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Pantiless vs. Pantyless — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Rabia Sajjad — Updated on April 16, 2024
Pantiless is the incorrect spelling of pantyless, which refers to wearing no underpants.
Pantiless vs. Pantyless — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Pantiless or Pantyless

How to spell Pantyless?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Remember that "panty" is singular, so when transforming to signify without, we keep the root as "panty-" before adding "-less."
Think of the word "pantyless" as a combination of two words: panty + less.
"Pantyless" directly derives from "panty" with the suffix "-less" indicating absence.

How Do You Spell Pantyless Correctly?

Incorrect: It can be uncomfortable to remain pantiless for too long during the summer.
Correct: It can be uncomfortable to remain pantyless for too long during the summer.
Incorrect: She decided to go pantiless to avoid lines under her tight dress.
Correct: She decided to go pantyless to avoid lines under her tight dress.
Incorrect: In some fashion circles, being pantiless is sometimes viewed as a bold statement.
Correct: In some fashion circles, being pantyless is sometimes viewed as a bold statement.
Incorrect: The actress admitted in an interview that she was pantiless during the shoot.
Correct: The actress admitted in an interview that she was pantyless during the shoot.
Incorrect: The notion of being pantiless has become more discussed in certain online communities.
Correct: The notion of being pantyless has become more discussed in certain online communities.

Pantyless Definitions

Not having panties on.
Going pantyless can sometimes make wearing certain outfits easier.
Lacking underpants as a deliberate fashion or comfort choice.
On hot days, some prefer to go pantyless to stay cool.
Without wearing any underwear (specifically panties).
She found it more comfortable to sleep pantyless.
Opting not to wear underwear, especially underpants.
For the beach day, she chose to be pantyless under her sundress.
Free from the confinement of undergarments.
She enjoyed the freedom of being pantyless at home.
Without panties.

Pantyless Meaning in a Sentence

She felt more relaxed being pantyless at home.
For long flights, some prefer going pantyless.
Many dresses look better when one goes pantyless.
She often sleeps pantyless to be more comfortable.
Her skirt was so sheer, she regretted not going pantyless.
Going pantyless has become a fashion statement among some celebrities.
After trying it once, she preferred being pantyless under her evening gown.
She found pantyless summers to be far cooler.
Some argue that going pantyless is healthier.
On a dare, she spent a day pantyless.
She was pantyless under her yoga pants for extra comfort.
When washing all her laundry, she sometimes ends up pantyless.
The thought of being pantyless in such a formal setting was daring.
She was pantyless, which made changing outfits easier during the photo shoot.
Some high-fashion models are often pantyless on the runway.
On that scorching summer day, she chose to go pantyless.
Being pantyless made her feel more adventurous.
In the privacy of her room, being pantyless was her preference.
She joked about being pantyless during the pajama party.
She went pantyless to avoid panty lines in her new dress.
She realized she was pantyless and felt slightly embarrassed.
At the spa, being pantyless was almost a requirement.
She couldn't find her underwear, so she went pantyless.
Going pantyless can be a practical choice for tight outfits.
She recommended going pantyless with certain types of leggings.

Pantyless Idioms & Phrases

Going pantyless

The act of not wearing panties, often as a choice for comfort or style.
Going pantyless has become more common among celebrities on the red carpet.

Pantyless by choice

A deliberate decision to not wear underwear, emphasizing personal choice over convention.
Many in the naturalist community are pantyless by choice, advocating for comfort and natural living.

Pantyless adventure

A daring or risqué experience, especially in terms of fashion or social norms.
She described her first time going pantyless to the gala as a real pantyless adventure.

Pantyless lifestyle

Choosing regularly not to wear underwear as part of one's daily routine.
Ever since she adopted the pantyless lifestyle, she's felt more comfortable and free.

Pantyless comfort

The comfort that comes from not being restricted by underwear.
After trying it once, she realized the pantyless comfort was too good to give up.

Pantyless freedom

The liberating feeling of not wearing underwear.
On hot days, she really appreciates the pantyless freedom.

Pantyless trend

A fashion trend where people opt not to wear underwear, typically under very fitted or sheer clothing.
The pantyless trend is gaining traction this summer, with more designers embracing sheer fabrics.

Pantyless confidence

The confidence one gains from the freedom of not wearing panties, often empowering.
She walked down the street with pantyless confidence, completely at ease with her body.

Pantyless statement

Making a bold or controversial statement by choosing not to wear panties.
She made a pantyless statement at the event, which sparked conversations about body positivity.

Pantyless revolution

A radical change in attitudes towards wearing underwear, promoting freedom from traditional norms.
The new ad campaign hopes to spark a pantyless revolution, challenging how we think about comfort and freedom.

Common Curiosities

How is pantyless used in a sentence?

Pantyless is used as an adjective to describe not wearing panties.

How do we divide pantyless into syllables?

Pantyless is divided into syllables as pan-ty-less.

How many syllables are in pantyless?

Pantyless has three syllables.

What is a stressed syllable in pantyless?

The stressed syllable in pantyless is "pan."

Why is it called pantyless?

It is called pantyless because it signifies the absence of panties.

What is the root word of pantyless?

The root word of pantyless is "panty."

What is the pronunciation of pantyless?

Pantyless is pronounced as /ˈpæntiˌlɛs/.

What is another term for pantyless?

Another term for pantyless is "going commando."

What is the verb form of pantyless?

There is no verb form for pantyless; it is an adjective.

What part of speech is pantyless?

Pantyless is an adjective.

What is the opposite of pantyless?

The opposite of pantyless could be "pantied" or wearing panties.

Is pantyless a vowel or consonant?

The word pantyless starts with a consonant.

Is pantyless a collective noun?

Pantyless is not a collective noun; it is an adjective.

Which vowel is used before pantyless?

Typically, vowels are not specifically used before the word pantyless; it depends on the context.

Is pantyless a noun or adjective?

Pantyless is an adjective.

Is pantyless a negative or positive word?

Pantyless is a neutral word; it is neither inherently negative nor positive.

Is the word pantyless imperative?

No, pantyless is not imperative; it is an adjective.

Is the word “pantyless” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Pantyless is neither a direct object nor an indirect object; it is an adjective.

Is pantyless an abstract noun?

No, pantyless is not an abstract noun; it is an adjective.

Is pantyless a countable noun?

Pantyless is not a noun; it is an adjective and is not countable.

Which determiner is used with pantyless?

Determiners such as "completely" or "totally" can be used with pantyless.

Is the pantyless term a metaphor?

No, pantyless is not a metaphor; it is a descriptive term.

Which preposition is used with pantyless?

Common prepositions used with pantyless include "to go" pantyless.

Which conjunction is used with pantyless?

Conjunctions are not specifically associated with pantyless; usage depends on the sentence structure.

Which article is used with pantyless?

The definite article "the" or the indefinite "a" can be used depending on the context, e.g., "the pantyless trend."

What is the singular form of pantyless?

The singular form of pantyless is pantyless itself.

What is the plural form of pantyless?

The plural form of pantyless is also pantyless.

Is pantyless an adverb?

No, pantyless is not an adverb; it is an adjective.

Is the word pantyless Gerund?

No, pantyless is not a gerund; it is an adjective.

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