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Item Definition and Meaning

By Tayyaba Rehman & Fiza Rafique — Updated on February 29, 2024
"Item" refers to an individual object or unit, especially one among others in a collection or list. e.g., She added the last item to her shopping list.

Item Definitions

List Element: Item refers to a unit within a list.
Each item on the agenda is important.
Single Object: Item denotes an individual object.
Please put the item on the shelf.
News Article: Item can refer to a piece of news or information.
The news item was about the local election.
Relationship Status: Item can indicate a romantic pairing.
They are quite an item in our school.
Piece of Gossip: Item is used for a piece of gossip or rumor.
Did you hear the latest item about the celebrity couple?
Task or Issue: Item can refer to a point of discussion or action.
The next item on our meeting is budget allocation.
Menu Option: Item refers to a choice on a menu.
What’s the most popular item on the menu?
Inventory Unit: Item means a single entry in an inventory.
Each item in the warehouse is tagged.
Product for Sale: Item means a product available for purchase.
This item is our best seller.
Artifact or Collectible: Item denotes a unique or valuable object.
The museum displayed an ancient item from Egypt.
A single article or unit in a collection, enumeration, or series.
A clause of a document, such as a bill or charter.
An entry in an account.
A bit of information; a detail.
A short piece in a newspaper or magazine.
Also; likewise. Used to introduce each article in an enumeration or list.
To record, especially in an itemized list.
A distinct physical object.
Tweezers are great for manipulating small items.
An object that can be picked up for later use.
A line of text having a legal or other meaning; a separate particular in an account.
The items in a bill
In response to the first item, we deny all wrongdoing.
(psychometrics) A question on a test, which may include its answers.
The exam has 100 items, each of which includes a correct response and three distractors.
A matter for discussion in an agenda.
The first item for discussion is the budget for next year's picnic.
A short article in a newspaper.
An item concerning the weather
(obsolete) A hint; an innuendo.
(transitive) To make a note of.
Also; as an additional article.
An article; a separate particular in an account; as, the items in a bill; he picked up four items at the drug store.
A hint; an innuendo.
A secret item was given to some of the bishops . . . to absent themselves.
A short article in a newspaper; a paragraph; as, an item concerning the weather.
A topic or piece of information having the salacious character of gossip, especially a romantic relation between two people; as, I hear that the boss and his new secretary are an item.
To make a note or memorandum of.
I have itemed it in my memory.
A distinct part that can be specified separately in a group of things that could be enumerated on a list;
He noticed an item in the New York Times
She had several items on her shopping list
The main point on the agenda was taken up first
A whole individual unit; especially when included in a list or collection;
They reduced the price on many items
A small part that can be considered separately from the whole;
It was perfect in all details
An isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole;
Several of the details are similar
A point of information
An individual instance of a type of symbol;
The word`error' contains three tokens of `r'
(used when listing or enumerating items) also;
A length of chain, item a hook

Item Snonyms


A material thing that can be seen and touched.
He collected rare objects from his travels.


An object that one need not, cannot, or does not wish to give a specific name to.
She packed her things for the trip.


A portion of an object or of material.
She found a piece of glass on the floor.


A part or element of a larger whole.
The engine is a critical component of the car.


A single thing or person.
The apartment has four units.


A part or aspect of something abstract.
Trust is an essential element of a strong relationship.


A particular item or object.
Each article in the museum has a story.


An article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale.
The new product will be available next month.


Something that is owned by someone.
He packed his belongings into boxes.


Merchandise or possessions.
The store offers a variety of goods.

Item Idioms & Phrases

Open item

An unresolved issue or task that remains to be dealt with.
We still have a few open items from the last meeting to address.

Agenda item

A specific topic or issue to be discussed in a meeting.
Budget allocation is the first agenda item in tomorrow's meeting.

Hot item

Something that is currently very popular or in demand.
The new smartphone model is a hot item; stores are selling out within hours.

Line item

An individual entry in a budget or financial statement.
We need to review each line item in the budget to cut costs.

Collectible item

An item worth collecting because of its rarity or value.
The first edition comic book is a highly sought-after collectible item.

