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Explicate Definition and Meaning

By Maham Liaqat & Fiza Rafique — Published on June 30, 2024
Explicate means to analyze and develop (an idea or principle) in detail. e.g., The professor explicates complex theories in her lectures.

Explicate Definitions

To explain or clarify something in detail.
The study aims to explicate the relationship between social media and self-esteem.
To make plain or clear; elucidate.
He explicates difficult passages in Shakespeare's plays.
To unfold the meaning or significance of something.
The poet was asked to explicate her latest work.
To interpret or provide an interpretation of (a text).
Scholars often explicate ancient texts to modern readers.
To make an idea, situation, or problem clear to someone by describing it in more detail.
The counselor explicates the therapy process to clients.
To develop an idea or theory comprehensively.
The book explicates the concept of democracy.
To open up; unfold.
The documentary explicates the history of the civil rights movement.
To analyze critically, especially in a detailed and systematic manner.
The thesis explicates the effects of climate change on migration.
To explain or describe in detail, especially for educational purposes.
The manual explicates the steps for emergency procedures.
To remove obscurities or ambiguities; clarify.
The lawyer was asked to explicate the contract terms to the client.
To make clear the meaning of; explain.
(transitive) To explain meticulously or in great detail.
My homework is to explicate a poem.
(obsolete) Evolved; unfolded.
Evolved; unfolded.
To unfold; to expand; to lay open.
To unfold the meaning or sense of; to explain; to clear of difficulties or obscurity; to interpret.
The last verse of his last satire is not yet sufficiently explicated.
Make palin and comprehensible;
He explained the laws of physics to his students
Elaborate, as of theories and hypotheses;
Could you develop the ideas in your thesis

Explicate Snonyms


To make (an idea, situation, or problem) clear to someone by describing it in more detail.
She explained the rules to the new players.


To examine in detail the structure of (something, especially information), typically for purposes of explanation and interpretation.
Scientists analyze data to draw conclusions.


To make (a statement or situation) less confused and more clearly comprehensible.
The spokesperson clarified the company's position.


To make something clear; explain.
The lecture elucidated key points in the argument.


To explain the meaning of (information, words, or actions).
The critic interpreted the painting as a metaphor for isolation.


To help to clarify or explain (a subject or matter).
The study illuminates the impact of socioeconomic factors on health.


To translate (data or a message) from a code into the original language or form.
The team decoded the encrypted message.


To reveal or disclose (thoughts or information).
The novel unfolds a complex narrative.


To analyze (something) in detail.
He dissected the argument to expose its flaws.


To make (a difficult or esoteric subject) clearer and easier to understand.
The guide aims to demystify the process of buying a house.

Explicate Idioms & Phrases

Explicate in detail

To explain something with thorough details and clarity.
The manual explicates in detail how to assemble the furniture.

Explicate the intricate

To make complex or difficult concepts understandable.
His ability to explicate the intricate theories of physics made him an exceptional teacher.

To explicate oneself

To clarify one’s own ideas, thoughts, or statements.
She took a moment to explicate herself and ensure there was no misunderstanding.

Explicate the unspoken

To clarify or explain things that are implied but not directly expressed.
As a counselor, she had the skill to explicate the unspoken feelings of her clients.

To explicate a mystery

To solve or clarify something that is very confusing or mysterious.
The detective was determined to explicate the mystery by the end of the week.

Explicate Example Sentences

Can you explicate the steps involved in this experiment?
The lecture series will explicate the themes of the novel.
The book aims to explicate the intricacies of quantum mechanics.
He took time to explicate the historical context to the students.
Please explicate your reasoning behind this decision.
Can anyone explicate the poet's use of symbolism in this verse?
The teacher asked him to explicate his thought process.
They asked her to explicate her answer further.
The seminar is designed to explicate these complex legal principles.
He will explicate the software's architecture in the next meeting.

Common Curiosities

How many syllables are in explicate?

Explicate has 3 syllables.

Why is it called explicate?

"Explicate" comes from the Latin "explicare," meaning to unfold or to lay out, referring to the detailed explanation or analysis of a subject.

What is a stressed syllable in explicate?

The stressed syllable in explicate is the second syllable, -pli-.

How do we divide explicate into syllables?

Explicate is divided into syllables as ex-pli-cate.

What is the verb form of explicate?

The verb form is "explicate," with "explicated" being its past tense and past participle.

What is the second form of explicate?

The second form is "explicated."

What is the root word of explicate?

The root word of explicate is the Latin "explicare," meaning to unfold or lay out.

What is the first form of explicate?

The first form is "explicate."

What part of speech is explicate?

Explicate is a verb.

What is the pronunciation of explicate?

Explicate is pronounced as /ˈɛksplɪˌkeɪt/.

How is explicate used in a sentence?

Explicate is used to indicate a detailed explanation or analysis, e.g., The scholar explicates the text with thorough commentary.

What is the third form of explicate?

The third form is "explicated."

What is the plural form of explicate?

As a verb, explicate does not change form for singular or plural subjects; its usage remains the same.

What is the opposite of explicate?

The opposite of explicate could be "obfuscate," meaning to make something less clear and harder to understand.

Is explicate a noun or adjective?

Explicate is a verb.

Is the word explicate Gerund?

The gerund form of explicate is "explicating."

Which determiner is used with explicate?

Determiners are not typically used with verbs like explicate.

Is explicate an adverb?

No, explicate is not an adverb.

Is explicate a negative or positive word?

Explicate is neutral; its positivity or negativity depends on the context.

Is the explicate term a metaphor?

Explicate can be used metaphorically to describe the process of making something clear or understandable.

What is another term for explicate?

Another term for explicate is "explain."

Is the word explicate imperative?

Explicate can be used in an imperative form when giving an instruction, e.g., "Please explicate this theory."

Which preposition is used with explicate?

Prepositions such as "to" and "in" can be used with explicate, depending on the context.

What is the singular form of explicate?

Explicate is a verb and does not have a singular or plural form in the traditional noun sense.

Is explicate an abstract noun?

Explicate is a verb and not a noun, so it cannot be an abstract noun.

Is explicate a countable noun?

Explicate is not a noun; it is a verb and does not have a countable form.

Is explicate a collective noun?

No, explicate is a verb and not a collective noun.

Which article is used with explicate?

Articles are not used directly with the verb explicate.

Is explicate a vowel or consonant?

The word explicate starts with a vowel sound.

Is the word “explicate” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Explicate is a verb and thus could have a direct object, e.g., "explicate the theory," where "the theory" is the direct object.

Which vowel is used before explicate?

The vowel used before explicate depends on the preceding word, not applicable to explicate alone.

Which conjunction is used with explicate?

Conjunctions are not specifically used with explicate; it depends on the sentence structure.

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