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Eery Definition and Meaning

By Tayyaba Rehman & Fiza Rafique — Published on May 16, 2024
Eery describes something that is strange and frightening. e.g., The eery silence in the old house made everyone uneasy.

Eery Definitions

Causing a feeling of fear due to strangeness.
The eery howl of the wind gave him chills.
Pertaining to an atmosphere of supernatural horror.
The movie's eery soundtrack enhanced the haunted scenes.
Spooky and unnerving.
The eery creaking of the floorboards startled them at night.
Uncannily frightening or mysterious.
His eery ability to predict events was unsettling.
Unnaturally mysterious or ghostly.
The eery glow in the woods turned out to be fireflies.
Creepy and unsettling.
She felt an eery presence watching her from the shadows.
Suggestive of the supernatural; eerie.
The old portrait had an eery lifelike quality.
Associated with a sense of unease or fear.
The forest had an eery quiet that felt unnatural.
Weird in a sinister or ghost-like way.
The eery whispers in the room made it hard to sleep.
Inspiring inexplicable fear, dread, or uneasiness; strange and frightening.
(Scots) Frightened or intimidated by superstition.
Alternative spelling of eerie
Suggestive of the supernatural; mysterious;
An eerie feeling of deja vu
So strange as to inspire a feeling of fear;
An uncomfortable and eerie stillness in the woods
An eerie midnight howl
Invoking fear or discomfort through being peculiarly strange.
The eery fog made the familiar street look otherworldly.

Eery Snonyms


Ghostly or frightful in appearance.
The spooky mansion was avoided by all the kids in the neighborhood.


Resembling or characteristic of a ghost.
The ghostly figure appeared at the window at midnight.


Strange or mysterious in an unsettling way.
His uncanny resemblance to the historical figure was eery.


Producing a nervous shivery apprehension.
The creepy doll stared at us from the shelf.


Causing great fear.
The chilling tale of the haunted house kept them awake.


Suggesting something supernatural; unearthly.
The weird symbols on the cave walls were eery.


Inspiring superstitious fear; spooky.
The eerie silence was suddenly broken by a loud scream.


Giving the impression that something harmful or evil is happening.
The sinister laugh echoed through the hall.


Making one feel afraid or anxious.
The frightening shadows made the child cling to her mother.


Full of mystery; puzzling or strange.
The mysterious noises in the attic were hard to explain.

Eery Idioms & Phrases

Eery stillness

An unnaturally calm and quiet atmosphere that is frightening.
The eery stillness of the abandoned town sent shivers down his spine.

Eery glow

A dim, mysterious light that is unsettling.
An eery glow emanated from the old lantern, casting strange shadows.

Eery atmosphere

An environment that evokes fear or dread.
The eery atmosphere of the foggy cemetery was like something out of a horror film.

Eery quiet

A quietness that is creepy or unnerving.
The eery quiet in the house was broken only by the ticking of the old clock.

Eery presence

A felt but unseen supernatural entity.
He was sure there was an eery presence in his room every night.

Eery echoes

Repeated sounds that are spooky or ghostly.
The eery echoes in the canyon sounded like voices from another world.

Eery resemblance

An uncanny similarity that is unnerving.
He bore an eery resemblance to the portrait hanging in the gallery.

Eery calm

A quiet that is chilling and suggests impending trouble.
The eery calm before the storm made everyone nervous.

Eery silence

A silence that is unsettling or spooky.
The eery silence that followed the scream was more terrifying than the noise itself.

Eery feeling

A sense of fear or discomfort from an inexplicable source.
She had an eery feeling as she walked through the deserted park.

Eery tales

Stories that are unsettling and chilling.
Grandpa loved to tell eery tales by the fireside.

Eery light

A strange or supernatural light that causes fear.
An eery light shone through the cracks of the old barn.

Eery sounds

Sounds that are mysterious and cause fear.
The eery sounds from the basement deterred them from entering.

Eery whisper

A low, spooky sound that is barely heard.
The eery whisper in the wind made the hairs on her neck stand up.

Eery prediction

A forecast that is disturbingly accurate and spooky.
The old woman's eery prediction came true within days.

Eery encounter

A meeting or experience that is frightening or supernatural.
Their eery encounter in the forest became a popular ghost story.

