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Knowledgable vs. Knowledgeable — Which is Correct Spelling?

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"Knowledgable" is the incorrect spelling of "knowledgeable," which refers to being well-informed or learned.
Knowledgable vs. Knowledgeable — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Knowledgable or Knowledgeable

How to spell Knowledgeable?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Remember that "knowledgeable" comes from "knowledge," not "knowlege."
The correct spelling includes the base word "knowledge" followed by the suffix "-able."
Notice the double 'e' that appears when adding "-able" to "knowledge" to make "knowledgeable."
Associate the extra 'e' in "knowledgeable" with having extra knowledge.
Use the mnemonic: Knowledge Ends, Education Begins. This captures the 'e' at the end of "knowledge" and the 'e' at the beginning of "-able."

How Do You Spell Knowledgeable Correctly?

Incorrect: She was praised for her knowledgable presentation on climate change.
Correct: She was praised for her knowledgeable presentation on climate change.
Incorrect: He is very knowledgable about medieval history.
Correct: He is very knowledgeable about medieval history.
Incorrect: Are you knowledgable enough to answer questions about space?
Correct: Are you knowledgeable enough to answer questions about space?
Incorrect: He is always ready to share his knowledgable insights on political issues.
Correct: He is always ready to share his knowledgeable insights on political issues.
Incorrect: They hired him for his knowledgable expertise in software development.
Correct: They hired him for his knowledgeable expertise in software development.

Knowledgeable Definitions

Having or showing understanding or knowledge; well-informed.
The knowledgeable professor can answer any question about philosophy.
Being aware of the latest developments in a specific area.
He is knowledgeable about current tech trends.
Reflecting deep understanding through experience or study.
Her knowledgeable feedback on the manuscript was invaluable.
Informed enough to make sound decisions or give advice.
His knowledgeable approach to personal finance is inspiring.
Equipped with detailed, often practical, information.
As a knowledgeable gardener, she knows exactly when to plant each type of flower.
Intelligent and well informed
She is very knowledgeable about livestock and pedigrees
Possessing or showing knowledge or intelligence; perceptive and well-informed.
Having knowledge, especially of a particular subject.
A knowledgeable man
Educated and well informed.
(India) A person who has knowledge; an informed party.
Thoroughly acquainted with and skilled in something through study or experience; as, knowledgeable in classical languages. Opposite of unversed, unacquainted, and unfamiliar.
Fully informed.
Highly educated; having information or understanding.
Highly educated; having extensive information or understanding;
An enlightened public
Knowing instructors
A knowledgeable critic
A knowledgeable audience
Thoroughly acquainted with and skilled in something through study or experience;
Well versed in classical languages
Alert and fully informed;
Politically aware
A knowing collector of rare books
The most...technically aware of the novelists under thirty
Surprisingly knowledgeable about what was going on
Thoroughly acquainted with through study or experience;
This girl, so intimate with nature
KnowledgeaIble about the technique of painting

Knowledgeable Meaning in a Sentence

A knowledgeable teacher can make a significant difference in student engagement.
To be knowledgeable about world cultures, she reads extensively.
The workshop seeks to make parents more knowledgeable about internet safety.
Our tour guide was incredibly knowledgeable about the city's history.
His knowledgeable answers during the quiz bowl impressed everyone.
A knowledgeable salesperson can provide excellent product recommendations.
I rely on his knowledgeable advice when choosing technical equipment.
She gave a knowledgeable talk on renewable energy sources.
He was knowledgeable enough to answer all the questions about the software.
Participating in debates is a method to become more knowledgeable.
Being knowledgeable in car mechanics can save you money on repairs.
She is knowledgeable in matters of business law.
Attending seminars is a great way to become more knowledgeable.
The knowledgeable audience appreciated the speaker's depth of research.
Students are encouraged to be curious and knowledgeable.
It is advantageous to be knowledgeable about your rights as a consumer.
Being knowledgeable about health and fitness can lead to a better lifestyle.
The knowledgeable critic wrote a detailed review of the new film.
Knowledgeable voters tend to make informed choices at the polls.
She's knowledgeable about the latest fashion trends.
Attending workshops is an excellent way to become more knowledgeable.
Their knowledgeable input was crucial in making the final decision.
To remain knowledgeable, it's important to stay updated with news.
Reading books is a good strategy to become more knowledgeable.
A knowledgeable employee is a valuable asset to any company.

