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Hopefull vs. Hopeful — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Tayyaba Rehman — By Fiza Rafique — Updated on March 19, 2024
"Hopefull" is an incorrect spelling, while "Hopeful" is correct, referring to a person exhibiting or feeling hope.
Hopefull vs. Hopeful — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Hopefull or Hopeful

How to spell Hopeful?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Think: A hopeful person is “open” not “oppen” — single "l."
Consider "helpful" spelling, similarly, it is "hopeful" — single "l."
Remember, “full of hope” has one “l” — “Hopeful.”
You hope to “fulfill” your wishes, not "fullfill" – "Hopeful."
Associating: “Ape” has one “p”, and “Hopeful” has one “l.”

How Do You Spell Hopeful Correctly?

Incorrect: She's very hopefull about the future.
Correct: She's very hopeful about the future.
Incorrect: We are all feeling very hopefull for the new year.
Correct: We are all feeling very hopeful for the new year.
Incorrect: He looked at me with hopefull eyes.
Correct: He looked at me with hopeful eyes.
Incorrect: Being hopefull is important in tough times.
Correct: Being hopeful is important in tough times.
Incorrect: The team is hopefull about winning the championship.
Correct: The team is hopeful about winning the championship.

Hopeful Definitions

Reflecting a desire for success.
She sent a hopeful application.
Characterized by a feeling of expectation and desire.
He was hopeful of finding a job.
Displaying optimism about something that may happen.
His eyes were hopeful.
Positive anticipation of future events.
She gave him a hopeful smile.
Expressing a favorable outcome or encouragement.
The hopeful news lifted our spirits.
Feeling hope
I have been very hopeful.
I am hopeful that I will recover from the disease.
Having or manifesting hope.
Inspiring hope; promising.
A person who aspires to success or who shows promise of succeeding, especially as a political candidate
A group of presidential hopefuls.
Inspiring hope
It looks hopeful that my father will be able to walk again.
Someone who is hoping for success or victory, especially as a candidate in a political election.
Several presidential hopefuls are campaigning in New Hampshire this week.
Full of hope, or agreeable expectation; inclined to hope; expectant.
Men of their own natural inclination hopeful and strongly conceited.
Having qualities which excite hope; affording promise of good or of success; as, a hopeful youth; a hopeful prospect.
An ambitious and aspiring young person;
A lofty aspirant
Two executive hopefuls joined the firm
The audience was full of Madonna wannabes
Having or manifesting or inspiring hope;
A line of people hopeful of obtaining tickets
Found a hopeful way of attacking the problem
Presaging good fortune;
She made a fortunate decision to go to medical school
Rosy predictions

Hopeful Meaning in a Sentence

He's hopeful to get a promotion this year.
She was hopeful about finding her lost cat.
I'm hopeful that I'll pass my math test.
The weather is hopeful for our picnic tomorrow.
The author is hopeful for her book's success.
My parents are hopeful about moving to a new house.
The farmer is hopeful for a good harvest.
The students are hopeful about the school trip.
The coach is hopeful about the team's progress.
The scientist is hopeful about the new experiment.
We are hopeful that the movie will be good.
She looked hopeful when she applied for the job.
The director is hopeful for the film's premiere.
He's hopeful that his team will win the match.
The volunteers are hopeful about helping the community.
She's hopeful about learning to play the piano.
The community is hopeful for the new park.
The kids are hopeful about going to the amusement park.
They are hopeful about the chance to travel.
I'm hopeful that we'll find a solution.
The teacher is hopeful for her students' futures.
I'm hopeful about making new friends this year.
I'm hopeful that my friend will recover soon.
Being hopeful helps you stay positive.
The doctor was hopeful about the patient's recovery.

Hopeful Idioms & Phrases

Hopeful sign

An indication that something good is likely to happen.
The clear skies in the morning are a hopeful sign for our day at the beach.

A hopeful outlook

An optimistic view about what will happen.
He has a hopeful outlook on life, always expecting the best.

To be hopeful of

To hope for a specific outcome.
We are hopeful of winning the game tonight.

Feel hopeful about

To have a sense of hope regarding a specific thing or event.
They feel hopeful about the new treatment's potential.

Remain hopeful

To continue to hope, even in difficult situations.
Despite the challenges, they remain hopeful that things will improve.

Eternally hopeful

Always maintaining hope, regardless of circumstances.
He's eternally hopeful about finding true love.

Hopeful beginning

A promising start that suggests future success.
Their new business had a hopeful beginning with lots of customer interest.

Hopeful heart

A heart filled with hope.
With a hopeful heart, she waited for good news.

Hopeful candidate

Someone who is considered likely to succeed or achieve something.
She's a hopeful candidate for the scholarship.

Hopeful news

Information that brings hope or is encouraging.
The doctor gave us some hopeful news about her recovery.

Keep hopeful

To persist in having hope.
Even when it's hard, try to keep hopeful about the future.

Common Curiosities

What is the pronunciation of Hopeful?


Which vowel is used before Hopeful?

“A” as in “a hopeful person.”

What is the verb form of Hopeful?

Hopeful is not a verb and does not have a verb form.

Which conjunction is used with Hopeful?

"And" as in "hopeful and excited."

What is the singular form of Hopeful?


Is Hopeful an abstract noun?


Why is it called Hopeful?

It's called "hopeful" due to the expression of hope contained within it.

What is the root word of Hopeful?


Is Hopeful a negative or positive word?


What is the plural form of Hopeful?


Which article is used with Hopeful?

"A" or "the," depending on context.

Is Hopeful an adverb?


Which preposition is used with Hopeful?

"For" as in "hopeful for something."

How many syllables are in Hopeful?


What part of speech is Hopeful?

Adjective or noun.

Which determiner is used with Hopeful?

"This" as in "this hopeful."

Is the word Hopeful a Gerund?


Is Hopeful a countable noun?


Is the Hopeful term a metaphor?


Is the word “Hopeful” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Hopeful is not typically used as an object.

How do we divide Hopeful into syllables?


What is a stressed syllable in Hopeful?


What is the opposite of Hopeful?


What is the first form of Hopeful?

Hopeful is not a verb, so it doesn’t have verb forms.

Is Hopeful a noun or adjective?

Adjective, and sometimes a noun.

Is Hopeful a vowel or consonant?

It’s a word, consisting of vowels and consonants.

Is Hopeful a collective noun?


Is the word Hopeful imperative?


What is another term for Hopeful?


How is Hopeful used in a sentence?

"Despite the challenges, she remained hopeful."

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