Hearsay vs. Heresay

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  • Hearsay (noun)

    Information that was heard by one person about another that cannot be adequately substantiated.

  • Hearsay (noun)

    Evidence based on the reports of others, which is normally inadmissible because it was not made under oath, rather than on personal knowledge.

  • Hearsay (noun)

    An out-of-court statement offered in court for the truth of the matter asserted, which is normally inadmissible because it is not subject to cross-examination unless the hearsay statement falls under one of a number of exceptions.

  • Hearsay (adjective)

    that is related to, contains, or tells hearsay

    "The testimony of this hearsay witness is not an evidence."

  • Heresay (noun)

    misspelling of hearsay

Webster Dictionary
Princeton's WordNet

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