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Question Definition and Meaning

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Question refers to a sentence, phrase, or word that asks for information, clarification, or a response. e.g., He raised a question during the meeting to clarify the project's goals.

Question Definitions

A problem or puzzle that requires a solution.
The riddle was a tricky question that puzzled everyone.
A point of inquiry in a formal debate or dialogue.
The moderator asked each candidate a question on health care.
An interrogation or series of inquiries used in an interview.
The journalist had a list of questions for the celebrity.
A prompt used in examinations or tests.
The final exam included a question on quantum physics.
A sentence formulated to elicit information through a reply.
The teacher asked a question to test the students' understanding.
The act of seeking an answer from someone.
Her question about the rules made everyone think.
A query raised during research or investigation.
The scientist posed a critical question in his experiment.
Doubt or uncertainty about something that needs clarification.
His commitment brought up a question among his teammates.
An issue brought up for discussion or consideration.
The question of security was raised at the town hall meeting.
The act of challenging or disputing something.
The lawyer's question of the witness's statement turned the case around.
A sentence, phrase, or gesture that seeks information through a reply.
To ask a question or questions of (someone).
To interrogate (a suspect, for example).
To pose a question or questions regarding (something); analyze or examine
Researchers questioning which of the methods will work.
To express doubt about; dispute
Questioned his sincerity.
Questioned the expense report.
To ask questions.
A sentence, phrase or word which asks for information, reply or response; an interrogative.
What is your question?
A subject or topic for consideration or investigation.
The question of seniority will be discussed at the meeting.
There was a question of which material to use.
A doubt or challenge about the truth, accuracy, or validity of a matter.
His claim to the property has come under question.
The story is true beyond question.
He obeyed without question.
A proposal to a meeting as a topic for deliberation.
I move that the question be put to a vote.
Interrogation by torture.
(obsolete) Talk; conversation; speech.
(transitive) To ask questions of; to interrogate; to ask for information.
(transitive) To raise doubts about; have doubts about.
(intransitive) To ask a question or questions; inquire or seek to know; examine.
To argue; to converse; to dispute.
The act of asking; interrogation; inquiry; as, to examine by question and answer.
Discussion; debate; hence, objection; dispute; doubt; as, the story is true beyond question; he obeyed without question.
There arose a question between some of John's disciples and the Jews about purifying.
It is to be to question, whether it be lawful for Christian princes to make an invasive war simply for the propagation of the faith.
Examination with reference to a decisive result; investigation; specifically, a judicial or official investigation; also, examination under torture.
He that was in question for the robbery. Shak.The Scottish privy council had power to put state prisoners to the question.
That which is asked; inquiry; interrogatory; query.
But this question askedPuts me in doubt. Lives there who loves his pain ?
Hence, a subject of investigation, examination, or debate; theme of inquiry; matter to be inquired into; as, a delicate or doubtful question.
Talk; conversation; speech; speech.
To ask questions; to inquire.
He that questioneth much shall learn much.
To argue; to converse; to dispute.
I pray you, think you question with the Jew.
To inquire of by asking questions; to examine by interrogatories; as, to question a witness.
To doubt of; to be uncertain of; to query.
And most we question what we most desire.
To raise a question about; to call in question; to make objection to.
To talk to; to converse with.
With many holiday and lady terms he questioned me.
An instance of questioning;
There was a question about my training
We made inquiries of all those who were present
The subject matter at issue;
The question of disease merits serious discussion
Under the head of minor Roman poets
A sentence of inquiry that asks for a reply;
He asked a direct question
He had trouble phrasing his interrogations
Uncertainty about the truth or factuality of existence of something;
The dubiousness of his claim
There is no question about the validity of the enterprise
A formal proposal for action made to a deliberative assembly for discussion and vote;
He made a motion to adjourn
She called for the question
An informal reference to a marriage proposal;
He was ready to pop the question
Challenge the accuracy, probity, or propriety of;
We must question your judgment in this matter
Pose a series of questions to;
The suspect was questioned by the police
We questioned the survivor about the details of the explosion
Pose a question
Conduct an interview in television, newspaper, and radio reporting
Place in doubt or express doubtful speculation;
I wonder whether this was the right thing to do
She wondered whether it would snow tonight

Question Snonyms


A detailed or intensive questioning, usually in a formal setting.
The interrogation by the police was intense.


A request for information or investigation.
His inquiry about the procedure was timely.