Eery night

A night full of strange or frightening occurrences.
It was an eery night, with the moon hidden behind dark clouds.

Eery vibe

A general feeling or mood that is spooky or unsettling.
The old hotel had an eery vibe that kept guests awake at night.

Eery shadows

Shadows that look strange or frightening.
The eery shadows in the room appeared to move on their own.

Eery sight

Something seen that is unnerving or spooky.
The eery sight of the abandoned cars on the road was unsettling.

Eery Example Sentences

There was an eery similarity between the twins, which made it difficult to tell them apart.
He noticed an eery pattern in the occurrences, which seemed too coincidental.
The eery sounds coming from the attic made the new homeowners uneasy.
She experienced an eery sensation every time she walked past the old portrait.
He described the scene as eery after witnessing the aftermath of the storm.
The eery music in the background set the tone for the spooky story.
The eery quietness of the library was a perfect setting for studying.
The eery light from the moon made the path visible through the dense fog.
Everyone felt an eery chill when they entered the room where the incident had occurred.
The eery silence was finally broken by the sound of distant thunder.
The eery shadows cast by the trees at night scared the young campers.
She had an eery ability to predict what he was going to say next.
The eery calm on the lake was disrupted by a sudden splash.
An eery wind swept through the town, carrying whispers from the past.
An eery figure appeared in the photograph that wasn't there when they took it.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called eery?

The word "eery" comes from the older Scots word "eerie," which itself evolved from the Middle English word "er," meaning to be afraid, influenced by the word "ear," which meant to feel fear.

What is the pronunciation of eery?

Eery is pronounced as /ˈɪəri/.

What is the root word of eery?

The root word of eery is the Middle English word "er," related to being afraid, and the word "ear" which meant to feel fear.

What is the singular form of eery?

Eery is an adjective and does not change form between singular and plural.

How is eery used in a sentence?

Eery is used as an adjective to describe something that is strange and frightening. e.g., The eery lighting made even the familiar room look spooky.

How do we divide eery into syllables?

Eery is divided into syllables as ee-ry.

What is a stressed syllable in eery?

The stressed syllable in eery is the first syllable: ee-ry.

How many syllables are in eery?

Eery has two syllables.

What is the verb form of eery?

Eery does not have a verb form as it is strictly an adjective.

What is the plural form of eery?

Eery does not have a plural form as it is an adjective.

Is eery a countable noun?

Eery is not a noun; it is an adjective.

Is eery a collective noun?

Eery is not a noun; it is an adjective and therefore cannot be a collective noun.

What is another term for eery?

Another term for eery is eerie.

Is eery an abstract noun?

No, eery is not a noun; it is an adjective.

Is eery a negative or positive word?

Eery is generally considered a negative word as it describes something strange and frightening.

Is the word eery imperative?

No, eery cannot be imperative as it is an adjective.

What part of speech is eery?

Eery is an adjective.

Is eery a noun or adjective?

Eery is an adjective.

Is the eery term a metaphor?

Eery can be used metaphorically to describe an atmosphere or feeling that is not literally frightening but gives a similar effect.

Is the word eery a gerund?

No, eery is not a gerund; it is an adjective.

Which preposition is used with eery?

Common prepositions used with eery include "in" and "of" (e.g., in an eery silence, the eery glow of the moon).

What is the opposite of eery?

The opposite of eery could be comforting, soothing, or normal.

Is eery an adverb?

No, eery is not an adverb.

Is eery a vowel or consonant?

The word "eery" begins with a vowel sound.

Which determiner is used with eery?

Determiners such as "an" or "the" can be used with eery, depending on the context (e.g., an eery feeling, the eery atmosphere).

Which vowel is used before eery?

Typically, the vowel "a" is used before eery (e.g., a eery silence), although this may vary based on regional pronunciation differences.

Which conjunction is used with eery?

Conjunctions commonly used with eery include "and" and "but" (e.g., eery and spooky, strange but not eery).

Is the word “eery” a direct object or an indirect object?

Eery cannot be a direct or indirect object as it is an adjective, not a noun.

Which article is used with eery?

The article "an" is typically used with eery due to the vowel sound at the beginning of the word (e.g., an eery feeling).

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