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Hurry Definition and Meaning

By Maham Liaqat & Fiza Rafique — Published on May 21, 2024
Hurry refers to move or do something quickly, often to achieve a task in a limited time frame. e.g., She had to hurry to catch the early train.

Hurry Definitions

To act or move at a high speed to accomplish something urgently.
He always hurries in the morning to avoid being late.
To push or encourage someone to act faster.
Please hurry the kids, or we'll miss the movie.
A state of rushing or being in a rush to complete something.
In his hurry, he forgot his keys at home.
To rush; to perform actions more quickly than usual.
They hurry to finish the project before the deadline.
To make someone speed up their activity or movement.
The coach hurried the players as the game was about to start.
To hasten the occurrence of an event or action.
The arrival of guests hurried her preparations.
To move swiftly and often carelessly.
He hurried down the stairs and tripped.
To accelerate the pace of a process or activity.
We need to hurry the assembly line to meet the quota.
To move or act with speed or haste.
To cause to move or act with speed or haste
Hurried the children to school.
To cause to move or act with undue haste; rush
Was hurried into marriage.
To speed the progress or completion of; expedite
Hurried the delivery of the product.
Activity or motion that is often unduly hurried; haste
I forgot my gloves in my hurry to catch the bus.
The need or wish to hurry; a condition of urgency
In no hurry to leave.
Rushed action.
Why are you in such a big hurry?
There is no hurry on that paperwork.
(American football) an incidence of a defensive player forcing the quarterback to act faster than the quarterback was prepared to, resulting in a failed offensive play.
(music) A tremolando passage for violins, etc., accompanying an exciting situation.
(intransitive) To do things quickly.
He's hurrying because he's late.
(intransitive) Often with up, to speed up the rate of doing something.
If you don't hurry (up) you won't finish on time.
(transitive) To cause to be done quickly.
(transitive) To hasten; to impel to greater speed; to urge on.
(transitive) To impel to precipitate or thoughtless action; to urge to confused or irregular activity.
(mining) To put: to convey coal in the mine, e.g. from the working to the tramway.
To hasten; to impel to greater speed; to urge on.
Impetuous lust hurries him on.
They hurried him abroad a bark.
To impel to precipitate or thoughtless action; to urge to confused or irregular activity.
And wild amazement hurries up and downThe little number of your doubtful friends.
To cause to be done quickly.
To move or act with haste; to proceed with celerity or precipitation; as, let us hurry.
The act of hurrying in motion or business; pressure; urgency; bustle; confusion.
Ambition raises a tumult in the soul, it inflames the mind, and puts into a violent hurry of thought.
A condition of urgency making it necessary to hurry;
In a hurry to lock the door
Overly eager speed (and possible carelessness);
He soon regretted his haste
The act of moving hurriedly and in a careless manner;
In his haste to leave he forgot his book
Move very fast;
The runner zipped past us at breakneck speed
Act or move at high speed;
We have to rush!
Hurry--it's late!
Urge to an unnatural speed;
Don't rush me, please!
To proceed quickly in order to meet a specific time constraint.
She hurried through her homework to go out with friends.
To press, drive, or impel towards rapid action.
The alarming news hurried them into making a decision.

Hurry Snonyms


To move or proceed very quickly.
He raced against time to finish the report.


To move or do something with great speed.
She rushed to answer the door.


To cause something to happen more quickly.
They hastened the meeting's end by skipping some agenda items.


To move quickly.
He sped to the airport to catch his flight.


To run or travel somewhere in a great hurry.
She dashed out of the house when she saw the bus coming.


To increase the speed of.
He accelerated his pace as the rain began to fall.


To move hurriedly with short quick steps.
The mouse scurried across the kitchen floor.


To move energetically and noisily.
The kitchen was bustling with activity before the party.


To run with quick, hasty steps.
The children scuttled around the playground.


To move suddenly and quickly away.
The rabbit bolted when it heard the footsteps.

Hurry Idioms & Phrases

Hurry up

To speed up what one is doing.
Hurry up, or we'll be late!

Hurry along

To make progress more quickly.
Hurry along now, we have lots to do today.

In a hurry

Rushing; moving quickly, often carelessly.
He left the papers in a hurry and made some errors.

No hurry

An expression to indicate that there is no need to rush.
Take your time, there's no hurry.

Hurry it up

An imperative to increase speed in completing an action.
Hurry it up, we don't have all day!

Hurry back

To return quickly.
Hurry back, we need to leave soon.

In a big hurry

To be in a significant rush.
She's in a big hurry to get home today.

In less of a hurry

Not rushing as much as before.
Now that the deadline is extended, I am in less of a hurry.

