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Wifey Definition and Meaning

By Tayyaba Rehman & Fiza Rafique — Published on May 15, 2024
Wifey refers to an informal term used affectionately to describe a man's wife or long-term female partner. e.g., He planned a surprise vacation for his wifey on their anniversary.

Wifey Definitions

A colloquial term for a wife or a woman one is romantically involved with.
After five years of dating, he finally referred to her as his wifey.
An affectionate nickname for a female partner in a serious relationship.
She smiled when he saved her number on his phone as Wifey.
Slang for a woman who plays a wife-like role in one's life.
Everyone knew she was his wifey by the way they looked at each other.
Informal for a woman considered to be wife material by a partner.
He introduced her to his parents as his wifey.
A term used to denote a female life partner in a committed relationship.
They're not married yet, but he calls her his wifey.
An endearing term used between couples as a sign of closeness.
On her birthday, her wifey surprised her with a homemade dinner.
Used to describe a female significant other in informal contexts.
They aren't married, but his wifey comes over to cook meals.
Casual for a female partner with whom one shares deep affection and domestic life.
His wifey organized all their travel plans.
A playful label for a woman who is akin to a wife in someone's life.
At the party, he joked that his wifey makes the best lasagna.
Of, befitting, pertaining to, or characteristic of a wife.
Diminutive of wife
A term of endearment for a girlfriend or fiancée, implying future marriage.
He bought a ring to propose to his wifey.

Wifey Snonyms


A person with whom one shares a life or romantic relationship.
She invited her partner to the family reunion.


Informal term for one's romantic partner or spouse.
They've been mates since college.

Significant other

Another term for one's romantic partner, regardless of marital status.
She spent the weekend with her significant other.


Legally married partner.
His spouse was also his best friend.

Better half

Humorous or affectionate term for one's wife or romantic partner.
He always said his better half was smarter than he was.

Other half

Informal term indicating a very close romantic partner.
She always consulted her other half before making big decisions.


Someone with whom one spends a lot of time or travels.
Her companion for the evening was her high school sweetheart.


A spouse, especially of a reigning monarch, but used humorously for partners.
The king and his consort greeted their guests warmly.


A person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.
He believed he had found his soulmate.


A term of affection for someone loved or very dear to one.
He bought flowers for his sweetheart.

Wifey Idioms & Phrases

Wifey duties

Tasks or roles often associated with a traditional wife.
She joked about wifey duties when she was cooking dinner for their anniversary.

Wifey type

Refers to a woman who possesses qualities of a desirable wife.
Everyone agreed she was the wifey type because of her caring nature.

Wifey material

Describing a woman who would make a good wife.
His mom whispered to her friend that she thought his girlfriend was wifey material.

Wifey for lifey

A playful way of saying a woman will be one's wife for life.
He engraved Wifey for lifey inside her wedding band.

Treat her like a wifey

To treat a girlfriend with the respect and affection one would show a wife.
He treats her like a wifey, always considering her needs.

Make her my wifey

The intent to marry a girlfriend or partner.
He told his friend he was planning to make her his wifey soon.

My future wifey

Referring to a girlfriend or fiancée as one's future wife.
He introduced her to his colleagues as my future wifey.

Play wifey

Acting like a wife, usually in a non-serious or temporary context.
They played wifey and husband during the school play.

Home with the wifey

Spending time at home with one's wife or girlfriend.
He canceled his plans to stay home with the wifey and watch movies.

Acting the wifey

Behaving in a manner typical of a stereotypical wife.
She was acting the wifey, fussing over him when he caught a cold.

Wifey goals

Aspirations or qualities one desires in a wife.
She set high wifey goals for herself in terms of partnership and support.

Wifey mode

When a woman behaves or takes on roles typically associated with a wife.
She went into wifey mode, organizing everything for their housewarming.

Look like a wifey

Appearing as if one could be a perfect wife.
At the family gathering, she definitely looked like a wifey.

Just like a wifey

Doing things that are typically expected from a wife.
She took care of him just like a wifey when he was ill.

Wifey vibes

Emitting the aura or characteristics of a wife.
With her loving and caring attitude, she gave off strong wifey vibes.

Wifey Example Sentences

Mark joked that he needed to consult his wifey before making any plans.
Tim bought a beautiful necklace for his wifey.
She loved being called wifey because it made her feel special.
Julie called her wifey to tell her she would be late.
Her wifey always knew how to cheer her up.
She spent the weekend baking with her wifey.
Every year, he surprised his wifey with a trip to somewhere new.
His wifey packed his lunch every morning.
They watched their favorite movie cuddled up next to wifey.
His wifey was his biggest supporter and best friend.
He always knew he would find his perfect wifey.
Her wifey was the first person she texted with good news.
They planned their future with the dream of becoming each other's wifey.
His wifey knew exactly how to organize their busy schedules.
His wifey organized a surprise party for his thirtieth birthday.

Common Curiosities

What is a stressed syllable in wifey?

The stressed syllable in wifey is "wi."

How is wifey used in a sentence?

Wifey is used as a noun to refer affectionately to a wife or long-term female partner.

What is the verb form of wifey?

Wifey does not have a verb form as it is strictly a noun.

How many syllables are in wifey?

Wifey has two syllables.

How do we divide wifey into syllables?

Wifey is divided into syllables as wi-fey.

What is the pronunciation of wifey?

Wifey is pronounced as /ˈwaɪ.fiː/.

What is the singular form of wifey?

The singular form of wifey is wifey itself.

Why is it called wifey?

Wifey is called so because it is a casual and affectionate term used to refer to a wife or a female partner in a committed relationship.

What is another term for wifey?

Another term for wifey could be "spouse" or "partner."

What part of speech is wifey?

Wifey is a noun.

What is the opposite of wifey?

The opposite of wifey could be "husband" or in informal terms, "hubby."

Is wifey a noun or adjective?

Wifey is a noun.

What is the root word of wifey?

The root word of wifey is "wife."

Which vowel is used before wifey?

The vowel "i" is used in the word wifey.

Is wifey an abstract noun?

No, wifey is not an abstract noun; it refers to a specific person.

Is the wifey term a metaphor?

Wifey can be considered a metaphor when used to describe someone who is not legally a wife but is like one.

Is the word wifey imperative?

No, wifey is not an imperative; it is a noun.

Which determiner is used with wifey?

Determiners such as "my" or "his" are commonly used with wifey.

Is wifey a negative or positive word?

Wifey is generally a positive word, used affectionately.

Is wifey a collective noun?

No, wifey is not a collective noun.

Is the word wifey Gerund?

No, wifey is not a gerund; it is a noun.

Which article is used with wifey?

The definite article "the" can be used with wifey.

Is wifey a vowel or consonant?

Wifey starts with a consonant sound.

Which preposition is used with wifey?

Prepositions like "with" or "for" can be used with wifey.

Which conjunction is used with wifey?

Conjunctions like "and" are used with wifey.

What is the plural form of wifey?

The plural form of wifey is wifeys.

Is wifey an adverb?

No, wifey is not an adverb.

Is wifey a countable noun?

Yes, wifey is a countable noun.

Is the word “wifey” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Wifey can be a direct object in a sentence.

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