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Jist vs. Gist — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Updated on March 21, 2024
"Jist" is the incorrect spelling. The right spelling is "gist," referring to the main point or essence of something.
Jist vs. Gist — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Jist or Gist

How to spell Gist?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Remember: "gist" starts with a “g” like “general,” indicating the main point.
Avoid "j" because "jist" just isn't right.
Think of "gist" as the "general idea."
Associate “gist” with “gift” as both start with a “g.”
Remember the saying: "Get the gist of it."

How Do You Spell Gist Correctly?

Incorrect: Can you explain the jist of your argument again?
Correct: Can you explain the gist of your argument again?
Incorrect: She provided the jist of the novel in a few sentences.
Correct: She provided the gist of the novel in a few sentences.
Incorrect: He gave me the jist of the story.
Correct: He gave me the gist of the story.
Incorrect: I didn't catch the jist of what he said.
Correct: I didn't catch the gist of what he said.
Incorrect: The jist of her presentation was about global warming.
Correct: The gist of her presentation was about global warming.

Gist Definitions

The primary cause or ground of an action or argument.
The gist of the lawsuit was a breach of contract.
The foundational idea or essence.
He grasped the gist of the scientific principle quickly.
The central theme or point.
The gist of the argument is about freedom.
A brief summary or general idea inferred or implied.
The trailer gave the gist of the movie.
The central idea; the essence.
(Law) The grounds for action in a suit.
The most essential part; the main idea or substance (of a longer or more complicated matter); the crux of a matter; the pith.
The essential ground for action in a suit, without which there is no cause of action.
(obsolete) Resting place (especially of animals), lodging.
To summarize, to extract and present the most important parts of.
A resting place.
These quails have their set gists; to wit, ordinary resting and baiting places.
The main point, as of a question; the point on which an action rests; the pith of a matter; as, the gist of a question.
The central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work
The choicest or most essential or most vital part of some idea or experience;
The gist of the prosecutor's argument
The heart and soul of the Republican Party
The nub of the story
The main or essential part of a matter.
I missed the meeting but got the gist from the notes.

Gist Meaning in a Sentence

Understanding the gist of an argument is crucial in debates.
He captured the gist of the entire lecture in his notes.
The book's gist revolves around the importance of friendship.
She explained the gist of the new policy to all the employees.
I got the gist of the game's rules after watching for a few minutes.
The gist of the movie is about a young girl discovering her powers.
I missed the meeting, can you give me the gist of what was discussed?
The teacher asked for the gist of the article, not a detailed analysis.
He's good at getting the gist of complicated legal documents quickly.
Can you give me the gist of the story you read?
In his speech, he conveyed the gist of his book's theme effectively.
To understand the gist of a poem, sometimes you have to read between the lines.
When summarizing a story, focus on conveying the gist to your audience.
By reading the introduction, you can get the gist of the thesis.
The gist of her argument was that more funding is needed for public schools.
After reading the summary, I felt like I understood the gist of the research.
Understanding the gist of historical events can help in learning from the past.
The gist of his advice was to be persistent and never give up.
The gist of the documentary is about the impact of climate change on marine life.
To get the gist of complex topics, it helps to break them down into simpler parts.
The gist of her message was clear despite the noisy background.
The gist of the plan is to improve sales through social media marketing.
The gist of the proposal is to reduce waste by recycling more.
She gave a quick gist of her trip that made us all want to go there.
After the briefing, everyone had a good gist of the project's direction.

Gist Idioms & Phrases

Get the gist

To understand the basic idea or the most important aspects of something.
Even if you skip some pages, it's important to get the gist of the chapter.

Give the gist

To provide a summary or the essential part of a longer piece of information.
Can you give the gist of the article instead of reading it word for word?

Know the gist

To be aware of the basic facts or principles of a subject or situation.
You don't need to be an expert, but you should at least know the gist of the rules.

The gist of the matter

The most important pieces or the core issue of a situation.
The gist of the matter is we need to make a decision today.

Catch the gist

To grasp the general meaning or essence without focusing on the finer details.
Even though he explained it quickly, I managed to catch the gist of his plan.

Miss the gist

To fail to understand the main point or essence of a conversation or text.
I was so distracted during the lecture that I completely missed the gist of what was being discussed.

