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Uneligible vs. Ineligible — Which is Correct Spelling?

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Uneligible is the incorrect spelling of ineligible. Ineligible refers to someone not qualified or permitted for something.
Uneligible vs. Ineligible — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Uneligible or Ineligible

How to spell Ineligible?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

The prefix "un-" is usually used for simple opposites, but "ineligible" specifically describes not meeting specific criteria or requirements.
Associate "ineligible" with related legal or official terms which often use the prefix "in-", such as "incapable" or "invalid".
The correct spelling "ineligible" aligns with other formal terms like "inability" or "insufficient".
Remember that ineligible starts with "in-", a common prefix in English meaning not, similar to words like "inconvenient" or "inaccurate".

How Do You Spell Ineligible Correctly?

Incorrect: The team was declared uneligible after the discovery of rule violations.
Correct: The team was declared ineligible after the discovery of rule violations.
Incorrect: Her application was considered uneligible because it was submitted late.
Correct: Her application was considered ineligible because it was submitted late.
Incorrect: He is uneligible to participate in the contest due to age restrictions.
Correct: He is ineligible to participate in the contest due to age restrictions.
Incorrect: Are you uneligible for the discount offered at the store?
Correct: Are you ineligible for the discount offered at the store?
Incorrect: They found themselves uneligible for the voting process in the new district.
Correct: They found themselves ineligible for the voting process in the new district.

Ineligible Definitions

Not permitted or qualified to participate or be included.
Because he was underage, he was ineligible to enter the nightclub.
Disqualified from engaging in a particular activity.
She was ineligible to compete in the Olympics due to doping violations.
Legally or officially unable to be considered for a position or benefit.
As a non-citizen, he was ineligible for government welfare benefits.
Not suitable for a purpose or role.
The broken machine was ineligible for the engineering project.
Lacking the necessary properties to be included or involved.
The informal proposal was ineligible for the formal review process.
Legally or officially unable to be considered for a position or benefit
They were ineligible for jury service
Disqualified by law, rule, or provision
Ineligible to run for office.
Ineligible for health benefits.
Unworthy of being chosen; unfit
Considered her ineligible for the job.
One that is not eligible.
Not eligible; forbidden to do something.
Employees of the promoter are ineligible to enter the competition.
One who is not eligible.
Not eligible; not qualified to be chosen (for an office, post, position); not worthy to be chosen or preferred; not expedient or desirable.
Not eligible;
Ineligible to vote
Ineligible for retirement benefits
Prohibited by official rules;
An ineligible pass receiver

Ineligible Meaning in a Sentence

Due to her grade point average, she is ineligible for the honor society.
Because of his recent move, he was ineligible to vote in his old district.
Children under 13 are ineligible to create an account on this website.
If your application is incomplete, you will be ineligible for the scholarship.
Ineligible participants will not be allowed to enter the competition area.
Those with a criminal record are generally ineligible for this government job.
The grant is only for new businesses, so established companies are ineligible.
She found herself ineligible for the promotion because she lacked a necessary certification.
Being part-time makes him ineligible for the full-time employee benefits package.
Due to safety concerns, the bridge was declared ineligible for public use.
Students who missed more than three classes are ineligible for the final exam exemption.
Any team not following the rules will be declared ineligible for the championship.
Due to the error in date of birth on her application, she was initially marked ineligible.
Visitors without tickets are ineligible to enter the museum during member-only hours.
To prevent tampering, damaged ballots are considered ineligible.
If you are not a club member, you are ineligible for members-only discounts.
The damaged goods were deemed ineligible for the sales event.
Age restrictions make him ineligible for the senior discount.
The ineligible document was excluded from the legal proceedings.
Temporary workers are ineligible for the employee health plan.
Ineligible applicants will receive a notification by email.
The overage player was ineligible to participate in the youth league.
Only those who meet the criteria are eligible; all others are ineligible.
He became ineligible for the insurance plan after missing several payments.
Her ineligible status for the project was due to lack of experience in the field.

Ineligible Idioms & Phrases

Ineligible to stand

Not qualified to hold a position or office.
Due to his criminal record, he was ineligible to stand for election.

Ineligible for consideration

Not qualified to be considered for something, usually a role or benefit.
Without a degree, she was ineligible for consideration for the managerial position.

Declared ineligible

Officially determined to be unqualified or not allowed.
After reviewing his application, he was declared ineligible for the program.

Ineligible by default

Automatically disqualified without needing further evaluation.
Missing the deadline made her ineligible by default.

