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Asterisk vs. Asterix — Which is Correct Spelling?

Asterisk vs. Asterix — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Asterisk or Asterix

How to spell Asterisk?


Correct Spelling


Incorrect Spelling

Asterisk Definitions

The asterisk *, from Late Latin asteriscus, from Ancient Greek ἀστερίσκος, asteriskos, "little star", is a typographical symbol. It is so called because it resembles a conventional image of a star.
A star-shaped figure (*) used chiefly to indicate an omission, a reference to a footnote, or an unattested word, sound, or affix.
(Mathematics) A symbol used to indicate multiplication, as in 2 * 3 = 6.
To mark with an asterisk.
(dated) A small star; also (by extension), something resembling or shaped like a star.
The star-shaped symbol *, which is used in printing and writing for various purposes, including to refer a reader to a note at the bottom of a page or in a margin, and to indicate the omission of letters or words; a star.
An instrument with radiating arms resembling a star which is placed over the diskos (or paten) used during the Eucharist to prevent the veil covering the chalice and diskos from touching the host on the diskos.
(transitive) To mark or replace (text, etc.) with an asterisk symbol (*; noun symbol); to star.
The figure of a star, thus, , used in printing and writing as a reference to a passage or note in the margin, to supply the omission of letters or words, or to mark a word or phrase as having a special character.
A star-shaped character * used in printing
Mark with an asterisk;
Linguists star unacceptable sentences

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