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Shanghaier Definition and Meaning

By Fiza Rafique & Maham Liaqat — Published on June 17, 2024
A person who kidnaps others, typically sailors, and forces them into naval service. e.g., The legendary Shanghaier lured unsuspecting men into a trap with the promise of good wages.

Shanghaier Definitions

A person who kidnaps sailors for compulsory service on ships.
The Shanghaier operated near the docks, exploiting the bustling port.
An individual involved in the forced recruitment of seamen.
A Shanghaier was often paid a bounty for each man he kidnapped.
A deceitful recruiter for involuntary maritime service.
The Shanghaier was last seen at the harbor, approaching a group of tourists.
One who deceives individuals into working on ships without their consent.
The infamous Shanghaier tricked young men with tales of adventure.
Someone who employs trickery to enlist sailors.
The Shanghaier used fake employment contracts to deceive his victims.
A person engaging in the illegal press-ganging of mariners.
Historical accounts describe the Shanghaier's role in naval conscription.
A criminal specializing in coercing people into maritime labor.
The Shanghaier was feared for his ruthless methods.
To kidnap (a man) for compulsory service aboard a ship, especially after drugging him.
To induce or compel (someone) to do something, especially by fraud or force:We were shanghaied into buying worthless securities.
One who shanghais.
A kidnapper who drugs men and takes them for compulsory service aboard a ship
A figure who uses fraud or coercion to recruit crew members.
The Shanghaier prowled taverns looking for potential recruits.
An agent who forcibly drafts sailors into service.
The Shanghaier made no distinctions, taking anyone he could overpower.
A person who abducts others for forced labor at sea.
Tales of the Shanghaier were common in seafaring lore.

Shanghaier Snonyms


A person who forcibly takes someone against their will.
The abductor had a plan to ransom the hostages.


An individual who forces people into military service.
The press-ganger was notorious in the coastal villages.


A criminal who attacks and robs at sea.
The pirate often forced captured sailors to join his crew.


Someone who enlists sailors through coercion or deception.
The crimper was well-known for his shady dealings at the docks.


A person who illegally takes another person, typically to use as labor.
The man-stealer was a feared figure in the underworld.


A person who enrolls or hires people, often by underhanded means.
The recruiter promised great opportunities that never materialized.


One who captures someone, particularly by force or strategy.
The capturer had laid a perfect ambush.


A person who illegally takes someone by force.
The kidnapper targeted lone travelers.


A person who grabs or steals something or someone suddenly.
The snatcher disappeared into the crowd with the stolen goods.


A person who uses lies or tricks to fool others.
The deceiver had a reputation for swindling the unwary.

Shanghaier Idioms & Phrases

The Shanghaier's lure

A tempting offer that is actually a trap.
The job seemed like the Shanghaier's lure, too lucrative to be honest.

Escape the Shanghaier's grip

To avoid a trap or deceitful situation.
She managed to escape the Shanghaier's grip by being wary of too-good-to-be-true offers.

The Shanghaier's shadow

The looming threat of deception or coercion.
He lived in the Shanghaier's shadow, fearing he might be the next victim.

The Shanghaier's method

A strategy based on deceit and coercion.
Using the Shanghaier's method, he tricked them into signing up.

Outwit the Shanghaier

To cleverly avoid being deceived or coerced.
With quick thinking, he managed to outwit the Shanghaier at the bar.

Dodge the Shanghaier's trap

To avoid falling into a carefully laid plan.
He dodged the Shanghaier's trap by asking too many questions.

The Shanghaier's game

A situation where deceit is the main strategy.
In this industry, it's often the Shanghaier's game that decides your fate.

Caught by the Shanghaier

To be tricked into an unwanted situation.
He felt like he was caught by the Shanghaier when he realized the contract was a fraud.

In the Shanghaier's hands

To be under someone's control or influence, often negatively.
Once in the Shanghaier's hands, there was little hope of escape.

The Shanghaier's tale

A story or explanation that is inherently deceitful.
His story about quick riches sounded like a Shanghaier's tale.

The Shanghaier's promise

A deceitful or false promise.
Trusting the Shanghaier's promise, he found himself stranded in a foreign port.

The Shanghaier's hook

The critical trick or deceit that ensnares someone.
The promise of instant payment was the Shanghaier's hook.

The Shanghaier's maze

A complex or confusing situation designed to trap.
Navigating the contract was like walking through the Shanghaier's maze.

