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Unparallelled vs. Unparalleled — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Munazza Shafiq — Updated on April 23, 2024
"Unparallelled" is the incorrect spelling of "unparalleled," which means having no equal or match.
Unparallelled vs. Unparalleled — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Unparallelled or Unparalleled

How to spell Unparalleled?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Remember, "unparalleled" has only one 'l' after the 'e'.
Break it down: "un-parallel-ed" makes sense, but "un-parallell-ed" seems overly long.
The word parallel traditionally has two 'l's, but when adding suffixes, English often reduces duplicate letters.

How Do You Spell Unparalleled Correctly?

Incorrect: The beauty of the scenery is unparallelled.
Correct: The beauty of the scenery is unparalleled.
Incorrect: Her performance was unparallelled in its brilliance.
Correct: Her performance was unparalleled in its brilliance.
Incorrect: This opportunity is unparallelled in our industry.
Correct: This opportunity is unparalleled in our industry.
Incorrect: His dedication is unparallelled among his peers.
Correct: His dedication is unparalleled among his peers.
Incorrect: They offered an unparallelled level of customer service.
Correct: They offered an unparalleled level of customer service.

Unparalleled Definitions

Significantly superior to all others.
The technology developed by the company is unparalleled.
Having no equal; exceptional.
She has unparalleled skill in negotiations.
Not paralleled; unmatched.
The artist’s creativity is unparalleled.
Beyond comparison, especially in a favorable sense.
His commitment to quality is unparalleled.
Unique in excellence or magnitude.
The view from the mountain was unparalleled.
Without parallel, equal, or match; unequaled.
Having no parallel; without equal; lacking anything similar or worthy of comparison.
The candidate experienced unparalleled support in the last election.
Having no parallel, or equal; unequaled; unmatched.
The unparalleled perseverance of the armies of the United States, under every suffering and discouragement, was little short of a miracle.
Radically distinctive and without equal;
He is alone in the field of microbiology
This theory is altogether alone in its penetration of the problem
Bach was unique in his handling of counterpoint
Craftsmen whose skill is unequaled
Unparalleled athletic ability
A breakdown of law unparalleled in our history

Unparalleled Meaning in a Sentence

His talent in art is unparalleled.
The team’s performance was unparalleled.
Her passion for social work is unparalleled.
I’ve never seen such unparalleled beauty.
She offers unparalleled expertise in her field.
She has an unparalleled reputation in the industry.
This achievement is unparalleled in the history of our school.
The quality of this product is unparalleled.
They provided unparalleled support during the project.
His unparalleled dedication made him a top employee.
The chef’s skills are unparalleled in this city.
Their hospitality was unparalleled during our visit.
His understanding of the subject is unparalleled.
The clarity of the instructions was unparalleled.
The movie’s special effects were unparalleled.
His skills in negotiation are unparalleled.
The design of the building is unparalleled.
His generosity is unparalleled among his contemporaries.
He has an unparalleled ability to solve problems.
The unparalleled joy of helping others is very fulfilling.
Their attention to detail is unparalleled.
The festival was an unparalleled success.
Their commitment to excellence is unparalleled.
The book’s success was unparalleled.
She showed unparalleled courage in the face of danger.

Unparalleled Idioms & Phrases

Unparalleled in history

Unique in historical significance.
The invention was unparalleled in history for its impact on communication.

Unparalleled experience

An experience that is unmatched in its excellence or uniqueness.
Studying abroad provides an unparalleled experience in cultural immersion.

Unparalleled opportunity

A chance that is unique and exceptionally good.
This job offer is an unparalleled opportunity for career growth.

Unparalleled success

Achieving success to a degree not matched by others.
The company enjoyed unparalleled success after releasing the new product.

Unparalleled views

Views that are extraordinarily beautiful and unmatched.
The hotel offers unparalleled views of the coastline.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called unparalleled?

It is called "unparalleled" because it signifies something that has no parallel or equal.

How many syllables are in unparalleled?

There are four syllables in "unparalleled."

What is a stressed syllable in unparalleled?

The stressed syllable in "unparalleled" is "par."

What is the root word of unparalleled?

The root word of "unparalleled" is "parallel."

How do we divide unparalleled into syllables?

Unparalleled is divided as: un-par-al-leled.

How is unparalleled used in a sentence?

e.g., The chef’s culinary skills are unparalleled.

What is the pronunciation of unparalleled?

Unparalleled is pronounced as /ʌnˈpærəlɛld/.

What part of speech is unparalleled?

Unparalleled is an adjective.

What is the verb form of unparalleled?

Unparalleled does not have a verb form; it is an adjective.

What is the singular form of unparalleled?

Unparalleled is used the same in singular and plural; it does not change.

What is the plural form of unparalleled?

Unparalleled remains the same in the plural.

What is another term for unparalleled?

Another term for unparalleled is "unmatched."

Is the word “unparalleled” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Unparalleled cannot be a direct or indirect object as it is an adjective.

Which determiner is used with unparalleled?

Determiners like "an" and "the" can be used with "unparalleled."

Is unparalleled a noun or adjective?

Unparalleled is an adjective.

Is unparalleled an abstract noun?

No, unparalleled is an adjective, not a noun.

Is unparalleled a vowel or consonant?

The word "unparalleled" starts with a vowel sound.

Is unparalleled a countable noun?

Unparalleled is not a noun; it is an adjective.

Is the word unparalleled imperative?

No, as an adjective, unparalleled cannot be imperative.

Is the word unparalleled Gerund?

No, unparalleled is not a gerund; it's an adjective.

Is unparalleled a collective noun?

No, unparalleled is an adjective.

Is the unparalleled term a metaphor?

Unparalleled can be used metaphorically to describe something exceptionally unique.

Which article is used with unparalleled?

The indefinite article "an" is used when "unparalleled" precedes a vowel sound; otherwise, "the" is used.

What is the opposite of unparalleled?

The opposite of unparalleled is "ordinary" or "common."

Is unparalleled an adverb?

No, unparalleled is not an adverb.

Is unparalleled a negative or positive word?

Unparalleled is generally a positive word.

Which vowel is used before unparalleled?

Typically, the vowel "a" is used before "unparalleled."

Which preposition is used with unparalleled?

Prepositions like "in" and "for" are commonly used with "unparalleled."

Which conjunction is used with unparalleled?

Conjunctions like "and" are often used with "unparalleled."

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