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Inhance vs. Enhance — Which is Correct Spelling?

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Inhance is incorrectly spelled. The correct spelling is Enhance, meaning to intensify or improve the quality of something.
Inhance vs. Enhance — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Inhance or Enhance

How to spell Enhance?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Relate "Enhance" to similar words like "Enlarge" and "Enrich" that start with "En-."
Picture enhancing a photo; the clarity increases with "ENhance," not "INhance."
Visualize the prefix "en-" as meaning "cause to."
Remember, "Inhale" is with 'In,' but "Enhance" is with 'En.'
Think "ENhance" starts with "EN" just like ENhancement.

How Do You Spell Enhance Correctly?

Incorrect: The goal is to inhance customer satisfaction.
Correct: The goal is to enhance customer satisfaction.
Incorrect: Can we inhance the flavor of this dish?
Correct: Can we enhance the flavor of this dish?
Incorrect: The company wants to inhance its market presence.
Correct: The company wants to enhance its market presence.
Incorrect: He's looking for ways to inhance his skills.
Correct: He's looking for ways to enhance his skills.
Incorrect: They tried to inhance the image quality with software.
Correct: They tried to enhance the image quality with software.

Enhance Definitions

To raise or increase the quality or value of something.
Good lighting enhances the room's ambiance.
To intensify or magnify.
The spices enhanced the dish's flavor.
To strengthen or amplify.
Their partnership enhanced the company's reach.
Intensify, increase, or further improve the quality, value, or extent of
His refusal does nothing to enhance his reputation
To improve or augment, especially in effectiveness, value, or attractiveness
Exercises that enhance cardiovascular health.
Spices that enhance the flavor of a sauce.
Renovations that enhance the neighborhood.
(obsolete) To lift, raise up.
To augment or make something greater.
To improve something by adding features.
(intransitive) To be raised up; to grow larger.
A debt enhances rapidly by compound interest.
(radiology) To take up contrast agent (for an organ, tissue, or lesion).
To raise or lift up; to exalt.
Who, naught aghast, his mighty hand enhanced.
To advance; to augment; to increase; to heighten; to make more costly or attractive; as, to enhance the price of commodities; to enhance beauty or kindness; hence, also, to render more heinous; to aggravate; as, to enhance crime.
The reputation of ferocity enhanced the value of their services, in making them feared as well as hated.
To be raised up; to grow larger; as, a debt enhances rapidly by compound interest.
This will enhance your enjoyment
Heighten the tension
Make better or more attractive;
This sauce will enhance the flavor of the meat
To augment or make something better.
He used filters to enhance the photo.
To elevate the importance or reputation of.
The award enhanced her career.

Enhance Meaning in a Sentence

Regular exercise can enhance your overall health.
Adding salt and pepper can enhance the flavor of your meals.
Reading widely can enhance your vocabulary.
They used lighting to enhance the atmosphere of the room.
The new software features enhance user experience.
A splash of lemon juice can enhance the taste of grilled fish.
Technology has the potential to enhance learning in schools.
The renovation will enhance the value of our house.
Listening to music can enhance your mood.
She uses makeup to enhance her features.
The update is designed to enhance the app's performance.
Artistic lighting can enhance the mood of a photograph.
Feedback from customers helps us enhance our products.
Training programs are intended to enhance employee skills.
Adding herbs and spices can enhance the aroma of any dish.
Public parks enhance the beauty of urban areas.
A well-told story can enhance the impact of a presentation.
Professional editing can enhance the clarity of a manuscript.

Enhance Idioms & Phrases

Enhance the experience

To make an experience more enjoyable or rewarding.
Interactive exhibits enhance the experience at the museum.

Enhance the flavor

To make the taste of food or drink more rich or intense.
A pinch of salt can enhance the flavor of chocolate.

Enhance the appeal

To make something more attractive or interesting.
The new park enhancements will enhance the appeal of our neighborhood.

Enhance performance

To improve how well someone or something functions.
Regular training can enhance performance in any sport.

Enhance one's reputation

To improve the way others perceive someone.
Volunteering has helped enhance his reputation in the community.

Enhance one's career

To improve one's job prospects or professional status.
Learning a new language can enhance your career opportunities.

Enhance the mood

To improve the emotional atmosphere or feeling.
Candlelight can enhance the mood during a romantic dinner.

Enhance one's skills

To improve or develop one's abilities.
She took a course to enhance her photography skills.

Enhance creativity

To boost creative thinking or output.
Collaborative spaces are designed to enhance creativity among employees.

Enhance the beauty

To make something more beautiful or attractive.
Landscaping can enhance the beauty of any home.

Enhance the ambiance

To make the surrounding environment more pleasant or appealing.
Soft music can enhance the ambiance of a café.

Enhance the quality

To make something better in terms of quality.
Upgrading the equipment will enhance the quality of our products.

Enhance understanding

To increase knowledge or comprehension.
Discussion groups enhance understanding of the lecture material.

Enhance efficiency

To increase the effectiveness and productivity.
Implementing new software can enhance efficiency in the office.

Enhance connectivity

To improve the ability to connect or communicate.
The new router will enhance connectivity throughout the house.

Enhance the value

To increase the worth of something.
Renovations can significantly enhance the value of your property.

Enhance resilience

To strengthen the ability to recover from difficulties.
Support networks can enhance resilience in stressful times.

Enhance security

To make a place or system more secure.
Adding more surveillance cameras will enhance security at the mall.

Enhance visibility

To make something more seen or noticed.
High-visibility jackets enhance safety for cyclists at night.

Enhance one's image

To improve the way one is viewed by others.
Charitable work can enhance a company's image.

Common Curiosities

What is the verb form of Enhance?

"Enhance" is already in verb form.

Which preposition is used with Enhance?

"Of" as in "enhancement of quality."

What is the pronunciation of Enhance?


Which vowel is used before Enhance?

Typically "to" as in "to enhance."

Why is it called Enhance?

It derives from late Middle English: from Anglo-Norman French enhauncer, based on Latin 'in' (expressing intensive force) + altus 'high.'

What is the root word of Enhance?

The word originates from Anglo-Norman French "enhauncer" based on Latin elements.

Which article is used with Enhance?

Not applicable for verbs, but for related noun "enhancement" it can be "an" or "the."

Is Enhance an adverb?


What is the singular form of Enhance?


Which conjunction is used with Enhance?

Any, like "and" or "or," depending on context.

Is Enhance a vowel or consonant?

"Enhance" contains both vowels and consonants.

Is Enhance a countable noun?


Is the Enhance term a metaphor?


What is another term for Enhance?


Is Enhance a noun or adjective?


Is Enhance a collective noun?


Is the word Enhance Gerund?

The gerund form is "enhancing."

Which determiner is used with Enhance?

Not typically used with determiners.

Is Enhance an abstract noun?


Is the word Enhance imperative?

It can be, as in "Enhance the image!"

Is the word “Enhance” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Can be either, depending on sentence structure.

What part of speech is Enhance?


What is the opposite of Enhance?


What is the first form of Enhance?


What is the second form of Enhance?


What is the third form of Enhance?


Is Enhance a negative or positive word?


How many syllables are in Enhance?


How do we divide Enhance into syllables?


What is a stressed syllable in Enhance?

The second syllable, "hance."

How is Enhance used in a sentence?

"Using the right colors can greatly enhance a room's overall mood."

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