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Octangle vs. Octagon — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Urooj Arif — By Sumaia Saeed — Updated on April 23, 2024
"Octangle" is the incorrect spelling of "octagon." An octagon is a geometric shape with eight sides.
Octangle vs. Octagon — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Octangle or Octagon

How to spell Octagon?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

The suffix "-gon" is used in geometry to describe shapes, unlike "-angle" which refers to corners.
Think of "octo-" for eight and "gon" for sides—combining to mean eight sides.
"Octagon" ends with "-gon," a common ending for shapes like pentagon or hexagon.
Link "octagon" with other polygon names to reinforce the correct suffix usage.
Remember that "angle" is different from "gon," where "gon" relates specifically to sides.

How Do You Spell Octagon Correctly?

Incorrect: They placed an octangle on the national flag.
Correct: They placed an octagon on the national flag.
Incorrect: He mistakenly called it an octangle in his presentation.
Correct: He mistakenly called it an octagon in his presentation.
Incorrect: She drew a perfect octangle.
Correct: She drew a perfect octagon.
Incorrect: The sign was shaped like an octangle.
Correct: The sign was shaped like an octagon.
Incorrect: The room was designed in the form of an octangle.
Correct: The room was designed in the form of an octagon.

Octagon Definitions

A shape with eight straight sides and angles.
A stop sign is typically an octagon.
A flat figure with eight angles.
Each exterior angle of an octagon measures 45 degrees.
A polygon with eight sides.
The octagon table fits more people.
A closed geometric figure with eight edges.
The artist drew a large octagon on the canvas.
In geometry, an octagon (from the Greek ὀκτάγωνον oktágōnon, "eight angles") is an eight-sided polygon or 8-gon. A regular octagon has Schläfli symbol {8} and can also be constructed as a quasiregular truncated square, t{4}, which alternates two types of edges.
A plane figure with eight straight sides and eight angles.
A polygon with eight sides and eight angles.
(martial arts) Often in the form Octagon: the arena for mixed martial arts.
A plane figure of eight sides and eight angles.
Any structure (as a fortification) or place with eight sides or angles.
An eight-sided polygon
An eight-sided figure used in architecture.
The gazebo has an octagon design.

Octagon Meaning in a Sentence

The octagon has eight equal sides.
They decorated the hall with balloons shaped like an octagon.
She drew an octagon without using a ruler.
Her favorite ring was in the form of an octagon.
He painted an octagon on the wooden board.
The mirror was cut in the shape of an octagon.
The old church has an octagon-shaped window.
Each corner of the octagon is sharp.
In the center of the park, there was an octagon-shaped fountain.
An octagon has eight interior angles.
Each side of the octagon was carefully measured.
The cake was decorated with an octagon shape.
The octagon is often used in architectural designs.
The octagon shape makes this artwork unique.
There's an octagon in each corner of the pattern.
The octagon-shaped table was perfect for group discussions.
They built an octagon-shaped gazebo in their backyard.
The octagon can be divided into eight triangles.
The octagon was highlighted in the presentation.
The kids learned to draw an octagon in class.
He used an octagon diagram in his math project.
The rug was designed with an octagon pattern.
The new model included an octagon-shaped tower.

Octagon Idioms & Phrases

Inside the octagon

Within a defined or familiar area of expertise.
When it comes to negotiations, she's always inside the octagon.

Square the circle, not the octagon

Attempting something seemingly impossible.
Trying to get everyone to agree was like trying to square the circle, not the octagon.

Outside the octagon

Beyond conventional limits.
His new design ideas are definitely outside the octagon.

Turning the octagon

Changing one's approach or perspective.
He's turning the octagon on how we handle customer feedback.

Every angle of the octagon

Considering all aspects of a situation.
We need to look at every angle of the octagon before making a decision.

The missing side of the octagon

An overlooked or missing element.
Adding multimedia was the missing side of the octagon in our presentation.