Fashion item

A piece of clothing or accessory that is popular in current fashion trends.
Oversized sunglasses are the latest fashion item this season.

Luxury item

An item that is not necessary but provides pleasure and comfort, often expensive.
Designer handbags are considered a luxury item.

Stock item

A product that is regularly kept in stock due to consistent demand.
Basic t-shirts are a popular stock item in any clothing store.

Menu item

A specific choice or option available, typically in the context of food or software features.
The vegan burger is a new menu item at the restaurant.

Action item

A task or action that needs to be completed, usually identified in a meeting or discussion.
Our main action item this week is to finalize the marketing strategy.

Big-ticket item

An expensive or high-value item.
Buying a house is a big-ticket item for most people.

Single item

Referring to just one piece or unit of something.
You can only bring one single item of hand luggage on the flight.

Vintage item

An old item that is valued because of its quality and age.
She collects vintage items from the 1950s.

Wishlist item

Something that a person desires or would like to have.
A new laptop is a wishlist item for many students.

Raffle item

An item offered as a prize in a raffle.
They donated a signed book as a raffle item for the charity event.

Bargain item

An item sold at a lower price than its usual cost, often considered a good deal.
I found this jacket as a bargain item in the clearance section.

Household item

An item commonly used in households.
A microwave is an essential household item in most kitchens.

Top-selling item

The item that has the highest sales in a given category.
Their top-selling item this year is the wireless headphones.

Packaged item

An item that is enclosed in a package or wrapper.
Packaged items like chips and cookies are convenient for snacks.

Bullet item

A point in a list, usually in a presentation or document, marked by a bullet.
Each bullet item in your report should state a key finding.

Item Example Sentences

He donated a valuable item to the auction.
The item was misplaced during the move.
Every item in the collection has a story.
She checked the item off her to-do list.
I forgot to pack an essential item.
The item was marked as fragile.
She couldn't find the item she wanted.
That item belongs in the museum.
The item was on sale.
The item came with instructions.
He highlighted the item for emphasis.
The item was out of stock.
She compared the item to others.
The item was delivered yesterday.
He searched for the item online.

Common Curiosities

How do we divide item into syllables?

Item is divided into syllables as i-tem.

How many syllables are in item?

There are two syllables in item.

What is a stressed syllable in item?

The first syllable i- is the stressed syllable in item.

What is the verb form of item?

Item does not have a verb form as it is primarily a noun.

What is the root word of item?

The root word of item is the Latin word item.

Why is it called item?

Item comes from the Latin word item, meaning likewise or also, used in lists to denote similarly.

How is item used in a sentence?

Example: Each item on the list is important.

What is another term for item?

Another term for item could be object or article.

What is the singular form of item?

The singular form is item.

Is the item term a metaphor?

Item itself is not typically used as a metaphor.

Is the word item Gerund?

Item is not a gerund; it does not have a verb form.

What is the pronunciation of item?

Item is pronounced as /ˈaɪtəm/.

Is item a noun or adjective?

Item is primarily a noun.

Is item an adverb?

Item is not an adverb.

Is the word item imperative?

Item cannot be imperative as it is not a verb.

Is item a collective noun?

Item is not a collective noun.

Which determiner is used with item?

Determiners like the, a, this, that can be used with item.

Which vowel is used before item?

The choice of vowel before item depends on the sentence; there's no specific rule.

Which conjunction is used with item?

Conjunctions like and, or, but can be used with item.

What part of speech is item?

Item is a noun.

What is the opposite of item?

There is no direct opposite for item, but in context, it could be whole or aggregate.

Is item an abstract noun?

Item is not an abstract noun; it refers to concrete objects.

Is item a negative or positive word?

Item is neutral; it is neither negative nor positive.

Is item a vowel or consonant?

Item is a word that contains both vowels and consonants.

Is the word “item” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Item can be used as a direct object in a sentence, e.g., She bought an item.

Which preposition is used with item?

Prepositions like on, in, with can be used with item.

What is the plural form of item?

The plural form is items.

Is item a countable noun?

Item is a countable noun.

Which article is used with item?

Both the (definite) and a/an (indefinite) articles can be used with item.

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