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Seet vs. Seat — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman & Maham Liaqat — Updated on April 24, 2024
Seet is the incorrect spelling of seat. A seat is a thing made to support a person sitting.
Seet vs. Seat — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Seet or Seat

How to spell Seat?


Incorrect Spelling


Correct Spelling

Key Differences

The word "seat" rhymes with "beat" and "meet," which both have a double "e" followed by a single consonant, unlike "seet."
Remember that "seat" contains "eat," which is correctly spelled, unlike "seet."

How Do You Spell Seat Correctly?

Incorrect: She saved a seet for me at the concert.
Correct: She saved a seat for me at the concert.
Incorrect: I found a good seet at the cinema.
Correct: I found a good seat at the cinema.
Incorrect: The bus was full, but I got the last seet.
Correct: The bus was full, but I got the last seat.
Incorrect: Can you clean the car's seet?
Correct: Can you clean the car's seat?

Seat Definitions

A place on which one may sit, especially one intended for one person.
The chair had a comfortable seat.
A position of authority or office.
She won the seat in the local elections.
A seat is a place to sit. The term may encompass additional features, such as back, armrest, head restraint but also headquarters in a wider sense.
A thing made or used for sitting on, such as a chair or stool.
A person's buttocks.
A place in an elected legislative or other body
He lost his seat in the 1997 election
A principal site or location
Parliament House was the seat of the Scots Parliament until the Union with England
A part of a machine that supports or guides another part
If the valve seat is damaged, it can be recut using a special tool
Arrange for (someone) to sit somewhere
Owen seated his guests in the draughty baronial hall
Fit in position
Upper boulders were simply seated in the interstices below
Something, such as a chair or bench, that may be sat on
There are comfortable seats in the waiting room.
The part on which one rests in sitting
The seat of a chair.
A bicycle seat.
A place in which one may sit
Found a seat on the floor.
The right to occupy such a place or a ticket indicating this right
Got seats for the concert.
The buttocks.
The part of a garment that covers the buttocks.
A part serving as the base of something else.
The surface or part on which another part sits or rests.
The place where something is located or based
The heart is the seat of the emotions.
A center of authority; a capital
The county seat.
A place of abode or residence, especially a large house that is part of an estate
The squire's country seat.
Membership in an organization, such as a legislative body or stock exchange, that is obtained by appointment, election, or purchase.
The manner of sitting on a horse
A rider with a good seat.
To place in or on a seat.
To cause or assist to sit down
The ushers will seat the members of the bride's family.
To provide with a particular seat
The usher seated me in the back row.
To have or provide seats for
We can seat 300 in the auditorium.
To install in a position of authority or eminence.
To fix firmly in place
Seat an ammunition clip in an automatic rifle.
To rest on or fit into another part
The O-rings had not seated correctly in their grooves.
Something to be sat upon.
A place in which to sit.
There are two hundred seats in this classroom.
The horizontal portion of a chair or other furniture designed for sitting.
He sat on the arm of the chair rather than the seat, which always annoyed his mother.
The seat of a saddle
A piece of furniture made for sitting; e.g. a chair, stool or bench; any improvised place for sitting.
She pulled the seat from under the table to allow him to sit down.
The part of an object or individual (usually the buttocks) directly involved in sitting.
Instead of saying "sit down", she said "place your seat on this chair".
The part of a piece of clothing (usually pants or trousers) covering the buttocks.
The seat of these trousers is almost worn through.
(engineering) A part or surface on which another part or surface rests.
The seat of the valve had become corroded.
A location or site.
(figurative) A membership in an organization, particularly a representative body.
Our neighbor has a seat at the stock exchange and in congress.
The location of a governing body.
