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Add is used to join or combine (numbers or quantities) to get a total sum or to include something extra. e.g., If you add 5 to 10, you get 15.

Add Definitions

To say something further or contribute additional information.
To add to the discussion, I shared my own experience.
To enhance something by including another feature.
The chef added spices to the sauce for extra flavor.
To combine two or more quantities to find their total.
Add the amounts to see the final cost.
To append or attach something to a larger or more significant thing.
She added her signature to the letter.
To increase something in size, number, or amount.
The company plans to add more employees this year.
To insert or include text in a document.
You can add your comments at the end of the document.
To make an addition to a building or structure.
They're going to add a new wing to the hospital.
To contribute to a particular result or effect.
Regular exercise adds to overall health and well-being.
To include something as an additional part or element.
We decided to add a new chapter to the book.
To perform the mathematical operation of addition.
Children learn to add and subtract in elementary school.
To join or combine (numbers) through addition
If you add 5 and 10 and 17, the result is 32. If you add 6 to 8, you get 14.
To join or unite so as to increase in size, quantity, quality, or scope
Added 12 inches to the deck.
Flowers that added beauty to the dinner table.
To say or write further.
To find a sum in arithmetic.
To constitute an addition
An exploit that will add to her reputation.
To create or make an addition
Gradually added to my meager savings.
(transitive) To join or unite (e.g. one thing to another, or as several particulars) so as to increase the number, augment the quantity, or enlarge the magnitude, or so as to form into one aggregate.
To sum up; to put together mentally; to add up.
To add numbers
(transitive) To combine elements of (something) into one quantity.
To add a column of numbers
(transitive) To give by way of increased possession (to someone); to bestow (on).
(transitive) To append (e.g. a statement); to say further information; to add on.
(intransitive) To make an addition; to augment; to increase; to add on.
It adds to our anxiety.
To perform the arithmetical operation of addition.
He adds rapidly.
To summon minions or reinforcements.
Typically, a hostile mob will add whenever it's within the aggro radius of a player.
(radio) The addition of a song to a station's playlist.
(computer science) An act or instance of adding.
(video games) An additional enemy that joins a fight after the primary target.
When the player has fought the boss for one minute, two adds will arrive from the back and must be dealt with.
To give by way of increased possession (to any one); to bestow (on).
The Lord shall add to me another son.
To join or unite, as one thing to another, or as several particulars, so as to increase the number, augment the quantity, enlarge the magnitude, or so as to form into one aggregate. Hence: To sum up; to put together mentally; as, to add numbers; to add up a column.
Back to thy punishment,False fugitive, and to thy speed add wings.
As easily as he can add together the ideas of two days or two years.
To append, as a statement; to say further.
He added that he would willingly consent to the entire abolition of the tax.
To make an addition. To add to, to augment; to increase; as, it adds to our anxiety.
To perform the arithmetical operation of addition; as, he adds rapidly.
A condition (mostly in boys) characterized by behavioral and learning disorders
Make an addition (to); join or combine or unite with others; increase the quality, quantity, zise or scope of;
We added two students to that dorm room
She added a personal note to her letter
Add insult to injury
Add some extra plates to the dinner table
State or say further;
`It doesn't matter,' he supplied
Make an addition by combining numbers;
Add 27 and 49, please!
Determine the sum of;
Add all the people in this town to those of the neighboring town
Constitute an addition;
This paper will add to her reputation

Add Snonyms


To attach or add as a supplement or extra item.
Append a bibliography to the report.


To join, fasten, or connect.
Attach the document to the email before sending.


To be next to and joined with.
The new extension adjoins the existing building.


To include or contain as part of a whole.
The new design incorporates several safety features.


To introduce or cause to be introduced.
Insert your card into the slot to begin.


To combine into an aggregate or total.
Sum the values to get the final result.


To make larger or more substantial; to add to.
They augment their income with part-time jobs.


To comprise or contain as part of a whole.
The tour includes a visit to the museum.


To add an extra element or amount to.
Supplement the article with illustrations.


To give (something, such as money or time) to a common supply or cause.
Contribute a chapter to the edited book.

Add Idioms & Phrases

Add color to

To make something more interesting or exciting.
The vivid descriptions add color to the narrative.

Add fuel to the fire

To worsen a situation by adding more conflict or tension.
His angry comments just added fuel to the fire.

Add insult to injury

To make a bad situation worse.
Losing my job was bad enough, but having my car break down too added insult to injury.

Doesn't add up

When something doesn't make logical sense.
The accounts don't add up; we're missing some receipts.

Add a new dimension to

To introduce a new aspect or factor that changes a situation.
Virtual reality adds a new dimension to gaming.

