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Repair vs. Repairment — Which is Correct Spelling?

Repair vs. Repairment — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Repair or Repairment

How to spell Repair?


Correct Spelling


Incorrect Spelling

Repair Definitions

To restore to sound condition after damage or injury; fix
Repaired the broken watch.
To set right; remedy
Repair an oversight.
To restore or renew
Repair the immune system.
To make up for or compensate for (a loss or wrong, for example).
To make repairs.
To betake oneself; go
Repair to the dining room.
To go frequently or habitually
Repairs to the restaurant every week.
The work, act, or process of repairing.
Often repairs An instance or a result of repairing
The accident resulted in a costly repair to the car. My bike is in the shop for repairs.
The state of being fit for use
The furnace is out of repair.
General condition after use or repairing
In good repair.
An act of going or sojourning
Our annual repair to the mountains.
A place to which one goes frequently or habitually; a haunt.
To restore to good working order, fix, or improve damaged condition; to mend; to remedy.
To repair a house, a road, a shoe, a ship
To repair a shattered fortune
To make amends for, as for an injury, by an equivalent; to indemnify for.
To repair a loss or damage
To transfer oneself to another place.
To repair to sanctuary for safety
To pair again.
Please try to repair the two earbuds to each other. Place both earbuds back into the charging case, wait for four seconds, then open it and see if they have been repaired with one another.
The act of repairing something.
I took the car to the workshop for repair.
The result of repairing something.
If you look closely you can see the repair in the paintwork.
The condition of something, in respect of need for repair.
The car was overall in poor repair before the accident. But after the workshop had it for three weeks it was returned in excellent repair. But the other vehicle was beyond repair.
The act of repairing or resorting to a place.
Our annual repair to the mountains
To return.
I thought . . . that he repaire should again.
To go; to betake one's self; to resort; ass, to repair to sanctuary for safety.
Go, mount the winds, and to the shades repair.
To restore to a sound or good state after decay, injury, dilapidation, or partial destruction; to renew; to restore; to mend; as, to repair a house, a road, a shoe, or a ship; to repair a shattered fortune.
Secret refreshings that repair his strength.
Do thou, as thou art wont, repairMy heart with gladness.
To make amends for, as for an injury, by an equivalent; to indemnify for; as, to repair a loss or damage.
I 'll repair the misery thou dost bear.
Place to which one repairs; a haunt; a resort.
There the fierce winds his tender force assailAnd beat him downward to his first repair.
Restoration to a sound or good state after decay, waste, injury, or partial restruction; supply of loss; reparation; as, materials are collected for the repair of a church or of a city.
Sunk down and sought repairOf sleep, which instantly fell on me.
Condition with respect to soundness, perfectness, etc.; as, a house in good, or bad, repair; the book is out of repair.
The act of putting something in working order again
A formal way of referring to the condition of something;
The building was in good repair
A frequently visited place
Restore by replacing a part or putting together what is torn or broken;
She repaired her TV set
Repair my shoes please
Make amends for; pay compensation for;
One can never fully repair the suffering and losses of the Jews in the Third Reich
She was compensated for the loss of her arm in the accident
Move, travel, or proceed toward some place;
He repaired to his cabin in the woods
Set straight or right;
Remedy these deficiencies
Rectify the inequities in salaries
Repair an oversight
Give new life or energy to;
A hot soup will revive me
This will renovate my spirits
This treatment repaired my health

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