Cut through the octagon

To address or solve a complex issue directly.
We need to cut through the octagon to streamline our processes.

The octagon of opportunity

A particularly favorable scenario.
This new job is the octagon of opportunity for him.

Pushing the sides of the octagon

Expanding the limits or boundaries.
The new policy is pushing the sides of the octagon in urban development.

Break the octagon

To disrupt the usual way of thinking.
Her innovative approach really broke the octagon.

Rotate the octagon

To look at something from different perspectives.
We rotated the octagon during the brainstorming session to cover all ideas.

The octagon of life

The various complex aspects of life.
He likes to talk about the octagon of life in his lectures.

The octagon of the mind

Complex mental or intellectual boundaries.
Philosophers often explore the octagon of the mind.

Connecting the sides of the octagon

Bringing together diverse elements or ideas.
This conference is about connecting the sides of the octagon in interdisciplinary research.

Expand the octagon

To increase the scope or range.
We need to expand the octagon of our study to include recent developments.

In the shadow of the octagon

Being less prominent or overshadowed.
His work always stood in the shadow of the octagon created by his predecessors.

Within the walls of the octagon

Confined to a specific set of rules or norms.
They operate strictly within the walls of the octagon.

Escaping the octagon

Breaking free from restrictions or limitations.
Innovators are often seen as escaping the octagon.

Color outside the octagon

To think or act creatively outside the conventional boundaries.
She's always been one to color outside the octagon with her artistic expressions.

Common Curiosities

How is octagon used in a sentence?

e.g., The children drew an octagon during their geometry class.

Why is it called octagon?

It is called "octagon" because it has eight angles and sides.

How do we divide octagon into syllables?

"Octagon" is divided into syllables as oc-ta-gon.

What is the verb form of octagon?

"Octagon" does not have a verb form; it is a noun.

How many syllables are in octagon?

There are three syllables in "octagon."

What is a stressed syllable in octagon?

The stressed syllable in "octagon" is the first syllable, "oc."

What is the pronunciation of octagon?

"Octagon" is pronounced as /ˈɒk.tə.ɡɒn/.

Is octagon an adverb?

No, "octagon" is not an adverb.

What is the root word of octagon?

The root word of "octagon" is "octo," meaning eight.

What is the singular form of octagon?

The singular form is "octagon."

Is octagon an abstract noun?

No, "octagon" is a concrete noun as it refers to a physical shape.

Is octagon a countable noun?

Yes, "octagon" is a countable noun.

Is the word “octagon” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Octagon" can be used as a direct object in a sentence.

What is the plural form of octagon?

The plural form is "octagons."

Is octagon a negative or positive word?

"Octagon" is a neutral word; it is neither negative nor positive.

Is octagon a vowel or consonant?

The word "octagon" begins with a vowel sound.

Is octagon a collective noun?

No, "octagon" is not a collective noun.

Is the "octagon" term a metaphor?

"Octagon" itself is not commonly used as a metaphor.

Is the word "octagon" imperative?

No, "octagon" is not used in an imperative form.

Is the word "octagon" a Gerund?

No, "octagon" is not a gerund.

Which determiner is used with octagon?

Determiners such as "the," "an," or "this" can be used with "octagon."

Which vowel is used before octagon?

Typically "an" is used before "octagon" because it starts with a vowel sound.

Which preposition is used with octagon?

Common prepositions used with "octagon" include "in" and "of."

Which article is used with octagon?

The article "an" is used with "octagon" due to the vowel sound at the beginning.

What part of speech is octagon?

"Octagon" is a noun.

What is another term for octagon?

Another term for "octagon" could be eight-sided polygon.

What is the opposite of octagon?

There is no direct opposite of "octagon," but a circle might be considered as having no sides.

Is octagon a noun or adjective?

"Octagon" is a noun.

Which conjunction is used with octagon?

Conjunctions like "and" or "or" can be used when listing shapes including octagon.

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