among children and adults alike.
He is well respected among his colleagues.
Peace negotiations began among the warring nations.
The flowers stood out among the greenery.
There was an agreement among the parties involved.
The disease was spreading among the population.
The teacher distributed the books among the students.
He was chosen as the leader among his peers.
The company was ranked among the best to work for.
She found comfort among her family members.
The debate among the experts continued for hours.

Among Idioms & Phrases

Cast pearls among swine

To offer something valuable to those who cannot appreciate it.
Giving him such a sophisticated book is like casting pearls among swine.

A voice among the crowd

Being one person who speaks out in a large group.
She was a voice among the crowd, standing up for what she believed in.

Walk among kings

To associate with people of high status.
Through his achievements, he found himself walking among kings.

Stand out among the rest

To be noticeably better or different from others.
In the competition, her performance stood out among the rest.

Among other things

In addition to other items.
She enjoys painting and, among other things, hiking in her free time.

Among friends

In the company of friends; in a friendly setting.
Secrets are safe when shared among friends.

Peace among nations

The state of harmony and absence of conflict between countries.
The summit aimed to promote peace among nations.

Counted among the best

To be considered as part of a select group.
Her novel is counted among the best of the decade.

Lost among the masses

To go unnoticed in a large group.
Without a unique selling point, your product will get lost among the masses.

Among the ranks

Being part of a group, especially in an organization.
There are many talented writers among the ranks of this club.

Unity among diversity

Harmony and cooperation despite differences.
The festival celebrated unity among diversity.

Find one's place among

To find where one belongs in a group.
She finally found her place among the community of artists.

Hidden among the shadows

To be concealed or not easily noticed.
The answers you seek are hidden among the shadows of the past.

One among many

Being one member of a larger group.
He was just one among many applicants for the job.

A leader among men

Someone who is a natural leader and stands out in a group.
With his charisma and vision, he was truly a leader among men.

Sow discord among

To cause disagreement or conflict within a group.
The rumors were intended to sow discord among the team members.

A gem among stones

Something valuable or special in the midst of the ordinary.
Her insightful comments were a gem among stones during the discussion.

Live among the stars

To reside in a place associated with fame or aspiration.
Aspiring actors dream of living among the stars in Hollywood.

Ranked among

To be placed or classified within a group based on quality or achievement.
The university is ranked among the top in the world.

Among the living

Alive; not dead.
After the disaster, it was a relief to be among the living.

Common Curiosities

What is the verb form of Among?

"Among" does not have a verb form.

Which vowel is used before Among?

It depends on context; there isn't a specific vowel always used before "Among."

Why is it called Among?

Derived from Old English "ongemang," meaning "in a crowd."

What is the pronunciation of Among?


What is the plural form of Among?

Among does not have a plural form.

Is Among an adverb?


What is the root word of Among?

Derived from Old English "ongemang."

What is the singular form of Among?

Among is both singular and plural.

Which conjunction is used with Among?

Among doesn't have a specific conjunction associated with it.

Which preposition is used with Among?

Among is itself a preposition.

Which article is used with Among?

Both "a" and "the" can be used depending on the context.

Is Among a collective noun?


Is the word Among a gerund?


How do we divide Among into syllables?


What part of speech is Among?


Is Among a noun or adjective?

It's a preposition.

Is Among a negative or positive word?


Is Among a countable noun?

No, it's a preposition.

Is the Among term a metaphor?


Is the word Among imperative?


How many syllables are in Among?


What is a stressed syllable in Among?

The second syllable, "mong."

Is Among an abstract noun?


Is Among a vowel or consonant?

It's a word, not a single letter.

What is another term for Among?

Between (though contextually different).

What is the opposite of Among?


How is Among used in a sentence?

"The keys were hidden among the books on the shelf."

Is the word “Among” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Neither; it's a preposition.

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