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Roommate vs. Roomate — Which is Correct Spelling?

By Tayyaba Rehman — Updated on March 18, 2024
The correct spelling is "Roommate," while "Roomate" is incorrect. A "Roommate" is a person who shares a living space with another.
Roommate vs. Roomate — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Roommate or Roomate

How to spell Roommate?


Correct Spelling


Incorrect Spelling

Key Differences

A room is shared by a “mate,” both words combine to make “Roommate.”
"Mate" is already a complete word, so remember that "room" needs its "mate."
Think of two "M"s as two people sharing a room.
"Mate" is 4 letters; four walls make a room.
Double "M" for "multiple members" sharing a space.

How Do You Spell Roomate Correctly?

Incorrect: My roomate always leaves the kitchen messy.
Correct: My roommate always leaves the kitchen messy.
Incorrect: I have to discuss the rent with my roomate tonight.
Correct: I have to discuss the rent with my roommate tonight.
Incorrect: She's looking for a roomate to share the apartment.
Correct: She's looking for a roommate to share the apartment.
Incorrect: He found his roomate on a college bulletin board.
Correct: He found his roommate on a college bulletin board.
Incorrect: Your roomate seems very friendly.
Correct: Your roommate seems very friendly.

Roommate Definitions

A Roommate is someone who shares a living space like an apartment or dormitory.
My Roommate and I split the rent.
A Roommate is a domestic partner who is not necessarily involved romantically.
She found her Roommate through an online portal.
A Roommate is often a co-tenant in a rental agreement.
My Roommate signed the lease with me.
A Roommate can also be a person you share chores and responsibilities with in a living arrangement.
My Roommate takes out the trash every other day.
A Roommate can also refer to a person sharing a room in institutional settings.
His Roommate in the hospital was quite friendly.
A roommate is a person with whom one shares a living facility such as a room or dormitory except when being family or romantically involved. Similar terms include dormmate, suitemate, housemate, or flatmate ("flat": the usual term in British English for an apartment).
A person with whom one shares a room or rooms.
A person with whom one shares a room, as at university, etc.
A person (UK: flatmate, housemate, AU: sharemate) sharing the same home (sharehome).
One of two or more occupying the same room or rooms; one who shares the occupancy of a room or rooms; a chum.
An associate who shares a room with you

Roommate Meaning in a Sentence

I met my roommate on the first day of university.
We split the rent equally between me and my roommate.
Finding a good roommate can be challenging.
My new roommate loves to cook Italian dishes.
My roommate and I have a schedule for cleaning the apartment.
We became best friends with my roommate after sharing many interests.
Every weekend, my roommate and I explore a new part of the city.
My roommate is studying to become a doctor.
My roommate borrows my clothes without asking sometimes.
My roommate always forgets to lock the front door.
My roommate makes the best homemade pizza.
It's my turn to buy groceries, and my roommate will cook dinner.
We have to negotiate with our landlord about the lease, and my roommate will help.
My roommate loves watching horror movies late at night.
My roommate and I are planning a road trip for spring break.
My roommate helps me study for exams by quizzing me.
My roommate is really good at fixing things around the apartment.
When my roommate gets sick, I make sure to take care of them.
My roommate always has interesting stories to share.
We're hosting a game night, and my roommate is excited.
My roommate and I share a love for classic rock music.
I'm teaching my roommate how to play the guitar.
We decorated our apartment with posters that both me and my roommate like.
Sharing a room with my roommate has taught me a lot about compromise.

Roommate Idioms & Phrases

Like roommate, like roommate

Suggests that roommates often share similar habits or behaviors.
They both stay up late studying; like roommate, like roommate.

Roommate from hell

A roommate who is extremely difficult to live with.
He never cleans up after himself; he's the roommate from hell.

Roommate roulette

The uncertainty involved in getting a new roommate, especially when assigned randomly.
Living in the dorms is like playing roommate roulette; you never know who you'll get.

Roommate agreement

A set of rules agreed upon by roommates regarding the living situation.
We have a roommate agreement that includes quiet hours.

Roommate harmony

A peaceful and cooperative living situation among roommates.
Ever since we sorted out our schedules, we've had roommate harmony.

Find common ground with a roommate

To find shared interests or agreements with your roommate.
We both love jazz music, so we found common ground with our roommate.

Roommate bonding

Spending quality time with your roommate to strengthen your relationship.
We're going hiking this weekend for some roommate bonding.

Roommate territory

An area or item in the living space that is claimed by one roommate.
The top shelf in the fridge is her roommate territory.

Roommate squabble

A minor argument or disagreement between roommates.
We had a roommate squabble over who used the last of the milk.

Roommate dynamics

The interaction and relationship between roommates.
The roommate dynamics in our apartment are really positive.

Roommate vibes

The general feeling or atmosphere created by living with a roommate.
The roommate vibes in our place are really chill and friendly.

Roommate negotiation

The process of discussing and compromising on living arrangements with your roommate.
We're in the midst of roommate negotiation about the living room setup.

Roommate courtesy

Respectful and considerate behavior towards one's roommate.
Turning down the music at night is just basic roommate courtesy.

To be on the same page with your roommate

To have a mutual understanding or agreement with your roommate.
It's important to be on the same page with your roommate about visitors.

Roommate chores

Tasks or duties shared between roommates to maintain the living space.
It's your turn to do the roommate chores this week.

Roommate wishlist

A list of qualities or characteristics one desires in a roommate.
Having a clean and respectful person is top of my roommate wishlist.

To split the bill with a roommate

To share the cost of something equally with your roommate.
We always split the bill for groceries with my roommate.

Roommate meeting

A gathering or discussion among roommates about living arrangements or issues.
We're having a roommate meeting tonight to discuss the cleaning schedule.

Roommate pact

An agreement or promise made between roommates.
We made a roommate pact to always lock the door at night.

Roommate adventures

Fun and memorable experiences shared with a roommate.
Our trip to the national park was one of our best roommate adventures.

Common Curiosities

What is the root word of Roommate?

The root words are "room" and "mate."

What is the pronunciation of Roommate?

Pronounced as /ˈruːm.meɪt/.

Why is it called Roommate?

It's called Roommate because it refers to someone who shares a room or living space with you.

What is the verb form of Roommate?

There is no standard verb form for Roommate.

What is the singular form of Roommate?


Which vowel is used before Roommate?

Typically "a" as in "a Roommate."

Which conjunction is used with Roommate?

"And" as in "My Roommate and I."

Which preposition is used with Roommate?

"With" as in "I live with my Roommate."

Is the word Roommate imperative?


How many syllables are in Roommate?


How do we divide Roommate into syllables?


What part of speech is Roommate?


What is another term for Roommate?


What is the opposite of Roommate?

Lone dweller.

Which determiner is used with Roommate?

"My" as in "my Roommate," or "a" as in "a Roommate."

What is the plural form of Roommate?


Is Roommate an abstract noun?


What is a stressed syllable in Roommate?

The first syllable, "Room."

Is Roommate a noun or adjective?


Is Roommate a vowel or consonant?

It's a word, not a single letter.

Is Roommate a countable noun?


Which article is used with Roommate?

"A" or "the" depending on context.

Is Roommate an adverb?


Is the word Roommate a Gerund?


Is the word “Roommate” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

It can be either, depending on sentence construction.

Is Roommate a negative or positive word?


Is Roommate a collective noun?


Is the Roommate term a metaphor?


How is Roommate used in a sentence?

"My Roommate and I get along very well."

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