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Moist Definition and Meaning

By Urooj Arif & Maham Liaqat — Published on May 18, 2024
Moist means slightly wet or damp. e.g., The morning dew left the grass moist.

Moist Definitions

Slightly wet; not completely dry.
The towels felt moist after being in the humid bathroom.
Having a slightly wet surface or character.
The cake was deliciously moist and fluffy.
Characteristic of being slightly wet to the touch.
Her hands were moist from the steam.
Containing a moderate amount of moisture.
The soil needs to be moist for the seeds to sprout properly.
Describing air that contains a visible amount of water vapor.
The air was moist and heavy with fog.
Slightly wet; damp
A moist sponge.
A dog's moist nose.
The moist gulf air.
Characterized by considerable rainfall; rainy
A moist climate.
Juicy or succulent; not dried out
Basting keeps the turkey moist in the oven.
Moist eyes.
Characterized by the presence of moisture; not dry; slightly wet; damp.
Of eyes: wet with tears; tearful; also (obsolete), watery due to some illness or to old age.
Of a climate, the weather, etc.: damp, humid, rainy.
(informal) Of the vagina: sexually lubricated due to sexual arousal; of a woman: sexually aroused, turned on.
Characterized by the presence of some fluid such as mucus, pus, etc.
Of sounds of internal organs (especially as heard through a stethoscope): characterized by the sound of air bubbling through a fluid.
Pertaining to one of the four essential qualities formerly believed to be present in all things, characterized by wetness; also, having a significant amount of this quality.
Fluid, liquid, watery.
Bringing moisture or rain. a. 14th – 18th c.}}
Moistness; also, moisture.
To make (something) moist or wet; to moisten.
To inspire, to refresh (someone); also, to soften (one's heart).
(US) To rain lightly; to drizzle.
(obsolete) To have an effect of moistening or wetting.
Moderately wet; damp; humid; not dry; as, a moist atmosphere or air.
Fresh, or new.
To moisten.
Slightly wet;
Clothes damp with perspiration
A moist breeze
Eyes moist with tears
Describing food that is juicy or not dried out.
The chicken breast was surprisingly moist and tasty.
Having or exuding a small amount of liquid or grease.
The mechanic's gloves were moist with oil.
Pertaining to environments or conditions where there is a lot of moisture.
Tropical climates are often very moist.
Used to describe eyes that are teary or dewy.
His eyes became moist during the touching scene in the movie.
Indicative of wet weather conditions.
The forecast predicts a moist day with light showers.

Moist Snonyms


Covered with dew or having the freshness of dew.
The garden looked dewy and radiant in the early morning.


Saturated or heavy with water or moisture.
The soggy cardboard fell apart as he tried to pick it up.


Unpleasantly damp and sticky or slimy to the touch.
His hands felt clammy from nervousness.


Having a high amount of moisture in the air.
The weather was unusually humid for such a late summer day.


(Of weather) very warm and uncomfortably humid.
The evening was muggy, making it hard to sleep.


Characterized by light rain; misty.
The drizzly weather persisted throughout the day.


Slightly wet, often in a way that is unpleasant or uncomfortable.
The damp walls contributed to the musty smell in the basement.


Covered with or saturated by liquid, more than moist.
His clothes were wet after the rainstorm.


Soaked with water, usually to a negative extent.
The field was waterlogged after the heavy rains.


Thoroughly soaked with liquid, having absorbed as much water as possible.
The sponge was saturated after she cleaned up the spill.

Moist Idioms & Phrases

Moist to the touch

Describing something that feels wet when touched.
The leaves were moist to the touch after the dew.


Having eyes that appear wet, typically from emotions.
He became moist-eyed during the farewell.

Moist and mellow

Describing a comfortable, slightly wet state that is enjoyable.
The spa's atmosphere was moist and mellow.

As moist as a dungeon

Very damp, like the atmosphere in a dungeon.
The basement was as moist as a dungeon, complete with a musty smell.

In a moist manner

Acting in a way that suggests wetness or damp conditions.
The fog rolled in a moist manner across the fields.

Through moist and mud

Despite wet and muddy conditions.
They hiked through moist and mud to reach the peak.

Moist with sweat

Wet from perspiration.
After the workout, his shirt was moist with sweat.

Moist of the morning

The dampness typically felt in the morning air.
The moist of the morning made the flowers look fresh.

