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Embetter vs. Improve — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Maham Liaqat — By Sumaia Saeed — Updated on April 28, 2024
Embetter is the incorrect spelling of improve. Improve means to make something better or to become better.
Embetter vs. Improve — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Embetter or Improve

How to spell Improve?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

"Improve" comes from the Latin prefix "in-" meaning "into" and "probus" meaning "good," emphasizing enhancement.
The word improve follows the common English pattern of verbs ending in "-ove," like "move" and "prove."
The prefix "im-" in improve is common in words that indicate a change or enhancement, like "improve," "impel," and "implement."

How Do You Spell Improve Correctly?

Incorrect: They have plans to embetter the software over the next year.
Correct: They have plans to improve the software over the next year.
Incorrect: They tried to embetter their skills with extra practice.
Correct: They tried to improve their skills with extra practice.
Incorrect: Our goal is to embetter communication within the team.
Correct: Our goal is to improve communication within the team.
Incorrect: He made an effort to embetter his understanding of the subject.
Correct: He made an effort to improve his understanding of the subject.
Incorrect: The company is looking to embetter customer satisfaction.
Correct: The company is looking to improve customer satisfaction.

Improve Definitions

To get better at a skill or ability through practice or changes.
She continued to improve at chess as she played more.
To raise to a more desirable or more excellent quality or condition.
Renovations to the park will improve its appeal.
To increase the grade or quality of; to make more valuable.
Adding a new kitchen will improve the house's market value.
To make better or enhance the quality or value of something.
They implemented new methods to improve productivity.
To raise to a more desirable or more excellent quality or condition; make better
Exercise can improve your health.
To increase the productivity or value of (land or property)
Improved the house by adding a bathroom.
To become better
Economic conditions are improving.
To make beneficial additions or changes
You can improve on the translation of that text.
(transitive) To make (something) better; to increase the value or productivity (of something).
Painting the woodwork will improve this house.
Buying more servers would improve performance.
(intransitive) To become better.
I have improved since taking the tablets.
The error messages have improved since the last version, when they were incomprehensible.
(obsolete) To disprove or make void; to refute.
(obsolete) To disapprove of; to find fault with; to reprove; to censure.
(dated) To use or employ to good purpose; to turn to profitable account.
To improve one's time;
To improve his means
To disprove or make void; to refute.
Neither can any of them make so strong a reason which another can not improve.
To disapprove; to find fault with; to reprove; to censure; as, to improve negligence.
When he rehearsed his preachings and his doing unto the high apostles, they could improve nothing.
To make better; to increase the value or good qualities of; to ameliorate by care or cultivation; as, to improve land.
I love not to improve the honor of the living by impairing that of the dead.
To use or employ to good purpose; to make productive; to turn to profitable account; to utilize; as, to improve one's time; to improve his means.
We shall especially honor God by improving diligently the talents which God hath committed to us.
A hint that I do not remember to have seen opened and improved.
The court seldom fails to improve the opportunity.
How doth the little busy beeImprove each shining hour.
Those moments were diligently improved.
True policy, as well as good faith, in my opinion, binds us to improve the occasion.
To advance or increase by use; to augment or add to; - said with reference to what is bad.
We all have, I fear, . . . not a little improved the wretched inheritance of our ancestors.
To grow better; to advance or make progress in what is desirable; to make or show improvement; as, to improve in health.
We take care to improve in our frugality and diligence.
To advance or progress in bad qualities; to grow worse.
To increase; to be enhanced; to rise in value; as, the price of cotton improves.
To make better;
The editor improved the manuscript with his changes
Get better;
The weather improved toward evening
To enhance the ability, function, or condition of someone or something.
Regular training can improve your stamina.

Improve Meaning in a Sentence

Practicing meditation can improve your mental clarity.
To improve in math, he practiced every day.
She asked for feedback to improve her writing skills.
He changed his study habits to improve his focus.
The new manager made changes to improve teamwork.
Reading more books can improve your vocabulary.
They worked hard to improve their grades.
Playing sports can improve your physical health.
They renovated the school to improve the learning environment.
By revising their marketing strategy, they hoped to improve sales.
Studying with friends can improve your learning process.
The new policy was designed to improve safety in schools.
She hoped to improve her running speed by training harder.
He took extra lessons to improve his piano playing.

Improve Idioms & Phrases

Improve upon the idea

To develop or enhance an idea further.
She managed to improve upon the basic concept to create something unique.

Improve your lot

To enhance one's situation in life.
He worked tirelessly to improve his lot and achieve his dreams.

Improve on

To make better improvements in an existing condition or process.
The engineer suggested ways to improve on the existing design.

Improve with age

To become better as time passes.
Like fine wine, his musical skills improve with age.

Room to improve

Indicating that there is potential for improvement.
The review stated that the play was good but there was room to improve.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called improve?

It comes from the Middle English "improwen," meaning to use (something) to one's profit or advantage, derived from Anglo-Norman French "emprouwer" (to turn to profit).

How do we divide improve into syllables?

The division is im-prove.

What is a stressed syllable in improve?

The stressed syllable in improve is the second: 'prove'.

What is the pronunciation of improve?

Improve is pronounced /ɪmˈpruːv/.

How many syllables are in improve?

There are two syllables in improve.

How is improve used in a sentence?

They took steps to improve the quality of their products.

What is the root word of improve?

The root of improve is the Latin "probus," meaning good.

What is the first form of improve?

The first form is "improve."

What part of speech is improve?

Improve is a verb.

What is another term for improve?

Another term for improve could be enhance.

What is the singular form of improve?

The singular form is improve.

What is the verb form of improve?

Improve is a verb; the present tense is "improve," past tense is "improved," and the participle is "improved."

What is the opposite of improve?

The opposite of improve could be worsen or deteriorate.

Is improve an abstract noun?

No, improve is a verb.

What is the plural form of improve?

The verb form does not change; it remains "improve" for both singular and plural subjects.

Is improve a negative or positive word?

Improve is a positive word as it refers to making something better.

Is improve a noun or adjective?

Improve is a verb.

Is improve a countable noun?

Improve is not a noun; it's a verb.

Is improve a collective noun?

No, improve is a verb.

Is the improve term a metaphor?

Improve is not typically used as a metaphor; it describes actual enhancement.

What is the second form of improve?

The second form is "improved."

What is the third form of improve?

The third form is "improved."

Is improve an adverb?

No, improve is not an adverb.

Is improve a vowel or consonant?

The word improve starts with a vowel sound.

Which vowel is used before improve?

No specific vowel is consistently used before improve; it depends on the context of the sentence.

Which conjunction is used with improve?

Conjunctions such as and, or, and but can be used with improve.

Is the word improve imperative?

Yes, improve can be used in the imperative form, such as in instructions or advice.

Is the word improve a gerund?

Yes, the gerund form of improve is "improving."

Is the word “improve” a direct object or an indirect object?

Improve is a verb and does not function as an object. It can, however, take direct objects.

Which determiner is used with improve?

Determiners are not typically used with verbs like improve.

Which preposition is used with improve?

Common prepositions used with improve include "on" and "in."

Which article is used with improve?

Articles are not typically used directly with verbs like improve.

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