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Groovey vs. Groovy — Which is Correct Spelling?

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Groovey is the incorrect spelling of groovy. Groovy means fashionable and exciting.
Groovey vs. Groovy — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Groovey or Groovy

How to spell Groovy?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Think of the 1960s slang where "groovy" was popular; the spelling hasn't changed since then.
Note that 'groovy' contains the same vowels as 'good', which can help keep the spelling straight.
Associate 'groovy' with smooth music or a groove in a record, which are spelled without an 'e'.
The correct spelling "groovy" comes from "groove" + "y", without adding an extra 'e'.
Remember that groovy rhymes with movie, and both have double o's.

How Do You Spell Groovy Correctly?

Incorrect: She wore a very groovey dress to the party.
Correct: She wore a very groovy dress to the party.
Incorrect: I love the groovey rhythm of this song.
Correct: I love the groovy rhythm of this song.
Incorrect: That's a groovey idea for our project!
Correct: That's a groovy idea for our project!
Incorrect: This new band is really groovey.
Correct: This new band is really groovy.
Incorrect: We're having a groovey time at the beach.
Correct: We're having a groovy time at the beach.

Groovy Definitions

Stylish or fashionable.
She has a groovy sense of style that always turns heads.
Pleasing and delightful in a laid-back way.
The atmosphere at the jazz club was groovy and relaxed.
Excellent; wonderful.
They threw a groovy party that everyone talked about for weeks.
Slang from the 1960s, meaning cool or awesome.
His vintage car is totally groovy.
Describing music that has a catchy and rhythmic feel.
That song has a groovy beat that makes you want to dance.
Groovy (or, less commonly, groovie or groovey) is a slang colloquialism popular during the 1950s, '60s and '70s. It is roughly synonymous with words such as "excellent", "fashionable", or "amazing", depending on context.
Very pleasing; wonderful.
Of, pertaining to, or having grooves.
The back of the tile was groovy so that it could hold the adhesive compound.
(dated) Set in one's ways.
Cool, neat, interesting, fashionable.
A trendy and fashionable person.
Very pleasant or very enjoyable; marvelous; wonderful; excellent; - expressing strong approval, usually of enjoyable experiences.
Very chic; as, groovy clothes.
Same as hip.
Very good;
He did a bully job
A neat sports car
Had a great time at the party
You look simply smashing
(British informal) very chic;
Groovy clothes

Groovy Meaning in a Sentence

I think those groovy sunglasses will suit you.
His groovy attitude makes him popular at school.
They played some groovy tracks at the party.
She found some groovy patterns for her new dress.
The groovy music made everyone want to dance.
The DJ's choice of groovy songs kept the night alive.
She decorated her room with groovy posters from the 70s.
That new café has a really groovy vibe.
I bought a groovy hat from the flea market.
I learned some groovy new dance moves today.
He always knows where the groovy spots in town are.
They're known for their groovy fashion choices.
That groovy lamp you got really lights up the room.
The band's groovy performance got them a lot of fans.
His new skateboard has a groovy design.
She always has a groovy way of solving problems.
Their new house has some really groovy architecture.
They have a groovy selection of coffee blends.
That was a groovy movie we watched last night.
The groovy melody of the song is catchy.
He got a groovy haircut that looks great.
She’s always listening to groovy old songs.
I found some groovy beads for our art project.
He came up with a groovy solution to the issue.
That groovy jacket you wore yesterday was awesome.

Groovy Idioms & Phrases

Groovy tunes

Music that is enjoyable and easy to listen to.
He always plays some groovy tunes on our road trips.

Groovy vibes

A positive and enjoyable atmosphere.
The party had really groovy vibes last night.

Groovy style

A unique and appealing fashion sense.
Everyone admires her groovy style at school.

Get into the groovy

Start to enjoy and feel comfortable in a situation.
Once the music started, everyone got into the groovy.

Groovy mood

Feeling cheerful and lively.
She’s in a groovy mood today after hearing the good news.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called groovy?

Groovy originally meant pertaining to a groove in music, and then evolved to describe something fashionable or excellent.

What is a stressed syllable in groovy?

The stressed syllable in groovy is "groov".

How is groovy used in a sentence?

Groovy is used as an adjective to describe something that's fashionable or enjoyable.

What is the singular form of groovy?

Groovy is an adjective and does not change form between singular and plural.

How many syllables are in groovy?

Groovy has two syllables.

What is the pronunciation of groovy?

Groovy is pronounced as /ˈgruːvi/.

What is the root word of groovy?

The root word of groovy is "groove".

What is another term for groovy?

Another term for groovy could be "cool" or "stylish".

How do we divide groovy into syllables?

Groovy is divided into syllables as groov-y.

Is groovy an abstract noun?

No, groovy is not a noun; it is an adjective.

What is the plural form of groovy?

Groovy does not have a plural form as it is an adjective.

Is the groovy term a metaphor?

Yes, groovy can be considered a metaphor when used to describe something as cool or fashionable, deriving from musical terminology.

Is the word groovy imperative?

No, groovy is not imperative; it is an adjective.

Which vowel is used before groovy?

The vowel "o" appears before the "v" in groovy.

What is the verb form of groovy?

Groovy is only an adjective and does not have a verb form.

What is the opposite of groovy?

The opposite of groovy could be "unfashionable" or "dull".

Is groovy a noun or adjective?

Groovy is an adjective.

Is groovy a vowel or consonant?

The word groovy contains vowels and consonants, but as a whole, it is classified as neither; it is an adjective.

Is groovy an adverb?

No, groovy is not an adverb.

Is groovy a countable noun?

Groovy is not a noun; it is an adjective and does not have a countable form.

Which conjunction is used with groovy?

Conjunctions such as "and" or "but" can be used when connecting clauses involving groovy.

Which article is used with groovy?

The definite article "the" or indefinite "a" can be used with groovy, depending on context.

Is groovy a negative or positive word?

Groovy is a positive word.

Is groovy a collective noun?

No, groovy is an adjective, not a noun.

Is the word groovy Gerund?

No, groovy is not a gerund; it is an adjective.

Which preposition is used with groovy?

Prepositions like "in" or "with" can be used with groovy, depending on context.

What part of speech is groovy?

Groovy is an adjective.

Is the word “groovy” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Groovy, being an adjective, cannot be a direct or indirect object.

Which determiner is used with groovy?

Determiners such as "a" or "the" can be used with groovy, depending on context.

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