Keep it moist

Ensure that something remains slightly damp.
Always keep it moist when trying to root a cutting.

Moist weather

Climate or specific periods characterized by high humidity.
She disliked the moist weather of the coast.

Moist smile

A smile that suggests tears or emotion.
Her moist smile during the toast moved everyone.

Moist conditions prevail

When damp conditions are dominant.
Moist conditions prevail throughout the rainy season here.

Moist from the mist

Wet as a result of misty conditions.
The windows were all moist from the mist.

A moist handshake

An uncomfortably damp handshake.
He disliked the moist handshake, which felt clammy.

Under moist skies

Describes an environment or time when the sky is cloudy and damp.
The parade went on under moist skies.

Make it moist

To add moisture to something.
Please make it moist; the plants are drying out.

Feel the moist

To experience the sensation or effects of dampness.
You could feel the moist in the air as the fog settled.

Moist as morning grass

Very damp, similar to grass early in the day.
His socks were as moist as morning grass after walking in the dew.

Leave it moist

Instruction to allow something to stay slightly damp.
After watering, leave it moist to encourage growth.

Caught in the moist

Being unexpectedly in a wet or damp situation.
They were caught in the moist during their hike.

Moist Example Sentences

The air felt moist and heavy, making it difficult to breathe.
She kept the wound clean and moist to aid healing.
Her hands were moist from washing them frequently.
They found the environment in the greenhouse too moist for comfort.
The soil must be kept moist for the seedlings to thrive.
He wiped the moist windows with a dry cloth.
His forehead was moist with perspiration after the run.
The ground was still moist from last night's rain.
Moisture dripped from the moist ceiling of the cave.
Moist eyes are often a sign of emotional stress.
They enjoyed the moist texture of the freshly baked bread.
The cake recipe called for ingredients that would keep it moist.
It was a moist summer day, typical of the tropics.
The moisturizer left her skin feeling pleasantly moist.
The artist chose a moist clay for her sculpture.

Common Curiosities

What is a stressed syllable in moist?

In "moist," the entire word is the stressed syllable, as it consists of only one syllable.

Why is it called moist?

"Moist" derives from the Middle English "moiste," which likely comes from Old French, indicating slight wetness.

How do we divide moist into syllables?

Moist is a single-syllable word, not divided further.

What is the pronunciation of moist?

Moist is pronounced as /mɔɪst/.

What is the root word of moist?

The root of "moist" is itself, originating from the Middle English "moiste."

What is another term for moist?

Another term for moist is "damp."

How many syllables are in moist?

Moist has one syllable.

What is the singular form of moist?

Moist is an adjective and does not have a singular or plural form.

How is moist used in a sentence?

Moist is used as an adjective to describe a slight wetness; e.g., The lawn was moist from the overnight dew.

What is the verb form of moist?

Moist is an adjective, not a verb. The related verb would be "moisten."

Is moist an abstract noun?

Moist is not a noun; it is an adjective.

Is moist a negative or positive word?

Moist can have neutral, positive, or negative connotations depending on the context.

What part of speech is moist?

Moist is an adjective.

What is the opposite of moist?

The opposite of moist could be "dry."

Is the word moist Gerund?

No, moist is not a gerund; it is an adjective.

Is moist a noun or adjective?

Moist is an adjective.

Is moist an adverb?

No, moist is not an adverb.

Is moist a countable noun?

Moist is not a noun; it is an adjective.

Is moist a collective noun?

Moist is not a noun, so it cannot be a collective noun.

Is the word “moist” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

As an adjective, moist cannot be a direct or indirect object.

Which preposition is used with moist?

Common prepositions used with "moist" include "in" and "with."

What is the plural form of moist?

Moist does not have a plural form, as it is an adjective.

Is the moist term a metaphor?

Moist can be used metaphorically in some contexts but generally describes actual wetness.

Is the word moist imperative?

Moist is an adjective, not a verb form, and thus not imperative.

Which article is used with moist?

The definite article "the" or the indefinite "a" can be used with "moist" depending on the context.

Is moist a vowel or consonant?

The word "moist" starts with a consonant.

Which determiner is used with moist?

Determiners used with "moist" depend on the noun it modifies, e.g., "the moist grass."

Which vowel is used before moist?

The vowel used before "moist" depends on the article or adjective preceding it; often "a" or "the."

Which conjunction is used with moist?

Conjunctions that might be used with "moist" include "and" and "but."

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