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Waterly vs. Watery — Which is Correct Spelling?

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Waterly is the incorrect spelling of watery, which means having the quality or consistency of water.
Waterly vs. Watery — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Waterly or Watery

How to spell Watery?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

"Watery" ends in "-ery," common in adjectives describing characteristics, unlike "waterly" which suggests an incorrect form.
The correct spelling, "watery," uses a single 't' just like the word "water," reflecting its direct derivation.
Remember that "watery" follows the common adjective pattern in English, similar to "flattery" from "flatter."

How Do You Spell Watery Correctly?

Incorrect: The stew has a waterly consistency that's not very appealing.
Correct: The stew has a watery consistency that's not very appealing.
Incorrect: The soup tasted very waterly, almost like plain water.
Correct: The soup tasted very watery, almost like plain water.
Incorrect: The paint mixture appears too waterly to stick properly.
Correct: The paint mixture appears too watery to stick properly.
Incorrect: Avoid waterly solutions when cleaning electronics.
Correct: Avoid watery solutions when cleaning electronics.
Incorrect: Her eyes looked waterly after the long swim.
Correct: Her eyes looked watery after the long swim.

Watery Definitions

Resembling or consisting of water.
The watery broth needed more seasoning.
Full of or covered with water.
The field was watery after the heavy rain.
Tear-filled; with eyes full of moisture.
Her watery eyes reflected her intense emotions.
Filled with, consisting of, or soaked with water; wet or soggy
Watery soil.
Containing too much water; diluted
Watery soup.
Suggestive of water, as in being thin, pale, or liquid
Watery sunshine.
Lacking force or substance; weak or insipid
Watery prose.
Secreting or discharging water or watery fluid, especially as a symptom of disease.
Accompanied by tears; tearful
A watery good-bye.
Resembling or characteristic of water.
Wet, soggy or soaked with water.
Diluted or having too much water.
(of light) Thin and pale therefore suggestive of water.
Weak and insipid.
Discharging water or similar substance as a result of disease etc.
I took my cat to the vet because I was worried about his watery eyes.
Of or pertaining to water; consisting of water.
Abounding with water; wet; hence, tearful.
Resembling water; thin or transparent, as a liquid; as, watery humors.
The oily and watery parts of the aliment.
Hence, abounding in thin, tasteless, or insipid fluid; tasteless; insipid; vapid; spiritless.
Filled with water;
Watery soil
Wet with secreted or exuded moisture such as sweat or blood or tears;
Wiped his reeking neck
Filled or brimming with tears;
Swimming eyes
Watery eyes
Sorrow made the eyes of many grow liquid
Relating to or resembling or consisting of water;
A watery grave
Overly diluted; thin and insipid;
Washy coffee
Watery milk
Weak tea
Having too much liquid.
The watery sauce made the pasta soggy.
Diluted; thin.
The drink was disappointingly watery.

Watery Meaning in a Sentence

She tried to fix the watery gravy by adding more flour.
The watery soup did not satisfy my hunger.
The artist used watery colors to create a soft background.
Watery light filtered through the misty morning.
I spilled a watery drink on the table.
We need to thicken this watery batter before baking.
Rain created watery puddles on the playground.
The watery stew spilled easily from the ladle.
Her watery reflection shimmered in the pool.
His watery eyes revealed his fatigue.
The sauce was too watery to cling to the pasta.
The watery ink made the writing difficult to read.
After the flood, the cellar was damp and watery.
A watery film covered his glasses, blurring his vision.
The watery mist obscured the view of the mountains.
His handwriting was smeared by the watery ink.
He disliked the watery texture of overripe fruits.
She wiped her watery eyes with the back of her hand.
Avoid watery lotions if you want deep moisturization.
Watery sounds came from the bubbling brook.
The watery consistency of the mixture was not ideal for the recipe.
Her voice was watery and weak from crying.
Watery patches on the painting detracted from its beauty.
The watery sunlight of winter barely warmed the room.
The watery vegetables were overcooked.

Watery Idioms & Phrases

In watery depths

In the deep parts of a body of water.
The divers explored the treasures hidden in watery depths.

Watery soup

Describes a soup that is overly diluted.
The chef served a disappointingly watery soup tonight.

Watery eyes

Eyes that are filled with tears, usually from emotion or irritation.
The strong winds gave her watery eyes.

Watery grave

Refers to someone drowning and being buried at sea.
The sailor met his fate in a watery grave.

Watery sunlight

Weak or pale sunlight.
The morning was cold and bright with watery sunlight.

Common Curiosities

How many syllables are in watery?

Watery has three syllables.

What is a stressed syllable in watery?

The first syllable is stressed: WA-te-ry.

How is watery used in a sentence?

Watery is used as an adjective to describe things that are diluted or have a water-like consistency.

Why is it called watery?

It's called watery because it describes the quality or state resembling water.

What is the root word of watery?

The root word of watery is water.

How do we divide watery into syllables?

Watery is divided into syllables as: wa-te-ry.

What is the verb form of watery?

Watery does not have a verb form; it is an adjective.

What is the pronunciation of watery?

Watery is pronounced as /ˈwɔːtəri/.

What is the plural form of watery?

As an adjective, watery does not change in plural usage.

Is watery a noun or adjective?

Watery is an adjective.

Is watery an abstract noun?

No, watery is not a noun; it is an adjective.

Is watery a negative or positive word?

Watery is generally neutral but can be negative depending on context.

Is watery a countable noun?

Watery is an adjective, not a noun, and thus is not countable.

Is the word watery imperative?

No, watery is an adjective and cannot be imperative.

Which determiner is used with watery?

Determiners like "a," "the," and "some" can be used with watery.

What is another term for watery?

Another term for watery could be diluted.

What is the singular form of watery?

Watery is both the singular and plural form as an adjective.

What part of speech is watery?

Watery is an adjective.

Is the watery term a metaphor?

Watery can be used metaphorically to describe something very diluted or weak.

Which conjunction is used with watery?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used to connect clauses involving watery.

Which article is used with watery?

The article "the" is commonly used with watery.

What is the opposite of watery?

The opposite of watery could be concentrated or thick.

Is watery a collective noun?

No, watery is an adjective and not a collective noun.

Is the word “watery” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

As an adjective, watery cannot be a direct or indirect object.

Which vowel is used before watery?

Typically, no vowel is specifically used before watery; it depends on the context.

Which preposition is used with watery?

Common prepositions used with watery include "in" and "with."

Is watery an adverb?

No, watery is not an adverb.

Is watery a vowel or consonant?

The word watery starts with a consonant.

Is the word watery a Gerund?

No, watery is an adjective, not a gerund.

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