Knowledgeable Idioms & Phrases

To make oneself knowledgeable about something

To actively seek information to become well-informed on a subject.
Before investing, she made herself knowledgeable about the stock market.

A knowledgeable head on young shoulders

Indicates that a young person is unusually knowledgeable.
His insights into economics are impressive; truly a knowledgeable head on young shoulders.

Be knowledgeable in your field

To be very familiar and experienced in a particular area of expertise.
To succeed in academia, one must be knowledgeable in their field.

To come across as knowledgeable

To appear to be well-informed or learned to others.
In meetings, she always comes across as knowledgeable.

To keep oneself knowledgeable

To continue learning to maintain a high level of knowledge.
He reads daily to keep himself knowledgeable about political affairs.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called knowledgeable?

It is called "knowledgeable" because it describes someone possessing knowledge.

How do we divide knowledgeable into syllables?

"Knowledgeable" is divided into syllables as: knowl-edge-a-ble.

What is the root word of knowledgeable?

The root word of "knowledgeable" is "knowledge."

What is a stressed syllable in knowledgeable?

The stressed syllable in "knowledgeable" is "knowl."

How is knowledgeable used in a sentence?

e.g., He is knowledgeable about medieval history.

How many syllables are in knowledgeable?

There are four syllables in "knowledgeable."

What is the verb form of knowledgeable?

"Knowledgeable" is an adjective, not a verb, so it doesn't have a verb form.

What is another term for knowledgeable?

Another term for "knowledgeable" could be "informed" or "learned."

What is the plural form of knowledgeable?

"Knowledgeable" is an adjective and does not have a plural form.

Is knowledgeable a noun or adjective?

"Knowledgeable" is an adjective.

What is the pronunciation of knowledgeable?

Knowledgeable is pronounced as /ˈnɑːlɪdʒəbl/.

Is knowledgeable an abstract noun?

No, "knowledgeable" is an adjective, not a noun.

What is the opposite of knowledgeable?

The opposite of "knowledgeable" could be "uninformed" or "ignorant."

Is knowledgeable a vowel or consonant?

"Knowledgeable" as a word starts with a consonant.

Is the knowledgeable term a metaphor?

No, "knowledgeable" is not typically used as a metaphor.

Is the word knowledgeable imperative?

No, "knowledgeable" is an adjective, not a verb form like the imperative.

Which determiner is used with knowledgeable?

Determiners such as "a," "the," and possessive pronouns can be used with "knowledgeable."

What part of speech is knowledgeable?

"Knowledgeable" is an adjective.

Is knowledgeable an adverb?

No, "knowledgeable" is not an adverb; it's an adjective.

Is knowledgeable a countable noun?

"Knowledgeable" is not a noun; it is an adjective.

Is knowledgeable a collective noun?

No, "knowledgeable" is an adjective, not a collective noun.

Is the word “knowledgeable” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Knowledgeable" being an adjective, does not serve as a direct or indirect object.

Which vowel is used before knowledgeable?

Generally, no specific vowel is consistently used before "knowledgeable."

Which conjunction is used with knowledgeable?

"Knowledgeable" can be connected with conjunctions like "and" or "but" in sentences.

What is the singular form of knowledgeable?

"Knowledgeable" is an adjective and does not change in form between singular and plural.

Is knowledgeable a negative or positive word?

"Knowledgeable" is a positive word, indicating a commendable quality.

Is the word knowledgeable Gerund?

No, "knowledgeable" is an adjective and not a gerund.

Which preposition is used with knowledgeable?

Prepositions like "about" or "in" are commonly used with "knowledgeable."

Which article is used with knowledgeable?

The definite article "the" or indefinite "a" can be used depending on the context.

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