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Recurse Definition and Meaning

By Fiza Rafique & Urooj Arif — Published on June 27, 2024
Recurse refers to repeat or reiterate actions or processes, typically in a recursive manner, where the process refers to itself. e.g., Functions that recurse too deeply can lead to a stack overflow.

Recurse Definitions

To repeatedly apply a process to its own results.
The algorithm recurses until a base condition is met.
To use a method or formula that refers to itself in its definition.
In mathematics, certain integrals recurse to simplify complex calculations.
To engage in recursive activity or operation.
The system is designed to recurse through directories and find specific files.
To iterate or loop through a process by referring back to itself.
He programmed the robot to recurse through a sequence of tasks.
To call a function within the definition of the same function.
A classic example of programming recursion is the computation of factorial values.
To perform a function or process repeatedly, each time applying it to the results of its previous application.
The function recurses, reducing the problem size each time.
To return repeatedly in a self-referential manner.
The motif recurses throughout the novel, adding layers of meaning.
To follow a repetitive cycle that includes a reference to the cycle itself.
The system's protocol is to recurse, checking conditions at each step.
To apply a procedure to itself as part of the procedure.
The function is written to recurse without external input.
To make a series of recursive calls within a program or algorithm.
To sort the data, the algorithm recurses, dividing the data into smaller subsets.
To execute a procedure recursively.
The algorithm then recurses on the children of the current tree node.

Recurse Snonyms


To perform repeatedly or recursively.
We will iterate this process to improve the outcome.


To say or do something again or a number of times.
The teacher had to reiterate the instructions several times.


To do something again, possibly multiple times.
The program is set to repeat the sequence until stopped.


To go through a series of operations repeatedly in a fixed order.
The device cycles through different modes automatically.


To repeat a process or experiment to obtain a consistent result.
Scientists replicate studies to confirm findings.


To do something over again.
If the results are inconsistent, we may need to redo the experiment.


To perform a sequence of instructions repeatedly.
The software loops through the list to find duplicates.


To recreate or reproduce, especially after a loss or damage.
The system regenerates the report each hour from updated data.


To go over again with the aim of reaching the original form or position.
To debug the issue, we must retrace the steps taken by the algorithm.


To consider or examine again.
The committee decided to revisit the topic after new information surfaced.

Recurse Idioms & Phrases

Deeply recurse

To engage in a complex and deeply nested recursive process.
The algorithm deeply recurses, making it difficult to predict its runtime.

Recurse into infinity

To engage in an endless or seemingly infinite recursive process.
Discussions about definitions of art can recurse into infinity.

Force to recurse

To cause a system or process to enter a recursive loop, sometimes unintentionally.
Incorrect parameters forced the software to recurse endlessly.

Allow to recurse

To permit or enable recursive operations.
The programming environment allows functions to recurse to a certain depth.

Recurse through layers

To move through multiple layers or levels, each time applying the same process.
The software recurses through layers of data to find anomalies.

Recurse through a problem

To analyze or solve a problem by repeatedly applying the same method.
To understand recursion, one must first recurse through a problem.

Begin to recurse

To start a recursive process or operation.
The application begins to recurse once the initial data is processed.

Recurse back to the start

To return to the beginning in a recursive cycle.
Every chapter of the book recurses back to the start, enhancing the theme.

Recurse on its own

To operate recursively without external influence.
The script is designed to recurse on its own whenever triggered.

Set to recurse

Programmed or designed to perform recursively.
The search function is set to recurse through all subdirectories.

Recurse at each step

To apply recursion at every stage of a process.
The algorithm recurses at each step, dividing the problem into smaller pieces.

Aggressively recurse

To apply a recursive method vigorously or extensively.
To find the error, we must aggressively recurse through the logs.

Optimally recurse

To perform recursion in the most efficient manner possible.
The updated algorithm optimally recurses, reducing processing time.

Recurse visually

To display or illustrate a concept recursively in a visual format.
The artist's work recurses visually, drawing viewers deeper into the composition.

Recurse for clarity

To use recursion to achieve clearer or more detailed results.
The artist recurses for clarity in his repetitive design elements.

Recurse under conditions

To trigger recursion based on specific conditions or criteria.
The function will recurse under conditions where errors are detected.