Render someone ineligible

To make someone unqualified or unfit.
The late submission of his thesis rendered him ineligible for graduation honors.

Ineligible for re-election

Not allowed to run for another term in office.
The president was ineligible for re-election after serving two terms.

Considered ineligible

Viewed or deemed as not suitable or qualified.
Due to age restrictions, many candidates were considered ineligible.

Fall into the ineligible category

To be classified as not meeting the necessary criteria.
Due to his low attendance, he fell into the ineligible category for the scholarship.

Become ineligible

To change from being qualified to unqualified.
By breaking the contract, he became ineligible for any future company bonuses.

Marked as ineligible

Noted or identified as not meeting the necessary qualifications.
The applicants lacking required certifications were marked as ineligible.

Ineligible under the rules

Disqualified according to the stipulated regulations.
Under the new laws, the company was ineligible for tax reductions.

Ineligible for the scheme

Not qualified to participate in a specific plan or program.
Older models of the phone were ineligible for the upgrade scheme.

Deemed ineligible

Officially considered as not meeting the criteria.
The document was deemed ineligible for the court proceedings because it was not properly authenticated.

Found ineligible

Determined through assessment to be unqualified.
He was found ineligible for the role after the background check.

Classified as ineligible

Officially categorized as not meeting the requirements.
The low-quality products were classified as ineligible for export.

Ineligible for entry

Not allowed to enter a competition or event.
Teams not registered by the deadline are ineligible for entry.

Ineligible for benefits

Not qualified to receive certain advantages or aids.
Freelancers are often ineligible for benefits provided to full-time employees.

Ineligible to participate

Not allowed to take part due to not meeting the necessary qualifications.
He was ineligible to participate in the exclusive event.

Made ineligible

Caused to be unqualified, usually by a specific action or rule.
His misconduct made him ineligible for any performance-related bonuses.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called ineligible?

It is called ineligible because it describes someone or something that does not meet specific criteria or qualifications.

How is ineligible used in a sentence?

Ineligible is used as an adjective to describe someone or something that does not qualify for something due to certain conditions or rules.

How many syllables are in ineligible?

There are five syllables in ineligible.

What is the singular form of ineligible?

Ineligible is the same in both singular and plural forms as an adjective.

What part of speech is ineligible?

Ineligible is an adjective.

What is another term for ineligible?

Another term for ineligible is disqualified.

What is the verb form of ineligible?

Ineligible does not have a verb form; it is strictly an adjective.

What is the pronunciation of ineligible?

Ineligible is pronounced as /ɪnˈɛlɪdʒəbl/.

How do we divide ineligible into syllables?

Ineligible is divided into syllables as in-el-i-gi-ble.

What is a stressed syllable in ineligible?

The stressed syllable in ineligible is the second one, 'el'.

Is ineligible an abstract noun?

No, ineligible is an adjective, not a noun.

Is the ineligible term a metaphor?

No, ineligible is not used as a metaphor; it is used literally.

Is the word ineligible is imperative?

No, ineligible cannot be imperative as it is not a verb.

Which vowel is used before ineligible?

Typically, the indefinite article "an" is used before ineligible because it starts with a vowel sound.

What is the root word of ineligible?

The root word of ineligible is "eligible," with the prefix "in-" added to indicate negation.

Is ineligible a negative or positive word?

Ineligible generally has a negative connotation as it denotes disqualification or lack of qualification.

Is ineligible a noun or adjective?

Ineligible is an adjective.

Which determiner is used with ineligible?

Determiners such as "the," "a," or "any" can be used with ineligible, depending on the context.

Which conjunction is used with ineligible?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used to connect clauses involving the adjective ineligible.

What is the opposite of ineligible?

The opposite of ineligible is eligible.

Is ineligible a collective noun?

No, ineligible is not a noun and therefore not a collective noun.

Is the word ineligible Gerund?

No, ineligible is an adjective and does not have a gerund form.

Is the word “ineligible” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Ineligible cannot be a direct or indirect object as it is an adjective.

Which article is used with ineligible?

The article "an" is typically used with ineligible because it begins with a vowel sound.

What is the plural form of ineligible?

Ineligible does not have a plural form; it is used the same way for singular and plural contexts.

Is ineligible an adverb?

No, ineligible is not an adverb.

Is ineligible a vowel or consonant?

The word ineligible starts with a vowel sound.

Is ineligible a countable noun?

Ineligible is not a noun; it is an adjective.

Which preposition is used with ineligible?

Prepositions commonly used with ineligible include "for" and "to."

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