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Which is correct: Background or Backround

How to spell Background?

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Main Difference

The main difference between Background and Backround is that Background is The circumstances or situation prevailing at a particular time or underlying a particular event and in technology: a wallpaper or background is a digital image used as a decorative background of a graphical user interface and Backround is a misspelling of the word "background" often made by English speakers with a limited knowledge of their own language.

  • Background (adjective)

    Less important in a scene.

    "background noise."

  • Background (noun)

    One's social heritage, or previous life; what one did in the past.

    "The lawyer had a background in computer science."

  • Background (noun)

    A part of the picture that depicts scenery to the rear or behind the main subject; context.

  • Background (noun)

    Information relevant to the current situation about past events; history.

  • Background (noun)

    A less important feature of scenery (as opposed to foreground).

    "There was tons of noise in the background."

    "The photographer let us pick a background for the portrait."

  • Background (noun)

    The image or color over which a computer's desktop items are shown (e.g. icons or application windows).

  • Background (noun)

    A type of activity on a computer that is not normally visible to the user.

    "The antivirus program is running in the background."

  • Background (verb)

    To put in a position that is not prominent.

  • Background (verb)

    To gather and provide background information (on).

  • Backround (noun)

    misspelling of background

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Webster Dictionary
Princeton's WordNet

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