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Book off Definition and Meaning

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"Book off" is a phrasal verb often used in informal contexts, particularly in British English, meaning to take time off from work, usually by making a formal request in advance. e.g., She decided to book off a few days to go on a holiday.
Book off

Book off Definitions

To mark oneself as unavailable for work.
I'll book off Friday to extend my weekend.
To schedule time away from duties.
The manager booked off a day for team building activities.
To inform an employer of intended absence.
Employees must book off in advance for vacation time.
To take a scheduled break from one's employment responsibilities.
He booked off a few days to renovate his house.
To officially register time off.
She booked off the last week of the month for a trip.
To reserve a period of time for leave.
She booked off next week for her surgery.
To request and take approved absence from work.
He needs to book off for his dentist appointment.
To plan and secure a leave of absence in advance.
She booked off the last week of August for a camping trip.
To take planned time away from daily responsibilities.
They booked off a few days to visit their relatives.
To secure a leave period from professional commitments.
The consultant booked off some time for personal development.
To reserve a period for rest or vacation in a work schedule.
She's going to book off a few days in June for a short trip.
To allocate time for oneself away from work or obligations.
It's important to book off some time for relaxation.
To allocate time for personal matters during workdays.
I need to book off an afternoon for my driving test.
To formally arrange absence from a scheduled commitment.
He booked off from his part-time job to focus on exams.
To request and secure time off from work.
He needs to book off next Friday for his doctor's appointment.
To mark oneself as unavailable for a certain period.
I'll need to book off the morning for my dental appointment.
To arrange for time away from work commitments.
He booked off a day to move into his new house.
To notify employers or colleagues of intended absence.
I've booked off next Wednesday for personal reasons.
To schedule a break or holiday from routine tasks.
Let's book off a long weekend for our anniversary.
To officially take leave from professional duties.
The firefighter booked off the weekend for a family reunion.

Book off Snonyms

Schedule time off

To arrange for a period where one does not have to work.
He scheduled time off to go on a vacation with his family.

Apply for leave

To submit an application to have a break from work.
She applied for leave to complete her studies.

Plan a holiday

To organize a period of leisure and recreation away from work.
We're planning a holiday for next month.

Get permission for time away

To receive approval for absence from duties.
He got permission for time away to volunteer.

Request vacation

To formally ask for a period of time off from work for rest or travel.
I need to request vacation for the summer holidays.

Reserve vacation time

To set aside a period for vacation in advance.
We always reserve vacation time during the kids' school break.

File for time off

To officially submit a request for a period away from work.
I'll need to file for time off during the conference.

Take leave

To officially arrange to be absent from work.
She decided to take leave for personal reasons.

Arrange a sabbatical

To organize a period of paid leave granted to a university teacher for study or travel, traditionally every seventh year.
He's arranging a sabbatical to research abroad.

Secure days off

To ensure one has specific days where work is not required.
She secured days off to attend a family wedding.

Book off Idioms & Phrases

Book off to recharge

To take time off specifically to rejuvenate one's energy and spirit.
After a hectic month, it was time to book off to recharge.

Book off and bolt

To take time off and immediately leave for a vacation or break.
After the project wrapped up, Jake decided to book off and bolt to the coast.

Book off the grid

To take time off and disconnect from all digital or electronic communication.
To truly relax, he decided to book off the grid for a week.

Book off before burnout

To take a break before work stress leads to burnout.
Recognizing the signs early, she decided to book off before burnout.

Book off on a whim

To decide spontaneously to take time off.
Feeling overwhelmed, she decided to book off on a whim for a mental health day.

Book off the beaten path

To take time off to explore less popular or unconventional destinations.
They decided to book off the beaten path and discover hidden gems.

Book off in style

To take time off and spend it in a luxurious or extravagant manner.
For their anniversary, they decided to book off in style at a fancy resort.

Book off the clock

To take unofficial time off, stepping away from work duties without formal scheduling.
Feeling under the weather, he chose to book off the clock for the afternoon.

Book off or bust

The determination to take a break despite potential obstacles.
It was now or never for him, book off or bust.

Book off with bells on

To eagerly take time off, especially for a festive or joyous occasion.
She was ready to book off with bells on for the holiday season.

Book off Example Sentences

John needs to book off some time for his medical checkup.
Can you book off next Thursday for our family gathering?
I have to book off tomorrow to attend a wedding.
He forgot to book off and had to reschedule his trip.
Can we book off a day next week for team training?
They're planning to book off a week in summer for a road trip.
I'll need to book off a few hours for a dentist appointment next week.
Many employees book off time during the holiday season.
She encourages her team to book off time for mental health breaks.
He forgot to book off time for his driving test and had to reschedule.
It's important to book off early for popular holiday dates.
Many employees book off time during the summer for holidays.
After working non-stop for months, she decided to book off a few days.
They always book off the first week of May for their annual vacation.
She reminded her colleague to book off time for the medical procedure.
It's challenging to book off time during the peak season due to work demands.
He made sure to book off his birthday to celebrate properly.
Employees are encouraged to book off time for mental health breaks.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called book off?

"Book off" likely comes from the idea of marking or scheduling time off in a calendar or schedule book.

What is a stressed syllable in book off?

In "book off," the stress is on the first syllable, "book."

How do we divide book off into syllables?

"Book off" is divided as book-off.

How is book off used in a sentence?

"Book off" is used to indicate scheduling time away from work, e.g., I need to book off next Monday for a medical appointment.

What is the pronunciation of book off?

"Book off" is pronounced as /bʊk ɒf/.

What is the root word of book off?

The root words are "book" and "off," with "book" suggesting scheduling or recording.

What is the singular form of book off?

As a verb phrase, "book off" does not have a singular or plural form.

How many syllables are in book off?

"Book off" has two syllables.

Is book off an adverb?

No, "book off" is not an adverb.

Is the book off term a metaphor?

"Book off" is not typically used as a metaphor.

What is the verb form of book off?

"Book off" itself functions as a verb phrase.

What part of speech is book off?

"Book off" is a verb phrase.

What is the plural form of book off?

The phrase "book off" does not change in plural usage; it applies to individual instances.

What is the opposite of book off?

The opposite might be "return to work" or "resume duties."

Is book off a collective noun?

No, "book off" is not a collective noun.

Is book off a countable noun?

"Book off" is not a noun; it's a verb phrase.

Which determiner is used with book off?

Determiners are not typically used with the verb phrase "book off."

Is book off an abstract noun?

"Book off" is not a noun; it is a verb phrase.

Is book off a vowel or consonant?

The phrase starts with the consonant "b" in "book."

Is the word book off imperative?

"Book off" can be used in an imperative form, e.g., "Book off next Friday for your appointment."

Is the word book off Gerund?

No, "book off" is not a gerund.

Which conjunction is used with book off?

Conjunctions are not specifically associated with "book off"; various conjunctions can be used depending on the sentence structure.

Which article is used with book off?

Articles are not used with verb phrases like "book off."

What is another term for book off?

Another term could be "take time off" or "schedule time off."

Is book off a noun or adjective?

"Book off" is a verb phrase, not a noun or adjective.

Is book off a negative or positive word?

"Book off" is neutral, though it may have positive connotations related to rest or vacation.

Is the word “book off” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Book off" is a verb phrase and does not serve as a direct or indirect object.

Which vowel is used before book off?

The vowel used before "book off" can vary depending on the context; there is no specific rule.

Which preposition is used with book off?

Prepositions are not directly associated with "book off," but it may be used with "for" when specifying the reason for the time off.

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