Excercise vs. Exercise

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  • Excercise (noun)

    misspelling of exercise

  • Excercise (verb)

    misspelling of exercise

  • Exercise (noun)

    Any activity designed to develop or hone a skill or ability.

    "The teacher told us the next exercise is to write an essay."

  • Exercise (noun)

    Physical activity intended to improve strength and fitness.

  • Exercise (noun)

    A setting in action or practicing; employment in the proper mode of activity; exertion; application; use.

  • Exercise (noun)

    The performance of an office, ceremony, or duty.

  • Exercise (noun)

    That which gives practice; a trial; a test.

  • Exercise (verb)

    To exert for the sake of training or improvement; to practice in order to develop.

    "to exercise troops or horses;"

    "to exercise one's brain with a puzzle"

  • Exercise (verb)

    To perform physical activity for health or training.

    "I exercise at the gym every day."

  • Exercise (verb)

    To use (a right, an option, etc.); to put into practice.

    "The tenant exercised its option to renew the tenancy."

    "She is going to exercise her right to vote."

  • Exercise (verb)

    To occupy the attention and effort of; to task; to tax, especially in a painful or vexatious manner; harass; to vex; to worry or make anxious.

    "exercised with pain"

  • Exercise (verb)

    To set in action; to cause to act, move, or make exertion; to give employment to.

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