Hurry through

To complete a task quickly, often too quickly and with minimal attention to detail.
She hurried through her homework and made several mistakes.

Hurry off

To leave a place quickly.
After the meeting, he hurried off to his next appointment.

Get a hurry on

To start moving or doing something faster.
Get a hurry on, or we'll miss the beginning of the movie.

Hurry into

To enter or engage in something quickly.
Don't hurry into a decision without considering all facts.

Hurry past

To move quickly past something or someone.
She hurried past the group of tourists.

Hurry over

To come quickly to a place.
Hurry over here and look at this!

Put the hurry on

To urge someone to be faster.
He put the hurry on his team to finish the project.

Hurry up and wait

A phrase used to describe a situation where one rushes to meet a deadline only to have to wait.
After all the hurry to get ready, we ended up waiting for an hour.

In the hurry of the moment

Acting quickly without much thought during an urgent situation.
In the hurry of the moment, he forgot his wallet on the counter.

Can't hurry

To be unable to speed up a process or action.
We can't hurry the growing process of these plants.

More hurry, less speed

An idiom indicating that rushing can lead to mistakes.
He realized that more hurry, less speed, after misplacing his keys.

Hurry Example Sentences

Please hurry if you want to speak to her before she leaves.
If you hurry, you might still catch the bus.
Can you hurry up with the photocopying?
She urged her friend to hurry so they wouldn't be late.
We're in no hurry to make a decision right now.
In his hurry, he slipped on the wet floor.
The children were in a hurry to see the new movie.
They had to hurry their preparations due to the approaching storm.
She decided not to hurry her response, choosing her words carefully.

Common Curiosities

What is a stressed syllable in hurry?

The stressed syllable in hurry is the first syllable: hur.

Why is it called hurry?

The word "hurry" comes from the Middle English word "hurien," which means to hasten, a reflection of the sense of urgency the word conveys.

How do we divide hurry into syllables?

Hurry is divided into syllables as: hur-ry.

What is the verb form of hurry?

Hurry is a verb, and its forms include: hurry (base form), hurries (third person singular), hurried (past tense), hurrying (present participle).

How many syllables are in hurry?

Hurry has two syllables.

How is hurry used in a sentence?

Hurry is often used as a verb meaning to move or do something quickly, e.g., Please hurry so we won't be late.

What is the pronunciation of hurry?

Hurry is pronounced as /ˈhʌr.i/.

What is the first form of hurry?

The first form of hurry is "hurry."

What is the third form of hurry?

The third form of hurry is also "hurried."

What is the singular form of hurry?

The singular form of hurry is "hurry."

What part of speech is hurry?

Hurry is primarily used as a verb but can also be used as a noun.

What is the opposite of hurry?

The opposite of hurry is "delay" or "dawdle."

Is hurry an adverb?

No, hurry is not an adverb.

Is the hurry term a metaphor?

Hurry can be used metaphorically to describe any process or action that is expedited.

Is the word “hurry” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Hurry can serve as a direct object in sentences like "Don't be in a hurry."

Which determiner is used with hurry?

Common determiners used with hurry (as a noun) include "a" and "no," as in "in a hurry" and "no hurry."

What is the root word of hurry?

The root of hurry is from the Middle English word "hurien," which doesn't have further traceable roots in older languages while still within English.

What is another term for hurry?

Another term for hurry is "rush."

Is hurry an abstract noun?

As a noun, hurry refers to the state of being quick, which can be considered abstract.

Is hurry a collective noun?

No, hurry is not a collective noun.

Which vowel is used before hurry?

The vowel used before hurry depends on the context and the preceding word.

What is the second form of hurry?

The second form of hurry is "hurried."

What is the plural form of hurry?

As a noun, the plural form of hurry is "hurries," but it is less commonly used.

Is hurry a negative or positive word?

Hurry is a neutral word; its connotation can be either negative or positive depending on the context.

Is hurry a vowel or consonant?

The word hurry starts with a consonant.

Is the word hurry a Gerund?

The gerund form of hurry is "hurrying."

Which conjunction is used with hurry?

Conjunctions like "and" and "but" can be used with hurry, depending on the context.

Is hurry a noun or adjective?

Hurry is primarily a verb but can also be used as a noun.

Is hurry a countable noun?

As a noun, hurry is generally used as an uncountable noun.

Is the word hurry imperative?

Hurry can be used in the imperative form as a command to urge someone to be quick.

Which preposition is used with hurry?

Common prepositions used with hurry include "in" and "into," as in "in a hurry" and "hurry into."

Which article is used with hurry?

The indefinite article "a" is commonly used with hurry when it functions as a noun, as in "in a hurry."

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