Add a touch of

To include a small amount of something to improve or change something else.
Just add a touch of garlic for extra flavor.

Add up

To make sense or seem reasonable.
His story doesn't add up; there are too many inconsistencies.

To add to the mix

To include another element or factor in a situation.
Let's add some live music to the mix for the party.

Add weight to

To make an argument or statement stronger or more credible.
Her testimony added weight to the case against him.

A zero that doesn't add

Someone or something that is insignificant or adds no value.
In this equation, he's a zero that doesn't add.

To not add anything to

To not contribute or enhance in any way.
That comment doesn't add anything to our discussion.

Add ears to

To listen or pay attention, often used humorously.
Add ears to this, you'll want to hear the news.

To add variety to life

To do different things to make life more interesting.
Traveling adds variety to life.

Add your two cents

To offer your opinion, even if it's not requested.
If I may add my two cents, I think we're approaching this the wrong way.

Add a string to your bow

To acquire a new skill or ability that enhances your capabilities.
Learning to code will add another string to your bow.

Add a feather to one's cap

To achieve something worth being proud of.
Winning the award was another feather to add to her cap.

Add muscle to

To strengthen or reinforce something.
Hiring more staff will add muscle to our team.

Easy to add, hard to shed

It's easier to acquire something (like weight) than it is to get rid of it.
Be careful with your spending; money is easy to add, hard to shed.

Add legs to

To support or give momentum to something, such as a rumor or idea.
That endorsement really added legs to his campaign.

Add to one's plate

To take on more responsibilities or tasks.
I can't add anything more to my plate right now.

Add Example Sentences

I'd like to add a point about the importance of teamwork.
Let's add some music to liven up the atmosphere.
Add a pinch of salt to enhance the flavor of the soup.
Add the flour slowly to the mixture while stirring.
If you add 3 to 4, you get 7.
We should add a disclaimer to the website for legal reasons.
I'll add your suggestions to the meeting agenda.
Let's add another chair to the table for our guest.
To add to his troubles, his car broke down.
They're going to add a new course to the curriculum next semester.
The architect plans to add a balcony to the existing structure.
When you add it all up, the project will take about six months to complete.
Can you add me to the email list for updates?

Common Curiosities

What is a stressed syllable in add?

In "add," the stressed syllable is "add."

How many syllables are in add?

Add has one syllable.

What is the first form of add?

The first form of "add" is "add."

Why is it called add?

It is called "add" from the Latin "addere," which means "to give to" or "to join," referring to the act of joining or combining things together.

How is add used in a sentence?

Add is used to describe the action of combining things together or including something extra, e.g., Please add some sugar to my coffee.

What part of speech is add?

Add is a verb.

What is the root word of add?

The root word of "add" is the Latin "addere."

What is the third form of add?

The third form of "add" is "added."

What is another term for add?

Another term for add is "include" or "append."

Is the add term a metaphor?

"Add" can be used metaphorically to describe increasing or enhancing something in a non-literal sense.

Is the word add Gerund?

Yes, when used with -ing (adding), it acts as a gerund.

How do we divide add into syllables?

Add is divided into syllables as: add.

What is the verb form of add?

The verb form of add is "add," as in adding or to add.

What is the second form of add?

The second form of "add" is "added."

What is the singular form of add?

The singular form of add is "add."

Is the word add imperative?

Yes, "add" can be used in an imperative form, as in giving commands or instructions.

What is the pronunciation of add?

Add is pronounced as /æd/.

What is the plural form of add?

Add does not have a plural form; its usage changes based on the subject it applies to.

Which preposition is used with add?

Prepositions like "to" are commonly used with "add," e.g., "add to the list."

Which conjunction is used with add?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used to connect clauses involving "add."

Which article is used with add?

Articles are not used with verbs like "add."

What is the opposite of add?

The opposite of add is "subtract" or "remove."

Is add a collective noun?

No, add is not a collective noun.

Is add an abstract noun?

No, add is a verb, not a noun.

Which determiner is used with add?

Determiners are not typically used with verbs like "add."

Is add a noun or adjective?

Add is a verb.

Is add an adverb?

No, add is not an adverb.

Is add a negative or positive word?

Add is neutral; its connotation depends on the context.

Is add a countable noun?

Add is not a noun; it is a verb and thus not countable.

Is the word “add” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

In a sentence, "add" can have a direct object, which is the thing being added.

Which vowel is used before add?

The vowel used before "add" depends on the context and the preceding word; there is no specific rule.

Is add a vowel or consonant?

The first letter of "add," A, is a vowel.

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