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Advize vs. Advise — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Fiza Rafique — Updated on March 19, 2024
"Advize" is an incorrect spelling, while "Advise" is the correct spelling of the verb meaning to offer guidance or suggestions.
Advize vs. Advise — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Advize or Advise

How to spell Advise?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

Remember that "Advise" ends with "se," just like other verbs such as "surprise" and "advise."
Memorize this sentence: "It's wise to advise with an 's'."
Associate the 's' in "Advise" with the first letter in "suggestion," as the word means to offer suggestions.
The word "Vice" is spelled with an "s," and "Advise" also includes this correct "Vice."
Think of "Advise" like "wise" and remember that "wise" also has an 's,' not a 'z.'

How Do You Spell Advise Correctly?

Incorrect: She will advize the committee next week.
Correct: She will advise the committee next week.
Incorrect: Who will advize us on the legal issues?
Correct: Who will advise us on the legal issues?
Incorrect: They offered to advize on the project for free.
Correct: They offered to advise on the project for free.
Incorrect: Can you advize me on this matter?
Correct: Can you advise me on this matter?
Incorrect: I need someone to advize me before I make a decision.
Correct: I need someone to advise me before I make a decision.

Advise Definitions

To advise means to offer guidance or recommendations.
I would advise you to study before the exam.
Advise often pertains to suggesting a course of action.
My doctor advised me to exercise more.
In a formal sense, advise is to inform someone officially.
The committee will advise the president on the issue.
To advise can also mean cautioning someone about something.
The weather forecast advises against travel.
Advise can relate to offering professional counsel.
The lawyer advised her client to plead not guilty.
Offer suggestions about the best course of action to someone
We advise against sending cash by post
I advised him to go home
He advised caution
To offer advice to; counsel
Advised him to study abroad.
Advised that we should reconsider the idea.
To recommend; suggest
Advised patience.
To inform; notify
Advised us that the meeting had been postponed.
To offer advice
How would you advise?.
To take counsel; consult
She advised with her associates.
(transitive) To give advice to; to offer an opinion to, as worthy or expedient to be followed.
The dentist advised me to brush three times a day.
The lawyer advised me to drop the case, since there was no chance of winning.
(transitive) To recommend; to offer as advice.
The dentist advised brushing three times a day.
(transitive) To give information or notice to; to inform or counsel; — with of before the thing communicated.
We were advised of the risk.
(intransitive) To consider, to deliberate.
To look at, watch; to see.
To consult (with).
To deliver judgment after a case has been reserved for further consideration.
Misspelling of advice
To give advice to; to offer an opinion, as worthy or expedient to be followed; to counsel; to warn.
To give information or notice to; to inform; - with of before the thing communicated; as, we were advised of the risk.
Bid thy master well advise himself.
To consider; to deliberate.
Advise if this be worth attempting.
To take counsel; to consult; - followed by with; as, to advise with friends.
Give advice to;
The teacher counsels troubled students
The lawyer counselled me when I was accused of tax fraud
Give information or notice to;
I advised him that the rent was due
Make a proposal, declare a plan for something

Advise Meaning in a Sentence

Could you advise me on the best way to approach this problem?
The counselor will advise you on which courses to take.
Teachers advise students on their academic progress.
Can you advise me on a good book to read?
It's wise to seek someone who can advise you on career choices.
Parents often advise their children on important life decisions.
Experts advise washing your hands frequently to prevent illness.
Financial advisors help people advise on investments and savings.
A fashion stylist can advise you on how to update your wardrobe.
Engineers advise on the safest methods to construct buildings.
You should advise the authorities if you witness any illegal activities.
Health professionals advise eating a balanced diet for good health.
Before you act, advise with someone you trust.

Advise Idioms & Phrases

Take advice

To listen to and act upon guidance or recommendations.
It's always good to take advice from experienced professionals.

Act on advice

To do something based on someone's suggestion or recommendation.
They decided to act on the advice of their counselor and delay their trip.

Seek advice

To actively look for guidance or recommendations from someone knowledgeable.
You should seek advice from a legal expert before signing any documents.

Unsolicited advice

Recommendations or guidance given without being asked for, often annoying.
He's full of unsolicited advice about how I should live my life.

Advice column

A section in a newspaper or magazine where readers can write in with their problems and receive advice.
She wrote to the advice column seeking help for her relationship issues.

Advise oneself of

To take advantage of something, particularly information or knowledge.
You should advise yourself of the local laws before you travel.

Advice and consent

A legal or formal phrase referring to the requirement of seeking approval from another party.
The president appoints judges with the advice and consent of the Senate.

To advise caution

To recommend being careful or wary.
The weather service advises caution during the storm.

Advise against

To recommend not doing something.
The doctor might advise against running if you have knee problems.

Advise on

To give information or an opinion to someone about what they should do.
She's always happy to advise on matters of finance.

Offer advice

To provide guidance or recommendations, often without being asked.
My neighbor likes to offer advice on gardening, even when I don't ask for it.

On someone's advice

Following someone's suggestion or recommendation.
On her doctor's advice, she started a new diet.

To advise of

To inform someone about something, usually officially.
The company must advise employees of any changes to the benefits plan.

Sound advice

Advice that is sensible and reliable.
His grandfather always gave sound advice.

Advice for the young

Guidance intended specifically for younger people.
The book offers advice for the young on starting their first job.

Against someone's advice

Doing something despite being advised not to.
She decided to go on the trip against her friends' advice.

Professional advice

Guidance or recommendations from someone who is qualified in a specific field.
For legal matters, it's best to seek professional advice.

Word of advice

A piece of advice or a tip.
A word of advice: always check the weather forecast before going hiking.

To advise patience

To recommend waiting calmly for something.
The author advises patience to readers waiting for her next book.

Follow someone's advice

To do what someone has suggested.
I followed your advice and applied for the job.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called Advise?

The term originates from Old French "aviser," meaning "to consider, reflect."

Is Advise an abstract noun?

No, it's a verb.

Which vowel is used before Advise?

Typically "e," as in "to advise."

What is the verb form of Advise?

Advise is already a verb.

What is the pronunciation of Advise?

Pronounced as "uhd-VYZ."

What is the root word of Advise?

The root word is "vis," from Latin "videre," meaning "to see."

What is the singular form of Advise?

Advise is a verb and doesn't have a singular or plural form.

Which preposition is used with Advise?

"On" or "against," as in "advise on" or "advise against."

Which article is used with Advise?

Articles are generally not used with verbs like advise.

What is the plural form of Advise?

Advise is a verb and doesn't have a singular or plural form.

Which conjunction is used with Advise?

"That," as in "I advise that you go."

What is a stressed syllable in Advise?

The second syllable, "vise."

What part of speech is Advise?


Is Advise a noun or adjective?


Is Advise an adverb?


Is Advise a negative or positive word?


Is Advise a collective noun?

No, it's a verb.

Is the word “Advise” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

It's a verb, so it can take either a direct or indirect object.

Is the Advise term a metaphor?


Is the word Advise imperative?

It can be used in the imperative mood ("Advise me!").

Is the word Advise a gerund?

No, but its gerund form is "advising."

How many syllables are in Advise?


What is the third form of Advise?


How is Advise used in a sentence?

"I would advise you to take an umbrella."

How do we divide Advise into syllables?


What is another term for Advise?


What is the opposite of Advise?


Which determiner is used with Advise?

As it is a verb, determiners are generally not applicable.

What is the second form of Advise?


Is Advise a vowel or consonant?

It's a word, not a letter.

Is Advise a countable noun?

It's not a noun.

What is the first form of Advise?


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