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Which is correct: Extention or Extension

How to spell Extension?

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Main Difference

The main difference between Extention and Extension is that the Extention is a misspelling of extension and Extension is the act of extending or the state of being extended; a stretching out; enlargement in breadth or continuation of length; increase; augmentation; expansion.

  • Extention (noun)

    misspelling of extension

  • Extension (noun)

    The act of extending; a stretching out; enlargement in length or breadth; an increase

  • Extension (noun)

    The state of being extended

  • Extension (noun)

    That property of a body by which it occupies a portion of space (or time, e.g. "spatiotemporal extension")

  • Extension (noun)

    A part of a building that has been extended from the original

  • Extension (noun)

    Capacity of a concept or general term to include a greater or smaller number of objects; — correlative of intension.

  • Extension (noun)

    A written engagement on the part of a creditor, allowing a debtor further time to pay a debt.

  • Extension (noun)

    The operation of stretching a broken bone so as to bring the fragments into the same straight line.

  • Extension (noun)

    An exercise in which an arm or leg is straightened against resistance.

  • Extension (noun)

    A simple offensive action, consisting of extending the weapon arm forward.

  • Extension (noun)

    A numerical code used to specify a specific telephone in a telecommunication network.

  • Extension (noun)

    A file extension.

    "Files with the .txt extension usually contain text."

  • Extension (noun)

    An optional software component that adds functionality to an application.

    "a browser extension"

  • Extension (noun)

    The set of tuples of values that, used as arguments, satisfy the predicate.

  • Extension (noun)

    A kind of derivative morpheme applied to verbs in Bantu languages.

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