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Tennesse vs. Tennessee — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 27, 2024
"Tennesse" is the incorrect spelling, while "Tennessee" is correct. Tennessee is a state in the southeastern U.S.
Tennesse vs. Tennessee — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Tennesse or Tennessee

How to spell Tennessee?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Remember the double "n" and double "s" in Tennessee.
Think of the state's motto: "Tennessee – America at its best." Both "America" and "Tennessee" have double letters.
Associate "Tennessee" with the Tennessee River, emphasizing the repeated letters.
Link it to a famous song, "Tennessee Waltz," ensuring the correct spelling resonates.
Use mnemonic: "TENNESsee starts with TEN and ends in SEE."

How Do You Spell Tennessee Correctly?

Incorrect: I've always wanted to visit Tennesse and see its beautiful landscapes.
Correct: I've always wanted to visit Tennessee and see its beautiful landscapes.
Incorrect: We drove through Tennesse on our road trip last summer.
Correct: We drove through Tennessee on our road trip last summer.
Incorrect: He found a job in Tennesse and will be moving there next month.
Correct: He found a job in Tennessee and will be moving there next month.
Incorrect: She is originally from Tennesse, but now she lives in California.
Correct: She is originally from Tennessee, but now she lives in California.
Incorrect: The music festival in Tennesse attracts thousands of visitors every year.
Correct: The music festival in Tennessee attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Tennessee Definitions

Tennessee refers to the Tennessee River, which flows through the state.
The Tennessee River is one of the state's major waterways.
Tennessee is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States.
Nashville is the capital of Tennessee.
Tennessee can denote products, institutions, or attributes originating from this state.
Tennessee whiskey has a unique flavor profile.
Tennessee is associated with a distinct musical heritage, especially linked to country music.
Tennessee is home to the iconic Grand Ole Opry.
Tennessee is known for its diverse landscapes, from mountains to plains.
The Great Smoky Mountains are a major attraction in Tennessee.
A state in east central United States
A river formed by the confluence of two other rivers near Knoxville; it follows a U-shaped course to become a tributary of the Ohio River in western Kentucky

Tennessee Meaning in a Sentence

The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee are a popular spot for hiking and camping.
Memphis, Tennessee, is where you can visit the home of Elvis Presley, called Graceland.
Tennessee is known for its country music, especially in Nashville.
The state of Tennessee is shaped like a rectangle, with a long, skinny part stretching out to the east.
The capital of Tennessee, Nashville, is often called "Music City" because of its strong association with the music industry.
The state flower of Tennessee is the iris, and you can find it blooming in many gardens across the state.
The Tennessee River flows through the state, providing beautiful views and opportunities for fishing and boating.
Tennessee has a rich history, including important Civil War battlefields you can visit.
In Tennessee, you can see the change of seasons with beautiful fall colors and blooming spring flowers.
Every year, Tennessee hosts a state fair that includes rides, games, and food.
In Tennessee, you can find traditional southern cuisine, including barbecue and sweet tea.
Tennessee plays a big role in the history of blues music, with Beale Street in Memphis being a famous location.
The Appalachian Mountains run through parts of Tennessee, offering stunning scenery and outdoor adventures.
Tennessee is divided into three regions: East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and West Tennessee, each with its own unique geography and culture.
Dollywood, a theme park owned by country music legend Dolly Parton, is located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
In the fall, Tennessee hosts many festivals celebrating the harvest, crafts, and music.
Chattanooga, Tennessee, has a famous train called the Chattanooga Choo Choo, and there's even a song about it.
The University of Tennessee has a popular college football team, and their games are a big event in the state.
The Cumberland Gap is a famous natural pass in Tennessee that was crucial for westward expansion in the United States.
Tennessee has a tradition of storytelling, with festivals that celebrate the art of telling tales.
The Tennessee Titans are the state's professional football team, and they play in Nashville.
The name "Tennessee" is believed to come from a Cherokee village named Tanasi.
One of the largest freshwater aquariums in the country can be found in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Tennessee was the 16th state to join the United States, becoming a state in 1796.

Common Curiosities

What is the verb form of Tennessee?

Tennessee doesn't have a verb form as it's a proper noun.

Why is it called Tennessee?

Tennessee is named after the Tennessee River, which was named by the Cherokee people.

What is the singular form of Tennessee?

Tennessee itself is singular.

What is the pronunciation of Tennessee?

The pronunciation is /tɛn.ɪˈsiː/.

Which vowel is used before Tennessee?

Typically, the article "a" is used before Tennessee when referencing aspects related to the state.

Is Tennessee an adverb?

No, Tennessee is not an adverb.

Is Tennessee an abstract noun?

No, it's a concrete noun, representing a specific place.

Which preposition is used with Tennessee?

Various prepositions can be used with Tennessee, such as "in" (as in "in Tennessee").

Is Tennessee a noun or adjective?

Tennessee is a proper noun.

What is the root word of Tennessee?

Tennessee doesn't have a "root word" in the English language sense, as it's derived from a Native American name.

Is the Tennessee term a metaphor?

No, Tennessee is not typically used as a metaphor.

Is the word Tennessee is imperative?

No, Tennessee is not in the imperative form.

What is the plural form of Tennessee?

Tennessee doesn't have a plural form.

Is the word “Tennessee” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Tennessee" can function as a direct object in a sentence, depending on the context.

How many syllables are in Tennessee?

Tennessee has three syllables.

What part of speech is Tennessee?

Tennessee is a proper noun.

Which determiner is used with Tennessee?

Determiners such as "this," "that," or "the" can be used with Tennessee, depending on the context.

What is the first form of Tennessee?

Tennessee doesn't have verb forms; it remains "Tennessee."

Which conjunction is used with Tennessee?

Any conjunction can be used with Tennessee, depending on the sentence context.

Which article is used with Tennessee?

The article "the" can be used with Tennessee when referring to the state in particular contexts (e.g., "the state of Tennessee").

Is Tennessee a countable noun?

No, Tennessee is a proper noun and isn't counted.

Is the word Tennessee is Gerund?

No, Tennessee is not a gerund.

How do we divide Tennessee into syllables?

It can be divided as Ten-nes-see.

What is the opposite of Tennessee?

There isn't a direct opposite for Tennessee since it's a state name.

What is the third form of Tennessee?

Tennessee doesn't have verb forms.

Is Tennessee a negative or positive word?

Tennessee is neutral; it's a proper noun representing a state.

Is Tennessee a vowel or consonant?

"Tennessee" is a word consisting of both vowels and consonants.

Is Tennessee a collective noun?

No, Tennessee is not a collective noun.

What is a stressed syllable in Tennessee?

The third syllable, "see," is stressed.

What is another term for Tennessee?

Another term could be "The Volunteer State," which is its nickname.

What is the second form of Tennessee?

Tennessee doesn't have verb forms.

How is Tennessee used in a sentence?

Nashville, known for its rich music history, is the capital of Tennessee.

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