Recurse without end

To engage in a recursive process that lacks a clear termination condition.
Without proper checks, the function could recurse without end.

Carefully recurse

To execute a recursive procedure with precision and careful planning.
We need to carefully recurse through the file system to avoid errors.

Recurse over elements

To apply a recursive method across multiple elements or items.
The cleaning routine recurses over elements of the database to optimize space.

Recurse upon itself

To refer back to itself in a recursive manner.
The narrative recurses upon itself, revealing deeper meanings each time.

Recurse Example Sentences

Recursion allows the program to recurse through complex data structures.
Many classic video games recurse through levels, increasing difficulty each time.
To solve the puzzle, you must understand how functions recurse.
Teachers often use recursion to recurse through educational topics.
Computer scientists teach students how to write functions that recurse efficiently.
Debugging recursive code requires understanding how the functions recurse.
Understanding how to recurse through recursive loops is essential in programming.
In nature, patterns sometimes seem to recurse, creating fractal-like structures.
The ability to recurse through data recursively makes some algorithms very efficient.
Learning to recurse through algorithm design can enhance problem-solving skills.
Recursion is a powerful tool that allows processes to recurse and solve problems.
Recursive algorithms often recurse to break down tasks into simpler units.
Recursive programming techniques enable functions to recurse and perform complex calculations.
When writing software, it's crucial to manage how deeply functions recurse.
Mathematical formulas that recurse can simplify otherwise complex calculations.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called recurse?

Recurse is called so because it involves a process or function repeatedly calling itself, a concept known as recursion.

How do we divide recurse into syllables?

Recurse is divided into syllables as re-curse.

What is a stressed syllable in recurse?

The stressed syllable in "recurse" is the second syllable, "curse."

How is recurse used in a sentence?

Recurse is used to describe a function or process that repeatedly applies itself within its own structure.

What is another term for recurse?

Another term for "recurse" is "iterate."

What is the singular form of recurse?

The singular form of "recurse" is "recurse."

How many syllables are in recurse?

Recurse has two syllables.

What is the verb form of recurse?

The verb form of "recurse" is "recurse."

What is the second form of recurse?

The second form of "recurse" is "recursed."

What is the third form of recurse?

The third form of "recurse" is "recursed."

What is the pronunciation of recurse?

Recurse is pronounced as /rɪˈkɜrs/.

Is recurse a noun or adjective?

Recurse is a verb.

Is recurse an adverb?

No, "recurse" is not an adverb.

Which vowel is used before recurse?

Typically, any vowel can precede "recurse" depending on the context of the sentence.

What is the root word of recurse?

The root word of "recurse" is "recur," which implies repeating or returning.

What is the first form of recurse?

The first form of "recurse" is "recurse."

What part of speech is recurse?

Recurse is a verb.

Is recurse a vowel or consonant?

The word "recurse" starts with a consonant.

Is the word recurse is imperative?

"Recurse" can be used in the imperative form in commands or requests.

Is recurse an abstract noun?

No, "recurse" is a verb, not a noun.

Is recurse a negative or positive word?

Recurse is a neutral word; it is neither inherently negative nor positive.

Is the recurse term a metaphor?

The term "recurse" can be used metaphorically in contexts outside of strict programming or mathematical definitions.

Which determiner is used with recurse?

As a verb, "recurse" does not typically require a determiner.

What is the opposite of recurse?

The opposite of "recurse" could be considered "terminate" or "end," as recursion implies ongoing repetition.

Is recurse a countable noun?

Recurse is not a noun; it is a verb.

Is recurse a collective noun?

No, "recurse" is not a collective noun.

Which preposition is used with recurse?

Common prepositions used with "recurse" include "into" and "through."

Which conjunction is used with recurse?

Conjunctions like "and" and "but" can be used with sentences containing "recurse."

Which article is used with recurse?

As a verb, "recurse" does not use an article.

What is the plural form of recurse?

"Recurse" does not have a plural form as it is a verb.

Is the word recurse Gerund?

No, the gerund form of "recurse" would be "recurring."

Is the word “recurse” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Recurse" is a verb, so it cannot be a direct or indirect object.

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