Washington D.C. is the seat of the U.S. government.
(certain Commonwealth countries) An electoral district, especially for a national legislature.
A temporary residence, such as a country home or a hunting lodge.
The place occupied by anything, or where any person, thing or quality is situated or resides; a site.
One of a series of departmental placements given to a trainee solicitor as part of their training contract.
(historical) Any of several autonomous regions in the medieval Kingdom of Hungary.
The starting point of a fire.
Posture, or way of sitting, on horseback.
(transitive) To put an object into a place where it will rest; to fix; to set firm.
Be sure to seat the gasket properly before attaching the cover.
(transitive) To provide with a place to sit.
This classroom seats two hundred students.
The waiter seated us and asked what we would like to drink.
(transitive) To request or direct one or more persons to sit.
Please seat the audience after the anthem and then introduce the first speaker.
To recognize the standing of a person or persons by providing them with one or more seats which would allow them to participate fully in a meeting or session.
Only half the delegates from the state were seated at the convention because the state held its primary too early.
You have to be a member to be seated at the meeting. Guests are welcome to sit in the visitors section.
(transitive) To assign the seats of.
To seat a church
(transitive) To cause to occupy a post, site, or situation; to station; to establish; to fix; to settle.
To rest; to lie down.
To settle; to plant with inhabitants.
To seat a country
(transitive) To put a seat or bottom in.
To seat a chair
The place or thing upon which one sits; hence; anything made to be sat in or upon, as a chair, bench, stool, saddle, or the like.
And Jesus . . . overthrew the tables of the money changers, and the seats of them that sold doves.
The place occupied by anything, or where any person or thing is situated, resides, or abides; a site; an abode, a station; a post; a situation.
Where thou dwellest, even where Satan's seat is.
He that builds a fair house upon an ill seat committeth himself to prison.
A seat of plenty, content, and tranquillity.
That part of a thing on which a person sits; as, the seat of a chair or saddle; the seat of a pair of pantaloons.
A sitting; a right to sit; regular or appropriate place of sitting; as, a seat in a church; a seat for the season in the opera house.
A part or surface on which another part or surface rests; as, a valve seat.
To place on a seat; to cause to sit down; as, to seat one's self.
The guests were no sooner seated but they entered into a warm debate.
To cause to occupy a post, site, situation, or the like; to station; to establish; to fix; to settle.
Thus high . . . is King Richard seated.
They had seated themselves in New Guiana.
To assign a seat to, or the seats of; to give a sitting to; as, to seat a church, or persons in a church.
To fix; to set firm.
From their foundations, loosening to and fro,They plucked the seated hills.
To settle; to plant with inhabitants; as to seat a country.
To put a seat or bottom in; as, to seat a chair.
A space reserved for sitting (as in a theater or on a train or airplane);
He booked their seats in advance
He sat in someone else's place
The fleshy part of the human body that you sit on;
He deserves a good kick in the butt
Are you going to sit on your fanny and do nothing?
Furniture that is designed for sitting on;
There were not enough seats for all the guests
Any support where you can sit (especially the part of a chair or bench etc. on which you sit);
He dusted off the seat before sitting down
A center of authority (as a city from which authority is exercised)
The cloth covering for the buttocks;
The seat of his pants was worn through
Show to a seat; assign a seat for;
The host seated me next to Mrs. Smith
Be able to seat;
The theater seats 2,000
Place ceremoniously or formally in an office or position;
There was a ceremony to induct the president of the Academy
Put a seat on a chair
Provide with seats;
Seat a concert hall
The approximate part of something that is central or important.
The city is often considered the cultural seat of the country.
In terms of tickets, a reserved place in a theater or stadium.
He booked a seat for the season's hottest Broadway show.