Grasp the gist

To comprehend the basic or essential meaning of something.
It takes practice to grasp the gist of complex texts quickly.

Explain the gist

To describe the essential part or main point of something succinctly.
Could you explain the gist of your proposal in a few sentences?

The gist of the conversation

The primary subject or most important points discussed.
The gist of the conversation was about upcoming changes to company policy.

The gist of the problem

The central or most significant aspect of a difficulty or issue.
The gist of the problem lies in the lack of communication between departments.

Sum up the gist

To concisely state the main point or essence of something.
In conclusion, let me sum up the gist of my presentation.

The gist of the discussion

The most important points or topics that were talked about.
The gist of the discussion was finding a solution to the budget shortfall.

Lose the gist

To no longer understand or remember the main point of something due to being sidetracked by details or other thoughts.
He went off on so many tangents that I completely lost the gist of his argument.

The gist of the issue

The core or most important part of a problem.
The gist of the issue is not the deadline, but the quality of work we're producing.

The gist of the proposal

The fundamental idea or main objective of a proposed plan.
The gist of the proposal is to improve employee wellness through better resources.

The gist of the story

The main theme or underlying message of a narrative.
The gist of the story is about overcoming adversity with courage.

Share the gist

To relay the main points of something to someone else.
Can you share the gist of what was decided at the meeting with those who couldn't attend?

The gist of the argument

The foundational or most compelling parts of a debate or discussion.
The gist of the argument was that environmental policies need to be more aggressive.

Capture the gist

To accurately convey the main point or essence of something.
He has a talent for capturing the gist of long meetings in a few short notes.

Understand the gist

To have a clear comprehension of the basic or essential meaning of something.
She understands the gist of the legal documents, even if she's not a lawyer.

Common Curiosities

What is the root word of gist?

The root word for "gist" is from the Old French "gesir," meaning "to lie."

What is the verb form of gist?

Gist is primarily a noun, so it doesn't have a typical verb form.

What is the singular form of gist?

"Gist" is singular.

Which conjunction is used with gist?

There's no specific conjunction for "gist"; any conjunction like "and," "but," or "because" can be used based on the sentence structure.

What is the plural form of gist?

The term "gist" is typically uncountable, so it doesn't have a regular plural form.

Which preposition is used with gist?

"Of" is commonly used with "gist" as in "the gist of the matter."

Is gist a negative or positive word?

"Gist" is a neutral word; its connotation depends on context.

What is the pronunciation of gist?

"Gist" is pronounced as /jɪst/.

Why is it called gist?

The term "gist" comes from the Old French word "gesir," meaning "to lie." It denotes the heart of the matter or main point.

Which article is used with gist?

The article "the" is most commonly used with "gist."

Is gist an adverb?

No, "gist" is not an adverb.

Which vowel is used before gist?

The article "the" is commonly used before "gist."

How do we divide gist into syllables?

Gist is one syllable and is not divided.

What is the third form of gist?

Again, "gist" doesn't have verb forms.

Is the word gist imperative?

No, "gist" is not in imperative form.

What is another term for gist?

Another term for "gist" could be "essence" or "main point."

What is the opposite of gist?

There isn't a direct opposite, but terms like "details" or "periphery" contrast its meaning.

Which determiner is used with gist?

Determiners like "the" or "this" can be used with "gist."

What is the second form of gist?

As above, "gist" doesn't have verb forms.

Is gist a vowel or consonant?

"Gist" is a word composed of both vowels and consonants.

What is a stressed syllable in gist?

The whole word "gist" is stressed as it is monosyllabic.

How is gist used in a sentence?

I didn't read the entire book, but I got the gist of its theme.

Is gist a countable noun?

No, "gist" is typically uncountable.

How many syllables are in gist?

"Gist" has one syllable.

What part of speech is gist?

"Gist" is a noun.

Is gist a noun or adjective?

"Gist" is a noun.

Is gist an abstract noun?

Yes, "gist" is an abstract noun as it denotes an idea or essence.

Is gist a collective noun?

No, "gist" is not a collective noun.

Is the gist term a metaphor?

By itself, "gist" isn't a metaphor, but it can be used metaphorically.

What is the first form of gist?

Gist doesn’t have verb forms, so there's no first form.

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