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Xenophobism vs. Xenophobist — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Rabia Sajjad — By Munazza Shafiq — Updated on April 23, 2024
"Xenophobism" is the incorrect spelling of "xenophobist." A xenophobist is someone who exhibits xenophobia, which is the fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners.
Xenophobism vs. Xenophobist — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Xenophobism or Xenophobist

How to spell Xenophobist?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Remember that "xenophobist" includes the root "xenophobe" plus the suffix "-ist," which denotes a person.
Just as "racist" or "sexist" describes a person characterized by a specific prejudice, "xenophobist" follows this pattern.
Focus on the suffix "-ist," commonly used to denote someone who practices a belief, aligning with terms like "artist" or "scientist."

How Do You Spell Xenophobist Correctly?

Incorrect: He was accused of being a xenophobism.
Correct: He was accused of being a xenophobist.
Incorrect: The group's xenophobism was evident in their policies.
Correct: The group's xenophobist attitude was evident in their policies.
Incorrect: Fighting xenophobism is essential for societal progress.
Correct: Fighting xenophobist ideologies is essential for societal progress.
Incorrect: Xenophobism is on the rise in various parts of the world.
Correct: Xenophobist attitudes are on the rise in various parts of the world.

Xenophobist Definitions

A person who has an intense dislike or fear of people from other countries.
The xenophobist refused to interact with any foreigners.
One who displays irrational prejudice against foreigners.
As a xenophobist, his comments at the meeting were troubling.
An individual exhibiting hostility towards outsiders.
The community was wary of the known xenophobist in their midst.
Someone who fears or mistrusts that which is foreign, especially strangers or foreign peoples.
Being a xenophobist, he often spread unfounded fears about immigrants.
A person characterized by xenophobia.
The xenophobist's actions at the rally sparked widespread criticism.

Xenophobist Meaning in a Sentence

The organization works to educate people about the harms of being a xenophobist.
His xenophobist beliefs isolated him from his culturally diverse neighborhood.
The xenophobist refused to participate in the cultural exchange program.
The xenophobist's rhetoric was harmful to the community.
She challenged the xenophobist views presented during the debate.
Campaigns against xenophobist practices are gaining support worldwide.
The xenophobist lobby has a significant influence on immigration laws.
She did not realize how xenophobist her comments sounded until it was pointed out.
His xenophobist stance became more pronounced during the crisis.
Workshops are held to help people recognize xenophobist attitudes in themselves.
The xenophobist propaganda was removed from the bulletin board.
The teacher explained why xenophobist jokes are unacceptable.
The documentary highlighted the impact of xenophobist ideologies on society.
He was criticized for his xenophobist views on social media.
He wrote an article criticizing xenophobist policies.
The xenophobist was confronted during the community meeting.
They held a vigil to oppose the xenophobist violence in their city.
The xenophobist banner was taken down by protesters.
She apologized for her xenophobist remarks after learning more about other cultures.
She reevaluated her views after being labeled a xenophobist.
The xenophobist group was banned from the university campus.
The book explores the roots of xenophobist sentiment in history.
Educators are trained to address xenophobist behavior in schools effectively.
The xenophobist backlash against the new immigration policy was strong.
Community leaders spoke out against xenophobist discrimination.

Xenophobist Idioms & Phrases

Shield against xenophobist influences

Protecting oneself from developing irrational fears of outsiders.
Education is a strong shield against xenophobist influences.

Echoes of xenophobist sentiment

Subtle indications of anti-foreigner beliefs.
Echoes of xenophobist sentiment were evident in the policy changes.

Recover from xenophobist attitudes

To change and move away from prejudiced beliefs about foreigners.
He worked hard to recover from xenophobist attitudes.

Xenophobist rhetoric

Language that promotes fear or hatred of foreigners.
The politician's xenophobist rhetoric was condemned by many.

Blind xenophobist

Someone who irrationally fears foreigners without understanding why.
His arguments marked him as a blind xenophobist.

Outgrow xenophobist thinking

To develop beyond irrational fears or hatred of foreigners.
As he traveled more, he began to outgrow xenophobist thinking.

Xenophobist backlash

Strong negative reaction characterized by xenophobia.
The community faced a xenophobist backlash after announcing the refugee program.

Root out xenophobist beliefs

To eliminate xenophobic prejudices completely.
The program aims to root out xenophobist beliefs among young adults.

Masking xenophobist views

Concealing true xenophobic intentions behind seemingly benign statements.
He was accused of masking xenophobist views as patriotism.

