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Perservere vs. Persevere — Which is Correct Spelling?

Edited by Sumaia Saeed — By Munazza Shafiq — Updated on April 23, 2024
"Perservere" is the incorrect spelling of "persevere," which means to continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success.
Perservere vs. Persevere — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Perservere or Persevere

How to spell Persevere?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

The correct spelling, "persevere," lacks the extra "r" found in the incorrect "perservere." Think of cutting out unnecessary parts to continue forward, much like the word’s definition.
Recall that "persevere" includes "severe," which can help you remember its meaning related to enduring tough conditions.
Note that "persevere" aligns with other words like "severe" and "revere," following a similar pattern without an extra "r."

How Do You Spell Persevere Correctly?

Incorrect: He tried to perservere through the marathon despite his injury.
Correct: He tried to persevere through the marathon despite his injury.
Incorrect: It's important to perservere in your studies if you want to improve.
Correct: It's important to persevere in your studies if you want to improve.
Incorrect: Many great inventors had to perservere through numerous failures.
Correct: Many great inventors had to persevere through numerous failures.
Incorrect: She continued to perservere with her startup, even though it was struggling.
Correct: She continued to persevere with her startup, even though it was struggling.

Persevere Definitions

To maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; continue consistently.
They persevered in their campaign to raise awareness.
To persist in anything undertaken despite difficulties or obstacles.
She persevered in her efforts to master a new language.
To continue steadfastly or determinedly; keep going persistently.
Despite the challenges, he persevered in his quest to become a lawyer.
To keep doing something despite delays or problems.
He persevered with his treatment even when he felt it was not working.
To carry on steadfastly, especially with something that is difficult or tedious.
She persevered with her tedious task until it was completed.
Persevere is the fourth studio album by Scottish folk rock duo The Proclaimers, released in 2001 on their own label Persevere Records, as a comeback album after seven years of low profile. The album's first single featured "There's a Touch", "A Land Fit for Zeros" and "They Really Do" (not included in the album).
To persist in or remain constant to a purpose, idea, or task in the face of obstacles or discouragement.
(intransitive) To persist steadfastly in pursuit of an undertaking, task, journey, or goal, even if hindered by distraction, difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement.
To stay constant; to continue in a certain state; to remain.
To persist in any business or enterprise undertaken; to pursue steadily any project or course begun; to maintain a purpose in spite of counter influences, opposition, or discouragement; not to give or abandon what is undertaken.
Thrice happy, if they knowTheir happiness, and persevere upright.
Be persistent, refuse to stop;
He persisted to call me every night
The child persisted and kept asking questions

Persevere Meaning in a Sentence

Persevere, and eventually, you'll see the results of your hard work.
You must persevere if you want to achieve your goals.
He chose to persevere with his project, even though many advised against it.
Athletes often have to persevere through pain and fatigue.
His ability to persevere has made him a successful entrepreneur.
Persevere in your studies, and you'll overcome the challenges.
Persevere, and do not give up on your dreams.
It’s hard to persevere when you see so little progress, but it's worth it.
Persevere, even when the path seems endless.
Students need to persevere through their final exams.
They had to persevere through extreme weather during the expedition.
Sometimes it’s difficult to persevere, but persistence is key.
To persevere in innovation is to pave the way for future success.
She will persevere until she achieves her career goals.
Their ability to persevere brought them through the crisis.
She continued to persevere with her art despite the tough market.

Persevere Idioms & Phrases

Persevere to the end

To continue steadfastly until a task or goal is completely achieved.
The marathon runner persevered to the end, finishing the race despite the pain.

Persevere against the odds

To continue trying despite a low probability of success.
They persevered against the odds and eventually succeeded.

Persevere beyond obstacles

To continue moving forward even when there are barriers.
They persevered beyond obstacles that would have stopped others.

Persevere through trials

To continue effort through testing times.
The community persevered through trials and emerged stronger.

Persevere in the face of adversity

To continue with your efforts although there are difficulties.
He continued to persevere in the face of adversity, never losing hope.

Persevere through hardship

To continue with an effort or plan despite difficulties.
The farmers persevered through hardship due to the drought.

Persevere with determination

To persist with strong will.
She persevered with determination, refusing to give up on her goals.

Persevere for success

To continue to try with the aim of achieving success.
You must persevere for success; it won’t come easily.

Persevere under pressure

To maintain one's effort despite stressful conditions.
The team managed to persevere under pressure and won the game.

Persevere on your path

To continue going forward on your chosen route or career.
Persevere on your path, and you will find fulfillment.

Persevere with grace

To continue in a manner that is calm and without complaint.
Despite the setbacks, she persevered with grace.

Persevere through uncertainty

To continue even when the outcome is not clear.
The explorers persevered through uncertainty, unsure of what they would find.

Common Curiosities

How do we divide persevere into syllables?

Persevere is divided into syllables as per-se-vere.

How is persevere used in a sentence?

Persevere is used as a verb to describe the action of continuing in a course of action even when it is difficult, e.g., You must persevere if you want to succeed in this field.

Why is it called persevere?

It is called persevere because it comes from the Latin "perseverare," meaning to continue steadfastly or persist, reflecting the action of maintaining course despite difficulties.

What is a stressed syllable in persevere?

The stressed syllable in persevere is the second syllable: per-se-vere.

What is the first form of persevere?

The first form of persevere is persevere (present tense).

What is the pronunciation of persevere?

Persevere is pronounced as /ˌpɜr.səˈvɪər/.

What is the singular form of persevere?

The singular form of persevere is persevere.

How many syllables are in persevere?

There are three syllables in persevere.

What is the root word of persevere?

The root word of persevere is the Latin "perseverare."

What is the third form of persevere?

The third form of persevere is persevered (past participle).

What is the verb form of persevere?

Persevere itself is the verb form.

What part of speech is persevere?

Persevere is a verb.

Which vowel is used before persevere?

Persevere typically does not require a vowel before it as it is a verb.

What is the opposite of persevere?

The opposite of persevere could be "give up," "quit," or "cede."

Is persevere an abstract noun?

No, persevere is not a noun; it is a verb.

Is persevere a countable noun?

Persevere is not a noun; it is a verb and does not have countable forms.

Is the word “persevere” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

The word “persevere” is a verb and does not function as a direct or indirect object.

What is the second form of persevere?

The second form of persevere is persevered (simple past tense).

Is persevere a negative or positive word?

Persevere is generally a positive word, associated with determination and resilience.

Is persevere a vowel or consonant?

Persevere starts with a consonant sound.

Is persevere a collective noun?

No, persevere is a verb and does not apply as a collective noun.

Which preposition is used with persevere?

Common prepositions used with persevere include "in" and "through," depending on what or whom one is persevering against or through.

Is persevere an adverb?

No, persevere is not an adverb; it is a verb.

Is the word persevere imperative?

Persevere can be used in the imperative mood as a command, e.g., "Persevere through the difficulties!"

Is the word persevere Gerund?

The gerund form of persevere is persevering.

Which determiner is used with persevere?

Determiners are not typically used with verbs like persevere.

Which conjunction is used with persevere?

Conjunctions that might be used with persevere include "and," depending on the sentence structure.

What is another term for persevere?

Another term for persevere could be "persist" or "continue."

What is the plural form of persevere?

Persevere does not have a plural form as it is a verb; its action can involve one or multiple subjects.

Is persevere a noun or adjective?

Persevere is a verb.

Is the persevere term a metaphor?

Persevere can be used metaphorically to describe any sort of effort or struggle, not just literal perseverance.

Which article is used with persevere?

As a verb, persevere does not use articles.

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