Deboard vs. Unboard - What's the difference?


  • Deboard (verb)

    To exit a form of transportation such as a boat, ship, airplane, trolley, streetcar or spaceship.

    "President Ford fell as he deboarded Air Force One."

    "He was detained late Tuesday after deboarding a British Airways flight from London."

  • Unboard (verb)

    To leave a passenger vehicle such as a train or ship; to disembark.

Oxford Dictionary

  • Deboard (verb)

    To get off (a train, aeroplane, etc.); to disembark from.

  • Deboard (verb)

    To get off a train, aeroplane, etc.; to disembark.

  • Deboard (verb)

    To remove from a train, aeroplane, etc.; to allow (passengers) to disembark.

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