Seat Meaning in a Sentence

He adjusted his seat before starting the car.
I need to replace the seat of my old bicycle.
The seat of his trousers was stained.
She booked a window seat on her flight to Rome.
He offered his seat to the elderly woman on the bus.
She took her seat as the meeting began.
Can you save me a seat at the presentation?
Each student was assigned a seat in the classroom.
The garden bench offers a quiet seat among the flowers.
The seat belt sign was turned off as the plane reached cruising altitude.
They installed a new seat in the park for visitors.
He sold his seat at the game for a high price.
The seat of the company is in the capital city.
The seat covers in this car are easy to wash.
She mended the ripped seat of her jeans.
She adjusted the seat at her desk to improve her posture.

Seat Idioms & Phrases

Seat at the table

Having a position in a decision-making process or group.
It's important for all groups to have a seat at the table during discussions.

On the edge of one's seat

Being very excited and giving full attention to something.
The thriller had everyone on the edge of their seats.

Fill a seat

To occupy a position or role, often without being fully qualified or enthusiastic.
He was just filling a seat in the committee.

Seat of power

A location or position where a lot of power is concentrated.
Washington D.C. is considered a seat of power in international politics.

Hot seat

A position where someone is subject to much criticism or focus.
The CEO is on the hot seat after the scandal.

In the driver's seat

In control of a situation.
With the new contract, she felt she was in the driver's seat.

Seat of one's pants

Relies on one's instincts and perceptions, without the use of tools or data.
We had to make the decision by the seat of our pants.

Seat of the pants

Making decisions or proceeding based on intuition or experience rather than with clear planning.
He flew the airplane by the seat of his pants.

By the seat of one's pants

Managing to do something despite lack of experience.
I managed the whole project by the seat of my pants.

Back seat

Taking a less prominent or active role in the proceedings.
She took a back seat during the negotiations.

Take a seat

A polite invitation to sit down.
Please take a seat while you wait.

Save a seat

Reserve a place for someone.
Could you save a seat for me at the meeting?

Lose one's seat

To be defeated in an election.
The incumbent lost his seat in a surprising upset.

Secure a seat

To ensure a place in an event or organization.
She secured a seat at the top university.

Front seat

A position that allows for a clear view or active involvement.
He always wants a front seat at the shows.


To remove from a position or office.
The board is looking to unseat the current CEO.

Seat warmer

A person holding an office or position temporarily, with little responsibility or impact.
He was only a seat warmer until the new manager was hired.

Rear seat

A seat situated at the back, often implying a lesser position.
The kids sat in the rear seat during the road trip.

Take the back seat

To take a subordinate or less visible role.
He decided to take the back seat in the new project to focus on other priorities.

Seatbelt up

To prepare oneself for something challenging or exciting.
It's going to be a bumpy ride, so seatbelt up.

Common Curiosities

How many syllables are in seat?

Seat has one syllable.

How do we divide seat into syllables?

Seat is divided into syllables as: seat.

How is seat used in a sentence?

Seat is used as a noun to refer to a place for sitting or the part of an object designed for sitting.

What is the verb form of seat?

The verb form of seat is also "seat," meaning to show someone to a seat or to provide with a seat.

What is the root word of seat?

The root word of seat is the Old English sæte, meaning a place for sitting.

What is the first form of seat?

The first form of seat is "seat."

Why is it called seat?

Seat is called so because it comes from Old English sæte, meaning "a sitting position," reflecting its function to support one sitting.

What is a stressed syllable in seat?

In seat, the stressed syllable is seat.

What is the pronunciation of seat?

Seat is pronounced as /siːt/.

What is another term for seat?

Another term for seat is "chair."

What is the third form of seat?

The third form of seat is also "seated."

What is the plural form of seat?

The plural form of seat is "seats."

Is seat an abstract noun?

No, seat is a concrete noun as it refers to a physical object.

What is the second form of seat?

The second form of seat is "seated."

Is seat a noun or adjective?

Seat is a noun.

Is seat a negative or positive word?

Seat is a neutral word; it is neither inherently negative nor positive.

Is seat a vowel or consonant?

Seat starts with a consonant 's'.

Is seat a countable noun?

Yes, seat is a countable noun.

Which vowel is used before seat?

The vowel used before seat depends on the context; "a" or "an" could precede it based on the surrounding words.

What is the singular form of seat?

The singular form of seat is "seat."

Is seat an adverb?

No, seat is not an adverb.

Which determiner is used with seat?

Determiners such as "a," "the," and "this" can be used with seat.

What part of speech is seat?

Seat is primarily a noun.

What is the opposite of seat?

The opposite of seat could be "stand" or "unseat."

Is the seat term a metaphor?

The term seat can be a metaphor when referring to positions of authority, as in "seat of power."

Is the word seat imperative?

No, seat used alone is not imperative; however, the command "Take a seat!" is imperative.

Which conjunction is used with seat?

Conjunctions like "and," "or," and "but" can be used with seat depending on the sentence.

Which article is used with seat?

The definite article "the" or the indefinite article "a" is commonly used with seat.

Is seat a collective noun?

No, seat is not a collective noun.

Is the word seat Gerund?

No, seat is not a gerund; it does not end in -ing.

Is the word “seat” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

The word seat can be a direct object as in "I cleaned the seat."

Which preposition is used with seat?

Common prepositions used with seat include "on," "at," and "in."

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