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Surprise vs. Surprize — Which is Correct Spelling?

Surprise vs. Surprize — Which is Correct Spelling?

Which is correct: Surprise or Surprize

How to spell Surprise?


Correct Spelling


Incorrect Spelling

Surprise Definitions

To cause to feel wonder, astonishment, or amazement, as at something unanticipated
Thinking I was at home, she was surprised to see me in the office. We were surprised that he could recover so quickly.
To encounter or discover suddenly or unexpectedly; take or catch unawares
She surprised him as he was reading her diary.
To attack or capture suddenly and without warning
Surprised the sentries in a predawn raid, wounding several.
To cause (someone) to do or say something unintended or to be in an unintended condition
"There passed a scene ... that surprised me into courage to come forward" (Fanny Burney).
To elicit or detect through surprise
"She occasionally surprised a look on Jemima's face" (Marcia Willett).
The act of surprising or the condition of being surprised
Imagine my surprise on seeing you here.
Something, such as an unexpected encounter, event, or gift, that surprises.
Something unexpected.
It was a surprise to find out I owed twice as much as I thought I did.
The feeling that something unexpected has happened.
Imagine my surprise on learning I owed twice as much as I thought I did.
(transitive) To cause (someone) to feel unusually alarmed or delighted by something unexpected.
It surprises me that I owe twice as much as I thought I did.
(transitive) To do something to (a person) that they are not expecting, as a surprise.
He doesn’t know that I’m in the country – I thought I’d turn up at his house and surprise him.
(intransitive) To undergo or witness something unexpected.
He doesn’t surprise easily.
(intransitive) To cause surprise.
(transitive) To attack unexpectedly.
(transitive) To take unawares.
The act of coming upon, or taking, unawares; the act of seizing unexpectedly; surprisal; as, the fort was taken by surprise.
The state of being surprised, or taken unawares, by some act or event which could not reasonably be foreseen; emotion excited by what is sudden and strange; a suddenly excited feeling of wonder or astonishment.
Pure surprise and fearMade me to quit the house.
Anything that causes such a state or emotion.
A dish covered with a crust of raised paste, but with no other contents.
To come or fall suddenly and unexpectedly; to take unawares; to seize or capture by unexpected attack.
Fearfulness hath surprised the hypocrites.
The castle of Macduff I will surprise.
Who can speakThe mingled passions that surprised his heart?
To strike with wonder, astonishment, or confusion, by something sudden, unexpected, or remarkable; to confound; as, his conduct surprised me.
I am surprised with an uncouth fear.
Up he starts,Discovered and surprised.
To lead (one) to do suddenly and without forethought; to bring (one) into some unexpected state; - with into; as, to be surprised into an indiscretion; to be surprised into generosity.
To hold possession of; to hold.
Not with me,That in my hands surprise the sovereignity.
The astonishment you feel when something totally unexpected happens to you
A sudden unexpected event
The act of surprising someone
Cause to be surprised;
The news really surprised me
Come upon or take unawares;
She surprised the couple
He surprised an interesting scene
Attack by storm; attack suddenly

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