Fuel for xenophobist attitudes

Something that intensifies fears or prejudice against foreigners.
Misinformation acts as fuel for xenophobist attitudes.

Xenophobist undertones

Subtle elements of xenophobia in speech or behavior.
The discussion had xenophobist undertones that made some participants uncomfortable.

Challenge xenophobist notions

To confront and argue against xenophobic ideas.
The speaker challenged xenophobist notions during the conference.

Xenophobist undercurrents

Hidden or less visible xenophobic tendencies within a larger context.
There were xenophobist undercurrents in the nationalist party’s platform.

Xenophobist panic

Irrational fear resulting from xenophobic tendencies.
The sudden influx of tourists triggered a xenophobist panic among the residents.

Curtail xenophobist practices

To reduce or stop actions that are xenophobic.
The new laws aim to curtail xenophobist practices in hiring.

Unpack xenophobist discourse

To analyze and explain discussions that contain xenophobia to better understand and address them.
The academic paper aimed to unpack xenophobist discourse in political speeches.

Break free from xenophobist stereotypes

To stop believing and spreading common but unfounded fears about foreigners.
The community is trying to break free from xenophobist stereotypes.

Soft xenophobist approach

A less aggressive but still harmful way of expressing xenophobia.
His soft xenophobist approach was criticized for being subtly damaging.

Xenophobist narrative

A story or explanation that perpetuates fear of foreigners.
The film challenged the common xenophobist narrative in media.

Xenophobist tendencies in society

The presence of xenophobic attitudes within the community.
The survey revealed xenophobist tendencies in society that needed to be addressed.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called xenophobist?

It is called "xenophobist" because it describes someone who practices xenophobia, from "xeno-" meaning foreign and "-phobist" indicating a person with a phobia.

How many syllables are in xenophobist?

There are four syllables in "xenophobist."

How is xenophobist used in a sentence?

e.g., The organization's campaign aimed to reduce the influence of xenophobist ideologies in the community.

What is the pronunciation of xenophobist?

"Xenophobist" is pronounced as /zen-ə-foh-bist/.

What is a stressed syllable in xenophobist?

The stressed syllable in "xenophobist" is the second syllable, "no."

What is the verb form of xenophobist?

"Xenophobist" does not have a verb form; it is a noun.

What is the root word of xenophobist?

The root words of "xenophobist" are "xeno" (foreign) and "phobia" (fear).

How do we divide xenophobist into syllables?

"Xenophobist" is divided into syllables as xe-no-pho-bist.

What is the opposite of xenophobist?

The opposite of "xenophobist" could be "xenophile," a person who is attracted to foreign peoples, cultures, or customs.

Is xenophobist a noun or adjective?

"Xenophobist" is a noun.

What is the plural form of xenophobist?

The plural form is "xenophobists."

Is xenophobist a negative or positive word?

"Xenophobist" is a negative word, as it describes someone with a prejudiced view against foreigners.

What is another term for xenophobist?

Another term for "xenophobist" could be "xenophobe."

Is the "xenophobist" term a metaphor?

"Xenophobist" itself is not typically used as a metaphor; it directly describes a person with certain beliefs.

Is the word "xenophobist" imperative?

No, "xenophobist" is not used in an imperative form.

Which vowel is used before xenophobist?

Typically "a" is used before "xenophobist" because it starts with a consonant sound.

What part of speech is xenophobist?

"Xenophobist" is a noun.

What is the singular form of xenophobist?

The singular form is "xenophobist."

Is xenophobist a vowel or consonant?

The word "xenophobist" begins with a consonant sound.

Is xenophobist a countable noun?

Yes, "xenophobist" is a countable noun.

Is the word "xenophobist" a Gerund?

No, "xenophobist" is not a gerund.

Is the word “xenophobist” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Xenophobist" can be used as a direct object in a sentence.

Which preposition is used with xenophobist?

Common prepositions used with "xenophobist" include "of" and "in."

Which conjunction is used with xenophobist?

Conjunctions like "and" or "or" can be used when discussing various aspects or examples of xenophobists.

Is xenophobist a collective noun?

No, "xenophobist" is not a collective noun.

Is xenophobist an adverb?

No, "xenophobist" is not an adverb.

Is xenophobist an abstract noun?

Yes, "xenophobist" can be considered an abstract noun as it refers to a person characterized by a particular attitude.

Which determiner is used with xenophobist?

Determiners such as "a," "the," and "every" can be used with "xenophobist."

Which article is used with xenophobist?

The article "a" is used with "xenophobist" due to the consonant sound at the beginning.

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