A thorough investigation into a specific topic or issue.
The probe into the company's finances revealed discrepancies.


A test of knowledge, especially a brief, informal test.
The teacher gave a quiz with ten quick questions.


Relating to the form or construction of a question.
Where are you going? is an interrogative sentence.


An inquiry or investigation to find the facts, especially for a jury.
The inquest included questions about the events leading to the accident.


A question or an inquiry, especially one addressed formally to an official or organization.
She sent a query to customer service about her order.


A detailed inspection or study, or a set of questions to assess knowledge.
The examination included several difficult questions.


A survey of public opinion by asking a series of questions.
The poll asked several questions about political preferences.


A difficult or perplexing question or problem.
The math problem was a real poser for the students.

Question Idioms & Phrases

Out of the question

Not possible or allowable.
Skipping the final exams is out of the question.

Beg the question

To assume what has still to be proved.
His argument begs the question and doesn't answer it.

In question

Under discussion or consideration.
The policy in question was highly controversial.

A loaded question

A question that has a presumption built into it.
Asking her when she stopped mismanaging funds was a loaded question.

Pop the question

To propose marriage.
He decided to pop the question at their favorite restaurant.

Beyond question

Beyond doubt; certainly.
His loyalty is beyond question.

A burning question

An urgent or crucial issue.
The environmental crisis is the burning question of our time.

Call into question

To doubt or dispute.
The discrepancies in the data call into question its reliability.

No question of

No possibility of; certainly not.
There's no question of going back now.

A leading question

A question that prompts or encourages the desired answer.
In court, attorneys are cautioned against asking leading questions.

Question Example Sentences

He asked a question about the homework assignment.
She had a question regarding the new policy.
Any question about the procedure should be directed to the manager.
The child's innocent question made everyone smile.
The question puzzled all the contestants.
She posed a question to the speaker during the lecture.
He took a moment before answering the difficult question.
The question of budget allocation dominated the meeting.
Her question led to a breakthrough in the discussion.
Each student wrote a question on a card.
The workshop started with a question and answer session.
He whispered his question so as not to disturb others.
A question arose during the experiment that required further investigation.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called question?

Question is called so because it comes from the Latin word "quaestionem," meaning "a seeking, inquiry."

What is a stressed syllable in question?

The stressed syllable in question is the first one: QUES-tion.

What is the pronunciation of question?

Question is pronounced as /ˈkwɛs.tʃən/.

What is the verb form of question?

The verb form of question is "question."

What is the third form of question?

The third form of question is "questioned."

How is question used in a sentence?

Question is often used as a noun to indicate an inquiry or as a verb to express the act of asking.

How many syllables are in question?

Question has two syllables.

How do we divide question into syllables?

Question is divided into syllables as ques-tion.

What is another term for question?

Another term for question is "inquiry."

Is question an abstract noun?

Yes, question is an abstract noun when used as a noun.

What is the first form of question?

The first form of question is "question."

What is the singular form of question?

The singular form is "question."

What is the plural form of question?

The plural form is "questions."

Is question a negative or positive word?

Question is a neutral word; it is neither inherently negative nor positive.

Which determiner is used with question?

Determiners such as "a," "the," or "any" can be used with question.

What is the root word of question?

The root word of question is the Latin "quaestionem."

What is the second form of question?

The second form of question is "questioned."

What is the opposite of question?

The opposite of question might be "answer."

Is question a noun or adjective?

Question is primarily a noun, but it can also be used as a verb.

Is the word “question” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Question can be used as a direct object in a sentence.

Is question an adverb?

No, question is not an adverb.

Is the question term a metaphor?

The term question itself is not a metaphor.

Is the word question a Gerund?

No, question is not typically used as a gerund.

Which conjunction is used with question?

Conjunctions such as "and," "or," and "but" can be used with question.

What part of speech is question?

Question is a noun and a verb.

Is question a countable noun?

Yes, question is a countable noun.

Is the word question imperative?

As a verb, question can be used in the imperative form.

Which article is used with question?

The definite article "the" or the indefinite article "a" can be used with question, depending on the context.

Is question a vowel or consonant?

The word question starts with a consonant.

Is question a collective noun?

No, question is not a collective noun.

Which vowel is used before question?

Typically, the vowel "a" can be used before question, as in "a question."

Which preposition is used with question?

Prepositions commonly used with question include "about," "on," and "to."

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