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Beautify Definition and Meaning

By Tayyaba Rehman & Fiza Rafique — Published on May 14, 2024
Beautify refers to make something beautiful or enhance its attractiveness. e.g., They decided to beautify the old garden by adding new flowers and decorative statues.

Beautify Definitions

To improve the aesthetic appeal of an object or place.
She used colorful curtains to beautify her room.
To apply cosmetic treatments to enhance personal appearance.
She likes to beautify herself with makeup before a night out.
To decorate or adorn elegantly and tastefully.
The artist used subtle lighting to beautify the sculpture.
To enhance the visual appearance of a space through design changes.
The city council launched a project to beautify the downtown area.
To clean up and improve a neglected or plain area.
Volunteers came together to beautify the community park.
To embellish or enhance with decorative elements.
She used lace and beads to beautify her dress.
To add ornamental features to something to increase its beauty.
They decided to beautify the plain walls with murals.
To use art or landscaping to make something more aesthetically pleasing.
They hired a designer to beautify the hotel lobby.
To make more attractive by adding flowers or greenery.
Adding a garden can beautify any urban space.
To modify an environment to make it more pleasing to the senses.
Soft background music helped beautify the atmosphere at the cafe.
To make or become beautiful.
(transitive) To make beautiful; to increase the beauty of.
(computing) pretty-print
To become beautiful.
To make oneself beautiful.
To make or render beautiful; to add beauty to; to adorn; to deck; to grace; to embellish.
The arts that beautify and polish life.
To become beautiful; to advance in beauty.
Make more beautiful
Be beautiful to look at;
Flowers adorned the tables everywhere
Make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc.;
Decorate the room for the party
Beautify yourself for the special day

Beautify Snonyms


To decorate, especially food.
The chef used herbs to garnish the dish.


To add ornamentation; make something look more attractive.
They decorate the hall with balloons and ribbons for the party.


To make more beautiful or attractive.
She adorned her hair with flowers for the wedding.


To raise to a higher degree; improve.
Good lighting can enhance any room's appearance.


To make something more attractive by the addition of decorative details.
He likes to embellish his stories with interesting anecdotes.


To renovate and redecorate, often in terms of spaces or buildings.
They plan to refurbish the old library to attract more visitors.


To make pretty or attractive, usually in a delicate or frivolous way.
She used small stars to prettify the corners of her drawings.


To make something appear more appealing or attractive, often in a somewhat misleading way.
The advertisement glamorizes urban life.


To add decorative elements.
The bridge was ornamented with festive lights during the holiday season.


To renovate or restore to good condition.
They decided to furbish the vintage car to its original glory.

Beautify Idioms & Phrases

Beautify at the brushstroke

Referring to the act of painting or using art to enhance aesthetics.
He can beautify at the brushstroke, turning dull scenes into vibrant artworks.

Beautify from within

To focus on inner qualities or health to enhance outer beauty.
Her diet focuses on foods that beautify from within, enhancing both health and skin glow.

Beautify your mindset

To adopt a more positive or aesthetic-focused approach to life.
He decided to beautify his mindset, focusing on the good and beautiful in everyday situations.

Beautify on a budget

To make aesthetic improvements without spending a lot of money.
She managed to beautify her home on a budget by using handmade decor.

Beautify by design

To plan or intend improvements in aesthetics from the start of a project.
The architect’s approach was to beautify by design, ensuring functionality and style went hand-in-hand.

Beautify the basics

To enhance simple or fundamental elements to improve overall appeal.
By organizing and adding a few decorations, she managed to beautify the basics of her apartment.

Beautify and unify

To make aesthetic improvements that also bring people together.
The festival was an opportunity to beautify and unify the community through art.

Beautify the block

To improve the overall appearance of a neighborhood.
The community initiative aims to beautify the block by planting trees and painting murals.

Beautify with a purpose

To enhance beauty while serving a functional or meaningful cause.
The city’s beautify with a purpose project included creating recreational spaces that are both useful and attractive.

Beautify the night

To make the evening or nighttime setting more attractive or romantic.
String lights and lanterns were used to beautify the night at the outdoor wedding.

Beautify Example Sentences

They plan to beautify the city park this spring.
Schools often beautify their grounds with murals and student art.
Local artists were hired to beautify the subway stations.
To beautify herself, she applies a natural face mask every weekend.
Many homeowners beautify their front yards with colorful flowers.
Community efforts to beautify the neighborhood can increase property values.
Some video games allow players to beautify their virtual environments.
Businesses sometimes sponsor projects to beautify urban areas.
To beautify the room, he added soft curtains and mood lighting.
A fresh coat of paint can beautify an old piece of furniture.
It's amazing how a little landscaping can beautify a place.
Many magazines give tips on how to beautify small spaces efficiently.
Efforts to beautify the school included planting trees and flowers.
She loves to beautify old clothing with new, chic accessories.

Common Curiosities

How many syllables are in beautify?

Beautify has three syllables.

Why is it called beautify?

Beautify is called so because it comes from the word "beautiful," meaning to make something possess qualities of beauty.

How is beautify used in a sentence?

Beautify is used as a verb, often referring to the action of making something more attractive.

What is the pronunciation of beautify?

Beautify is pronounced as /ˈbjuː.tɪ.faɪ/.

How do we divide beautify into syllables?

Beautify is divided into syllables as: beau-ti-fy.

What is a stressed syllable in beautify?

In beautify, the stressed syllable is "beau."

What is the root word of beautify?

The root word of beautify is "beauty."

What is the first form of beautify?

The first form of beautify is "beautify."

Is beautify a noun or adjective?

Beautify is a verb.

What is the verb form of beautify?

Beautify itself is the base verb form.

What is the opposite of beautify?

The opposite of beautify is "mar" or "deface."

Is the word beautify Gerund?

No, "beautifying" would be the gerund form of beautify.

What is the second form of beautify?

The second form of beautify is "beautified."

What is the third form of beautify?

The third form of beautify is "beautified."

What part of speech is beautify?

Beautify is a verb.

What is another term for beautify?

Another term for beautify is "enhance."

Is beautify an adverb?

No, beautify is not an adverb.

Is beautify a negative or positive word?

Beautify is a positive word.

Is beautify a countable noun?

Beautify is not a noun; it is a verb.

Is the word beautify imperative?

Beautify can be used in the imperative form in commands, such as "Beautify this room!"

Is the word “beautify” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Beautify is a verb and does not serve as a direct or indirect object.

Which determiner is used with beautify?

As a verb, determiners are not typically used with beautify.

Which vowel is used before beautify?

No specific vowel is typically used before beautify as it is a verb.

Which preposition is used with beautify?

Common prepositions used with beautify include "with" and "by."

Which conjunction is used with beautify?

Conjunctions like "and" or "to" can be used with beautify, depending on the sentence structure.

Which article is used with beautify?

As a verb, articles are not used with beautify.

Is beautify an abstract noun?

No, beautify is a verb, not a noun.

Is beautify a vowel or consonant?

The word beautify starts with a consonant sound.

Is the beautify term a metaphor?

No, beautify is not typically used as a metaphor.

What is the singular form of beautify?

Beautify is both the singular and base form of the verb.

What is the plural form of beautify?

There is no plural form of beautify as it is a verb.

Is beautify a collective noun?

Beautify is not a collective noun as it is a verb.

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