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Meticulosity vs. Meticulousness — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Fiza Rafique — Updated on April 25, 2024
Meticulosity is the incorrect spelling of meticulousness, which refers to the quality of being extremely careful about details.
Meticulosity vs. Meticulousness — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Meticulosity or Meticulousness

How to spell Meticulousness?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

The correct spelling, meticulousness, retains the base word "meticulous" followed by "ness," a common suffix for forming nouns indicating a state or quality.
Remember that "meticulous" plus "ness" equals meticulousness, emphasizing the state of being meticulous.
"Ness" is a typical English suffix used to form abstract nouns, making meticulous + ness the right combination for expressing a trait.

How Do You Spell Meticulousness Correctly?

Incorrect: Their meticulosity in decorating the venue was evident.
Correct: Their meticulousness in decorating the venue was evident.
Incorrect: I admire the meticulosity in your approach to research.
Correct: I admire the meticulousness in your approach to research.
Incorrect: The meticulosity of her work ensures high quality in every project.
Correct: The meticulousness of her work ensures high quality in every project.
Incorrect: The architect’s meticulosity can be seen in the fine details of the design.
Correct: The architect’s meticulousness can be seen in the fine details of the design.
Incorrect: His meticulosity was appreciated in tasks requiring precision.
Correct: His meticulousness was appreciated in tasks requiring precision.

Meticulousness Definitions

The trait of being very thorough and extremely attentive to accuracy.
His meticulousness in documenting sources made his research impeccable.
The condition of being exact and precise in one’s actions or work.
The chef's meticulousness about ingredient measurements contributed to the dish's success.
The characteristic of being careful about every detail.
Her meticulousness ensures that there are no errors in the final report.
The quality of showing great attention to detail.
The meticulousness of the painting’s restoration was remarkable.
The state of being painstaking and careful.
Meticulousness in patient care is crucial in nursing.
Showing or acting with extreme care and concern for details.
(Archaic) Excessively careful and precise.
The state or characteristic of being meticulous.
Strict attention to minute details

Meticulousness Meaning in a Sentence

He's known for his meticulousness; every detail must be perfect.
You can tell by the layout of the brochure that a lot of meticulousness went into its design.
The meticulousness of his work makes him an excellent editor.
Her meticulousness when planning events makes every occasion special.
The teacher appreciated the student’s meticulousness in her science project.
The meticulousness she applies to her art is visible in the intricate details.
The report showed meticulousness in its comprehensive analysis.
Meticulousness in data entry is essential to ensure accuracy.
Meticulousness in measurements is crucial when baking pastries.
The meticulousness of his approach to problem-solving is admirable.
His meticulousness in arranging his books alphabetically makes finding anything easy.
Her meticulousness in keeping the records helps the office run smoothly.
His meticulousness in cleaning ensured the hotel rooms were impeccable.
The meticulousness in her writing makes her novels engaging and vivid.
They admired his meticulousness in keeping the garden so well-maintained.
Her meticulousness in costume design brought historical accuracy to the play.
His meticulousness in scheduling ensured all meetings started on time.
Each stitch reflected her meticulousness in crafting the quilt.
She showed meticulousness in her approach to learning new languages.
The meticulousness of the archival work preserved important historical documents.

Meticulousness Idioms & Phrases

Meticulousness at its best

Praising someone’s extremely detailed and careful work.
The crafted jewelry was meticulousness at its best.

The height of meticulousness

Used to describe extremely careful and precise behavior or actions.
His arrangement of the library books was the height of meticulousness.

With meticulousness

Performing actions with great care and attention to detail.
She tackled the complex calculations with meticulousness.

A testament to one’s meticulousness

Showing the result of being very thorough.
The perfectly organized conference was a testament to her meticulousness.

Meticulousness pays off

Asserting that being careful and detailed leads to success.
Her meticulousness pays off when she found no errors in the audit.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called meticulousness?

Meticulousness comes from the adjective "meticulous," meaning extremely careful, often with attention to detail.

How many syllables are in meticulousness?

Meticulousness has five syllables.

How do we divide meticulousness into syllables?

Meticulousness is divided as: me-tic-u-lous-ness.

What is a stressed syllable in meticulousness?

The stressed syllable in meticulousness is the second one: tic.

What is the verb form of meticulousness?

The verb form related to meticulousness is "meticulate," though it is rarely used; "meticulous" is more common.

What is another term for meticulousness?

Another term for meticulousness is thoroughness or precision.

What part of speech is meticulousness?

Meticulousness is a noun.

How is meticulousness used in a sentence?

Meticulousness is used as a noun indicating the quality of being extremely precise and careful.

What is the pronunciation of meticulousness?

Meticulousness is pronounced /məˈtɪkjʊləsnɛs/.

What is the singular form of meticulousness?

The singular form is meticulousness.

What is the plural form of meticulousness?

The plural form is meticulousnesses, though it's rarely used.

Is meticulousness a noun or adjective?

Meticulousness is a noun.

Is meticulousness a vowel or consonant?

The word meticulousness starts with a consonant.

Which determiner is used with meticulousness?

Determiners like "great" or "such" can be used with meticulousness.

What is the root word of meticulousness?

The root word of meticulousness is "meticulous."

Is meticulousness a negative or positive word?

Meticulousness is generally considered a positive word, implying diligence and attention to detail.

Is the word meticulousness Gerund?

No, meticulousness is a noun and not a gerund.

Is the meticulousness term a metaphor?

Meticulousness itself is not a metaphor but can be part of metaphorical expressions.

Is the word meticulousness imperative?

Meticulousness, being a noun, cannot be imperative.

Is the word “meticulousness” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Meticulousness can be used as a direct object in sentences.

Which conjunction is used with meticulousness?

Conjunctions are not specifically associated with meticulousness.

Which article is used with meticulousness?

The definite article "the" is often used with meticulousness.

Is meticulousness an adverb?

No, meticulousness is not an adverb.

Is meticulousness a countable noun?

Meticulousness is generally treated as an uncountable noun.

Is meticulousness a collective noun?

No, meticulousness is not a collective noun.

Which vowel is used before meticulousness?

Typically, no specific vowel precedes meticulousness.

What is the opposite of meticulousness?

The opposite of meticulousness could be carelessness or negligence.

Is meticulousness an abstract noun?

Yes, meticulousness is an abstract noun.

Which preposition is used with meticulousness?

Common prepositions used with meticulousness include "with" and "in."

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