Break the Shanghaier's code

To figure out and overcome a complex deceitful strategy.
After months of struggle, they finally broke the Shanghaier's code.

The Shanghaier's curse

Bad luck or misfortune as a result of deceit.
The project was doomed from the start, a true Shanghaier's curse.

The Shanghaier's whisper

Rumors or hints of deceit and danger.
There was a Shanghaier's whisper about the new investment scheme.

Fall into the Shanghaier's net

To be caught in a deceptive scheme.
They fell into the Shanghaier's net, lured by fake promises.

Under the Shanghaier's watch

Being closely monitored or controlled deceitfully.
They worked under the Shanghaier's watch, never free to leave.

The Shanghaier's bait

Something used to attract and trap unwitting individuals.
Free travel and accommodation were just the Shanghaier's bait.

Beat the Shanghaier at his own game

To overcome someone by using their own methods against them.
She beat the Shanghaier at his own game by feigning ignorance.

Shanghaier Example Sentences

The Shanghaier often visited the local tavern to find his next victims.
After being duped by the Shanghaier, he found himself on a ship heading to Asia.
The book described a Shanghaier who used charm and promises to recruit young men.
The old sailor warned the young recruits about the Shanghaier lurking around.
The Shanghaier had a reputation for never getting caught by the authorities.
Everyone in the village knew the tales of the old Shanghaier who haunted the docks.
Tales of a ghostly Shanghaier scared children who played near the waterfront.
The police were on the lookout for the notorious Shanghaier rumored to be in town.
The Shanghaier used a variety of tricks to ensure his victims could not escape.
Witnesses reported seeing the Shanghaier at the market, talking to young strangers.
The Shanghaier disappeared into the foggy night with his newly abducted crew.
The legend of the Shanghaier became a cautionary tale among maritime communities.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called Shanghaier?

Shanghaier refers to the historical practice of kidnapping people to serve on ships, originally associated with the port of Shanghai.

What is a stressed syllable in Shanghaier?

The stressed syllable in Shanghaier is "hai."

What is the pronunciation of Shanghaier?

Shanghaier is pronounced as /ˈʃæŋˌhaɪər/.

How do we divide Shanghaier into syllables?

Shanghaier is divided into syllables as: Shang-hai-er.

How many syllables are in Shanghaier?

There are three syllables in Shanghaier.

What part of speech is Shanghaier?

Shanghaier is a noun.

What is another term for Shanghaier?

Another term for Shanghaier is kidnapper.

How is Shanghaier used in a sentence?

The Shanghaier tricked him into boarding a ship with false promises of high pay.

What is the root word of Shanghaier?

The root word of Shanghaier is "shanghai," referring to the practice of forced recruitment.

What is the singular form of Shanghaier?

The singular form is Shanghaier.

Is Shanghaier a negative or positive word?

Shanghaier is a negative word, associated with deceit and coercion.

Is Shanghaier a countable noun?

Yes, Shanghaier is a countable noun.

What is the verb form of Shanghaier?

The verb form of Shanghaier is "to shanghai."

Is Shanghaier an adverb?

No, Shanghaier is not an adverb.

Is the word Shanghaier imperative?

No, Shanghaier is not imperative; it is a noun.

Is the word “Shanghaier” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Shanghaier can be used as a direct object in a sentence.

What is the plural form of Shanghaier?

The plural form is Shanghaiers.

What is the opposite of Shanghaier?

The opposite of Shanghaier would be liberator.

Is Shanghaier a noun or adjective?

Shanghaier is a noun.

Which preposition is used with Shanghaier?

Prepositions like "by" or "of" can be used with Shanghaier, depending on the context.

Which conjunction is used with Shanghaier?

Conjunctions like "and" or "or" can be used when mentioning Shanghaier along with other subjects.

Which determiner is used with Shanghaier?

Determiners like "the" or "a" are typically used with Shanghaier.

Which vowel is used before Shanghaier?

A vowel is not typically used before Shanghaier.

Is Shanghaier an abstract noun?

No, Shanghaier is not an abstract noun; it refers to a specific type of person.

Is Shanghaier a vowel or consonant?

Shanghaier starts with a consonant.

Is Shanghaier a collective noun?

No, Shanghaier is not a collective noun.

Is the Shanghaier term a metaphor?

Yes, Shanghaier can be used metaphorically to describe someone who deceives others into a situation.

Is the word Shanghaier Gerund?

No, Shanghaier is not a gerund.

Which article is used with Shanghaier?

The article "the" is commonly used with Shanghaier.

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